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Monday, July 27, 2015

Swim in Winter

Hi, Friends, how was your weekend? We're in the middle of winter. Some people celebrate Christmas in July. I swam 1 km in an ocean pool. Imagine you're in water around Christmas. But I enjoyed it. It was so refreshing.
I saw only two or three brave challengers. They all quickly left the pool. I'm a slow swimmer. It took nearly an hour to swim 20 laps. Interesting. Once, when I started to swim, I felt water warmer little by little. The more laps I made, the warmer the water became. (*Btw, I did not see fishes in the pool. Where were they hiding? In sea weeds or in/on sands?) My most favorite moment was becoming a jelly fish after the swimming. Yes, floating in waves, I looked up a blue sky..., ahhaa..., a heaven...! (*even in icy water!) An ocean is so lovely.  
Before my swim, a lady at  a changing room warned me, "It's shocking. VERY cold. Icy. Oh, you'll get shock," and quickly left the room. Gulp. But I made it. No one was in the pool. All mine, hahaha?! 
The lady recognised me at my car.  "How was water?" she asked me.
"Cold. I swam 20 laps, 1km..., I did not want to give up. My rehab," I answered, pointing at my leg with an embrace. The answer impressed her so much and surprised her.
"That's a great effort!!! No, don't give up!" she gave me a sincere praise and a good respect, "You deserve! Great efforts," and so ons. Thank you. My long distance swim is the best option in gentle exercises and for rehab. Without a certain amount of movements, muscles will get lazy. 

These five years, I've been sketching waves that fascinate me by movements, forms and colours. My most early sketches are simple like below. I've begun to play with colours in creating waves like the first image. Today, I play up the colours of waves. Waves change colours by time and sunshine. I love "cool mint" waves as well as dark emerald green ones. Sketches have taught me how to handle waves. These studies have helped me to organise the image of a sea in a picture book Moon. Also, I want to make a dramatic scene of a tall ship in a stormy sea.

Brave regulars really love Narrabeen beach, BUT all of us hate a cold shower! That's the only shortfall.  
Once, it was hard to walk well or swim even 100m. Sketching waves appeared almost impossible. But now, I walk, swim 1km and capture waves. Go, Sadami!  A friend says, "You are so strong and brave - keep going and going and going - like the Ever-Ready Bunny/ Energizer Bunny but in the water, swimming like a mermaid with the water calming and caressing you and healing you :)" Yes, indeed, the water is so lovely. Thank you for "warm" cheers. 
Friends, Happy Painting and enjoy swimming, too!   


Monday, July 20, 2015

Got the grants for my solo exhibition!

Hi, Friends, wonderful news that I've got a grant! Accessible Arts NSW supports my solo exhibition "Over the Moon with Watercolour!" at Chrissie Cotter Gallery from 20 Oct to 2nd Nov 2015 (Map:Pidcock St, Camperdown NSW 2050). I'd share my tips how to get it with you. Before it, I greatly appreciate the support of Accessible Arts NSW and all other supporters that include Australia Council of Arts, National Association of Visual Artists, Arts Access Australia, Australian Society of Authors, Wesley Mission, Immigrant Women Speakout NSW, Parramatta Council, Marrickville Council, national/international linguists, local public libraries, my medical team, an art supply and all my friends, YOU! Friends, emerging artists face a financial difficulty to carry out an exhibition and art activity. Applying of arts funds is a practical strategy, although it's extremely competitive and not easy for a novice like me.
Everything was my first experience in the grant application. I worked hard day and night. It was a huge paper work like uni's research essay writing that answered for questions set by a fund body. These skills are essential : research, analysis and writing skills.
1) research skills
Which/what grant and how you can apply for? Do a lot of research on internet. Keep an antenna high. Never miss a deadline of a necessary one. Get reliable and first hand information (*Be aware of fake information on internet). Don't grab junk information that wastes a precious time.
2) analysis skills
Examine a picked up grant well. Target it. Based on your analyses, focus it that meets your needs.
3) writing skills
Clear and simple writing! A fund body wants tightened up sentences and does not require a Shakespeare. Remember your writing must convince a panel that your project deserves a grant by paper, on paper and in paper! Yes, a grant requires an applicant to demonstrate work and to show support letters, too. Rich network is important to gain strong support letters. I was blessed that my support letters were written by superstars in Australian publishing industry and other tops. Your submitted project, a CV, support materials( eg. visual work) and support letters must be shining and outstanding among other competitive candidates.
When I got the notice, "Congratulate you on the success of your grant application," I could not speak well from joy. Anyhow, I contacted close people by phone. Oh, they all rejoiced. Publisher Helen said, "How quick! Other funds should copy Accessible Arts NSW!" Mentors Ann and Jess, "Congratulations! Wonderful!!" Oh, so nice! 
I'm learning a lot in the process of the application of a grant. You've got why Sadami tended to be slow in updating a blog post for these months. Yes, I was too busy with applying for arts funds. My supporters are celebrating my grant news, giving me big hugs.

Money does not come from a heaven, but it's from arts funding bodies. Friends, try it and shoot it. Being an artist is not only doing art activities but also desk work such as research and formal writing like uni. Now, I'm getting very busy with preparing for Moon launch, the solo exhibition, new picture book projects and others. All my supporters say, "You're a very hard worker." Yes. That's the only assets I have. This successful application gives me a great confidence. Friends, you see how I've been overcoming each obstacle step by step and steadily. So, with all my heart, I'd say, if you have a dream and are a hard worker, anyone is happy to help you. Find a way out and get solution of difficulty that you face.
Friends, thank you for your encouragements. You, too, Happy Painting and Happy Applying for grants!
“Over the Moon with Watercolour" is supported by devolved funding administered by Accessible Arts (AARTS) 
on behalf of the Lifetime Care and Support Authority (LTCSA).


Monday, July 13, 2015

What are ISBN, CIP, ISSN umbers?

I'll show my watercolour current style and old one in this post. Btw, do you know what ISBN and CIP? ISBN and CIP are like a birth certificate and a family register of a newly published book. Below, kind publisher Helen Chamberlin's explanations. "Every book published in Australia has to be registered at the National Library of Australia in Canberra by law. Every book gets an ISBN (International  Standard Book Number) and CIP (Cataloguing in Publication data ) from the National Library before publication - it is legally required to appear on the imprint page - you will see it there on the files." 
Oh, I see..., hum, hum (*Sadami is nodding). 
"So, the National Library of Australia has received advance information about the book so that they could issue the ISBN and  CIP for a publisher to put on the imprint page. When stock of the printed book is received, a publisher sends a copy to the National Library of Australia, as required by the same law," said Helen.  
Her say enlightened me.  

I answered, "ISBN = a birth certificate, CIP = a family register of a newly published book!" That understanding impressed (?!) Helen. "I've never thought of them like you!" Hahaha, we laughed together. (*New knowledge must be digested in an individual concept.) An ISBNnumber is a handy and accurate method to find out a published book. I go to a library and a book shop with an ISBNumber to get a book.     
If you are interested in ISBN and CIP, click here at the National Library of Australia. 

One more, ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique code to identiffy "serial" publications that include periodicals such as magazines, newspapers, annual reports, yearbooks, journals etc. Here's the information of ISSN at the National Library of Australia. In the publication process of Moon, I've gained a lot of legal knowledge that is essential for professionals. (*thank you, Helen!)

Btw, the first image is my recent work. The below was done "ages" ago. My style gets loose. Interestingly, both show a similar colour use. But the current one might use less colours than the old one. It's good to see my own growing in piled up works.  
An active artist needs incessant research and study which excites me and intrigues me so much. I've already moved on new picture book projects and other ongoings such as watercolour workshops for people with disability and so ons. I enjoy creating story boards and roughs for picture books, whilst preparing for the book launch, the solo exhibition and competitions. Like a bouncing bunny, I'm quite busy and full of joy.
You, too, have a creative and joyful time in painting.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Life" @ Hospital, Rehabilitation

Have you ever tried any rehabilitation? Of course, a negative answer is preferably though, rehab shows amazing compensation of our body. I've been working on rehab of a leg. A waiting room is a drama theatre of life. Patients exchange very different and interesting life stories in a friendly mood. A patient told me she had lost her half body's movement function. But her great rehab efforts have paid off. Now, she can almost move the body like before, enjoys traveling and collects photos from all over the world. She once struggled hard in a slow recovery, but she never gave up hope nor exercise. Rehab requires patients' will power to keep both exercise and hope. Having hope is the essential condition and the vital tool of recovery, in my belief. (*NOTE: the image has nothing to do with people in this post.)
To keep on rehab with hope is hard without a mental support from others. Today, a lady staff was so caring and sensitive in my long medical examination at hospital. She said, "You are so caring and kind." Thank you (*how could you say so??). She agreed me and said, "The power of positive thinking," instead of a word, "hope." Sometimes, tough situations beat us. Although I do not deny reality, I want to believe in the potential and hidden abilities. Rehab shows our unused capacity. I trust in hope and will keep up my own rehab. The kind hospital staff celebrated my picture book debut in Aug and the solo exhibition in Oct. How much her tender attitude eased a patient's stress! Oh, sweet! Her say compensated my uncomfortable long test. Like her, so many supporters such as a medical team and you, blog Friends etc, etc enable me to keep on the rehab. Patients need help in a difficult time and it's important to claim the need of help.
I have a dream. I want to do something for people at hospital : patients and staff. The hospital staff above encouraged me to make my dream come true. My mentor, Ann is joining the project, "The Hush." 

Right now, the wonderful project, "The Hush,"  is on the way to come true (*I'm not in the illustartors). According to Allen and Unwin, the special picture book with its bonus CD "designed to inspire hope and calm in people of all ages." It will be published in Aug. The key person and medical doctor is Dr Catherine Crock. My mentor Ann James and the supporters in picture book publishing industry are in the Hush project. I'm so proud of having such wonderful mentors. I look forward to the Hush and its CD. See, Friends? Picture books can tackle any social issues. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful job, a picture book illustrator and to have those caring supporters around me. 

Friends, some of you are in a tough time at hospital or in chronic conditions. Patients encourage each other and enjoy a chat over my sketches at hospital. I always pray for you with my heart. Especially, Friends on rehab, let's "enjoy" rehab together. I do enjoy it! Rehab or a slow recovery takes time, but let us go on. My hands think and pray in drawing. Thank you for your warm cheers!  

Friends, Happy Painting!