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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jurassic Plastic, Art Alerts Consumerism and Waste

Sydney Sketch Club joined Jurassic Plastic in Sydney Festival. Jurassic Plastic (see photos in the post), a sophisticated satire, warns mass consumerism and waste. *Lower Town Hall, 6-28 Jan, 9 am-5 pm, closed Mondays. Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji has created dinosaurs from forsaken toys. His colourful art work gives unwanted toys second lives. The revived toys have become popular sculptures welcomed by children and adults. Unwanted toys make beautiful maps on the floor. Above all, the Jurassic Plastic is the place of fun and play. All kids go insanely happy, play with toys and look around their favourite T rexes.  
So clever! What an irony that by the artist's hands, our wasted toys create such gorgeous sculptures! Many interpretations of the art work are possible and complicated. Adults begin to stop and think over our life style, while kids get so excited and keep on playing with toys for hours and hours. So, parents have a rest for a while?! The art work is very vibrant and delightful. The space successfully has two functions : the exhibition of art work and the play ground for children and adults. 
Volunteer workers assist children and parents. This girl is collecting all Doraemons and counting them. Staff helps her each time. Her daddy with another sleeping young baby on the back is happily looking at them. 
  The staff explains DOs and DO NOTs at the entrance. 
This exhibition challenges our life style and shows that wised-up art well handles  social issues, which reaches children and adults. The art work raises questions towards us. The same is true of good children picture books. I hope I'd create a good picture book and art work. 
Btw, our Sydney Sketch Club has a wonderful logo created by our member, Rick Lum. Cool! Thank you for the organiser, Jennifer. She always takes us to inspiring and fun events that give us food for thoughts.  
Friends, Happy Painting and Creating! 




  1. Muy buena idea para reciclar en arte, estos deshechos que con el tiempo nos darán un disgusto. Si no lo han dado ya!
    Esta forma creativa de exponerlos con arte, es una buena idea y ayudan a desarrollar estos preciosos dibujos tuyos, que también son: Arte.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Querido Joshemari: ¡Sí, de hecho! Este arte tiene muchos significados para nosotros. Esperamos legar un mundo mejor a la próxima generación. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Dear Joshemari, Yes, indeed! This art has many meanings to us. We hope to bequeath a better world to a next generation. Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>>>>>>>> Joshemari said...
      Very good idea to recycle in art, these waste that with time will give us a dislike. If you have not already given it!
      This creative way to expose them with art is a good idea and help develop these beautiful drawings of yours, which are also: Art.
      A hug.

  2. What a great post, Sadami! I have never heard of Jurassic Plastic and am so happy you featured this on your blog. Your beautiful sketches are icing on the cake!!
    Hugs, Chris :}

    1. Thank u very much, Chris. The title of the art work is, too, clever. Interesting to see the human interaction in the exhibition. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. It was nice to hear this concept of making Jurassic with broken toys. It looks colorful and motivates many people to try doing something with this. It was nice to see many kids eagerly seeing them...

    1. Thank you very much for a kind response, Jene! Yes, the idea is splendid and really lovely to see all people happy. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. What a wonderful idea, I get very worried seeing the amount of plastic toys (and other products) that are produced, sold and thrown away. Love your watercolours as well, as always!

    1. Thank you, Cathy for a thoughtful response. Yes, it's urgent and necessary to find solution plastic products/waste. Btw, let us enjoy sketching and art work in 2018! Best wishes, Sadami