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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Joined the 21st Biennale Sydney team!

I've successfully joined SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagement, an "Exhibition host" and "Access Host (shortlisted)" at the 21st Biennale of Sydney. Thank you very much for your support, particularly, my referees, Prof Ingrid Piller and Ms Ann James! I'm very interested in the "Access Host," for people with disability. Re the Exhibition host, I'll use my language ability. Visitors are from all over the world. Anyone will be warmly welcomed by us.  
The Biennale volunteers has facebook and invites volunteers. I hope to send 21st Biennale facebook the news, focusing on people with disability and non English speakers or their point of view/experiences in the Biennale. I want to show how inclusive we're! 
Thank you for a great support!! Yey!! 
Btw, some people may remember my post "6 naked women sculptures in the Biennale Sydney."  World leading and cutting edge contemporary artists will show their work on Cockcatoo Island, a huge place. 
Friends, let's enjoy art with any background people from all over the world! See you in Biennale Sydney. Look forward to my news. Whoo, hooo! 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age Exhibition

"Rembrandt and the Dutch golden age ExhibitionI enjoyed for hours and sketched originals that I've longed for since childhood! A kind Gallery security brought me a stool. You cannot image how much I appreciated his sensitive kindness and a happy surprise! *I cannot stand for long hours. On the stool, I could look at the paintings as much as I liked. The lady at the entrance let me go to a bathroom and allowed me to keep on appreciating the exhibition. The staff celebrated my drawings at the end. My thank you letter delighted the gallery staff and a communication team. 

I've learned a lot. How watercolour painting techniques will interpret oil paintings is fun and struggle. Especially, Rembrandt has shown composition, texture, brush strokes, colour use and drawing. A great private tutor.  
Sadami Study of Rembrandt Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul
Apart from the techniques, my most interest was in Rembrandt's eyes in drawing and how he depicted his own aging.  
Also, it was interesting to compare the same silversmith's portraits done by Rembrandt and another artist. Certainly, Rembrandt's work told the model's personality and his poor eye sight (*the silversmith was losing an eye sight). "What will my portraits tell viewers?", I thought over.  

In the exhibited artists, Judith Leyster and Frans Hals I've admired, too. They've influenced my sketching and drawing. Their drawings of a natural posture in daily life motivated me to capture it in my own work. Then, I started sketching. 
Judith Leyster, The Jolly Toper
As well as  Judith Leyster and Frans HalsVeermeer I've loved since primary school. His work is small, which encourages my small work. *I've been always uncomfortable among huge paintings in famous portrait competitions. BE WHAT I AM, Sadami! I want to study portraits more! 
Vermeer, Woman Reading a Letter 
The exhibition displays many different genres such as still life, landscapes and figures. Surrounded by my superheros, ah, I was in a heaven! The exhibition will finish after 18 Feb 2018. 
Jan Dabidsz, Still Life with books
At the exit, you can put yourself into framed beautiful masterpieces set by the witty NSW Art Gallery. Nice and very popular among visitors!  
Now, I'm looking at my ongoing portraits. Sadami, be brave and use what I've learned. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jurassic Plastic, Art Alerts Consumerism and Waste

Sydney Sketch Club joined Jurassic Plastic in Sydney Festival. Jurassic Plastic (see photos in the post), a sophisticated satire, warns mass consumerism and waste. *Lower Town Hall, 6-28 Jan, 9 am-5 pm, closed Mondays. Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji has created dinosaurs from forsaken toys. His colourful art work gives unwanted toys second lives. The revived toys have become popular sculptures welcomed by children and adults. Unwanted toys make beautiful maps on the floor. Above all, the Jurassic Plastic is the place of fun and play. All kids go insanely happy, play with toys and look around their favourite T rexes.  
So clever! What an irony that by the artist's hands, our wasted toys create such gorgeous sculptures! Many interpretations of the art work are possible and complicated. Adults begin to stop and think over our life style, while kids get so excited and keep on playing with toys for hours and hours. So, parents have a rest for a while?! The art work is very vibrant and delightful. The space successfully has two functions : the exhibition of art work and the play ground for children and adults. 
Volunteer workers assist children and parents. This girl is collecting all Doraemons and counting them. Staff helps her each time. Her daddy with another sleeping young baby on the back is happily looking at them. 
  The staff explains DOs and DO NOTs at the entrance. 
This exhibition challenges our life style and shows that wised-up art well handles  social issues, which reaches children and adults. The art work raises questions towards us. The same is true of good children picture books. I hope I'd create a good picture book and art work. 
Btw, our Sydney Sketch Club has a wonderful logo created by our member, Rick Lum. Cool! Thank you for the organiser, Jennifer. She always takes us to inspiring and fun events that give us food for thoughts.  
Friends, Happy Painting and Creating! 



Monday, January 8, 2018

A Red House on a Field

Whilst doing research on a new project, I enjoyed a landscape. An old house or a forsaken one on an open field is very appealingI always look at this spot from a car and wanted to sketch it. I sneaked into the field from a broken fence. Ants bit me. Only soft breeze talked to me. A quiet and rich afternoon.... I've realised that all my favourite landcapes have something moving such as waves and winds. I was very much aware of the breeze in this work. Technically, I enjoyed this sketch so much. 
Wash, a focal point and a composition, I'm learning. I used a dry brush technique on the little hut to show a rusty roof. A little bit closed up work, below, did not turn out as attractive as the first one. Anyway, I always learn something from every try and move forward. 

As if that sketched spot were left over from construction in busy Sydney. I want to collect such pretty "spots left over" from development and use them for my picture book illustration. 
Another lesson, "Draw it, if I want to draw!" Reluctance will kill a chance. She who hesitates will lose the opportunity. 
I feel like enjoying landscapes and washes more in 2018. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I heartily hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for all my blogger friends and visitors. Thank you very much for your support. Please guide me and lead me this year, too =  今年もよろしくおねがい致します。
We enjoyed watching the fire works in a dear friend's open house.
Happy Painting! Best wishes, Sadami