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Monday, October 26, 2015

Moon Exhibition Opening and New Chapter of My Career

We had a wonderful time in the opening and I've closed the mentorship and opened a new chapter. Many people celebrated my works. Some came after hours drive, another flew from Melbourne and others after a long day work. Thank you very much. Photos are courtesy of Frank.
**I tried to make myself low so that all people would come up well. 
A hard task though, it seems to have worked well.
My exhibition coordinator Trish made a wonderful and very touchy speech. She introduced herself and talked of me, "... what impressed me about Sadami not only her bright, bubbly personality and obvious talent, but her passion and enthusiasm for drawing. As you look around the walls this evening you can all see that passion on display." Trish praised my talent, big national and international competition entitlements and skills of watercolour that has tamed difficulty of medium, which cannot be scraped off like oil and acrylics. "Sadami is mostly a self-taught artist. Her work looks effortless behind those loose pencil marks and application of colour are many, many years of practice. She draws everyday and everywhere she goes." ...oh, Trish knew it...!! (Below, Trish at centre and we were from a life drawing group.Trish, a very experienced print maker, who has taught me how to do an exhibition from A to Z ! She's worked so hard for my exhibition for these months in her very busy days. Her kind husband Michael offered his hands to look after our bar in the show.
Trish continued, "Sadami is a keen and sensitive observer of people and places. All the works upstairs are drawn from life. She is able to capture expressions and gestures with minimal marks and a strategic use of light and tone with a restrained palette.", what Trish says was exactly the same to my mentor, Ann James!
"The drawings in the main room show her creativity and imagination in bringing to life the story, Moon, by Matt Zurbo. Sadami says it takes many people to give birth to a picture book and, of course, that is true; without the author there would be no story. But it is the artist's creativity and imagination that bring that story to life. Sadami's illustrations, however, not only enrich a story; they are exquisite artworks in their own right." 
Then, Trish acclaimed, "Congratulations, Sadami, on this wonderful exhibition ; may you keep on shining like the moon. We look forward to many more, beautiful picture books and art works. I declare this exhibition officially open!" 
Ann whispered me, "Wonderful! Very good speech. Nice!" with a smile. Oh, too good! My chest was full of emotions and happiness. 
I asked Ann to make a speech. Her speech was lovely like Trish! She thanked for Windy Hollow, author Matt Zurbo, editor Helen Chamberlin and a book designer's work that created Moon, clarifying an illustrator's work was only a part of a team's great work. Then, she talked of our mentorship and my work. So sweet and very humble. Ann always thanks for a team. Then, I had to do a speech. Gulp. I said honestly, "After such wonderful speeches, my head is blacked out!" and thanked for so many people. When I talked of the mentor's long years assistance, tears came up and my voice trembled. Thank you so much.  
Ann James  
I've closed the mentorship and opened a new chapter as a picture book illustrator with confidence. You find the moon pendant around my neck. It's from my mentors, Books Illustrated. It is engraved with a little fledgling bird. How thoughtful and sweet! I believe they want me to strongly fly away from their cosy nest and step into the bright future, whilst they commemorated Moon. I'll keep this pendant ... I feel as if the sweet mums will be always with me. (*Publisher Helen Chamberlin smiled at me and said, "You have so many good step mothers : (Helen, herself), Ann, Jess, Libby Gleeson, Margaret Wild, Margaret Hamilton, etc, etc." Indeed, all super "big" mamas in Australian publishing industry!  
Btw, Ann has a cute red pendant on her chest. Children say, "Chilli!" "Fire!"
"No, it's a bird!" super hero Ann says, hahaha! 
Her family came and all encouraged me so much!
Many friends came from Sydney Sketch Club, Sydney Uni and so ons. Dear old uni friends made me very happy! 
Khadine came to the opening as well as the book launch. (Just behind me.) 
Below, all were from Sydney Sketch Club! What a delighted moment! Two members brought me a little bottle of wine. Oh, sweet! 
I explained each page, how I struggled, how my publishing team helped me find solutions, other hidden hilarious episodes and so on. ( Do you want to hear it? Come to the gallery! Hahaha?!) Below, you can find an A4 colour rough and the finalised image in a real size (I chose A2 for most of finalised illustrations, double spreads).  
Frank's favorite pages
The sketch club members so much enjoyed my explanations. Wonderful to catch up nice friends. I'll pop up meetings after the exhibitions. 
Dear fine artists friends came : Jane Bennette and Linda Joyce. They encouraged me so much. Particularly, Linda has been supporting me for ages. 
                                             Jane Bennette in red
Linda Joyce 
Kristie, Wesley Mission and I have been working on "Building Dreams" project to adovcate people with disability by art since 2014. The project is growing. I'll see our clients in a workshop at CCGallery this Monday. Victoria, Marrickville Council too, has been supporting the Moon project for a year!     
Left to Right : Kristie (Wesley Mission), Sadami, Victoria (Marrickville Council)
You see Moon was not created only by either me or Matt. A picture book is a fruit of so many people's work after a looong struggle. Any art activities, too, are precious results of team work and people's help.   
This exhibition will go on until 2nd Nov. 
Watercolour Painting Workshops : Open to a community. I welcome people with disability. Booking essential. Contact : 
Tue 27th Oct 2-3:30 pm    10 adults  
Fri 30th Oct 10 - 11:30 am    10 adults
Fri  30th Oct  3:30 – 4:30 pm   10 children
Free. Materials are provided.  
Wheel access, accessile tolilet, 1 disabled parking spot is available. 
Come and see me at Chrissie Cotter Gallery!
Friends, Happy Painting! Thank you for your great friendship!! 


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sadami solo exhibition from 20 Oct to 2 Nov, opening 21 Oct @ Chrissie Cotter Gallery

Next Wed evening, from 6pm to 8pm, come opening of "Over the Moon with Watercolour!" exhibition to celebrate Sadami's best watercolour paintings and the original illustrations for MOON, a new picture book. Join free watercolour painting workshops! Materials are provided. 
Where: Chrissie Cottee Gallery run by Marrickville Council (map)
              Pidcock St, Camperdown NSW 2050
When : 20th Oct to 2nd Nov, every day from 10 am to 5pm.             
             Opening 21st Oct from 6pm to 8pm. 

Watercolour Painting Workshops : Open to broader community and people with disability. Booking essential.             
Tue 27th Oct 2-3:30 pm    10 adults            
Fri 30th Oct 10 - 11:30 am    10 adults    Fri  30th Oct  3:30 – 4:30 pm   10 children
Cost : Free  
Wheel access, accessile tolilet, 1 disabled parking spot is available. 
Contact : 
Very happy. Many organisations promote my exhibition at local, state and national levels as well as some peak bodies that advocate people with disability.  
I've activated my all main networks. I think I'm doing my best. 

My birthday 29th Oct is right in the exhibition period. My team and I are planning to have my own birthday party as well as book signing. My mentor Ann James is coming from Melbourne. My project is awarded by Accessible Arts NSW to advocate people with disability. I've been working with Wesley mission to assist people with disability to enjoy watercolour painting, the project called, "Building Dreams." I hope my project will bring love and hope for others, particularly, people with disability. If you know anyone involved with disability, please pass on this email. I warmly welcome anyone!  Thank you for your strong and support for ages. With your support, I'm making my dream come true. Let's have fun. 
Happy painting together! See you there, Friends!! Best wishes, Sadami 


Demo was full of fun!

My quick sketching amazed/amused audience. The secretary at Hornsby society said, "You're very friendly." My talk made attendance often smile and encouraged them. The audience said, "Very inspirational." Here's Hornsby Art Society Facebook. 
I said, "We don't need to be perfectionists. We do not need to make masterpieces all the times. Let's make messes. All experiments become precious experiences."  "Perseverance is the talent. If we keep drawing for 5 minutes everyday, you'll become an artist!"  "Uniqueness is the beauty of each of us. Let us bloom out what we are. We do not need to be someone else, but be what we are fully. No one tries to find a Michelangelo in our work, but our own style." Those are the key points I said.   
This is the demo. I captured two people having a chat.
Character study. What do you feel in the person? What do you want to depict in figures?
And how? -- come to my watercolour workshops in solo exhibition next week!
A next post will have the workshop information.   
A technical chat over picture book illustration interested the audience ; an illustrator is quite similar to a film director and needs to work in a team. I mentioned a limited pallet used in the demo and value can correct wrong drawings in watercolour painting techniques = don't worry too much about mistakes and so ons.

One lady who bought a copy of Moon asked me to write, "Perseve" on the end paper. I hope her message will reach at someone. I hope Moon will be loved. 
Speical thaks to the Hornsby Art Society staff for giving me the wonderful opportunity to share joy with members!

Thank you for the extra cheers by blogging!  I could remember blog friends and you were with me. With your support, I could carry it out well. 
Now, after this post, I have to post another. What a busy woman I am! 
Friends, Happy Painting!  


Monday, October 5, 2015

12 Oct Sadami Demo @ Hornsby Art Society!

Let's have fun together!
Hornsby Art Society Demonstration -Sadami Konchi 
Monday 12 October 7.30pm-9.30pm 
Children's Book Illustrator, Portrait Artist and Book author, Sadami Konchi, will give a demonstration of her illustrative and drawing skills. Doors open at 7.00 p.m. and light supper will be served. The book signing of Moon will be available. 
(*ah, I hope I will NOT behave like papa Homer...?!) 

Venue:  Beatrice Taylor  Hall 
Location: 25 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby 
Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm 
Cost: $5 members / $7.50 visitors 
Contact:  Leonie Fisher 
Phone:  9476 8869 

It's a great honour and joy! If you have any questions about my watercolour painting and picture book illustration, let's chat with me.

I'm getting very busy with the preparing of Moon exhibition. Nearly there. My coordinator helps me so much. My team is great! Thanks for her great friendship. I'm learning a lot about how to do a solo exhibition. That's a lot to do. So far, distribution of flyers is the toughest thing for me, as I'm not good at walking. But cafes and restaurants are very supportive, when they find my exhibition supported by Accessible Arts NSW and Marrickville Council. Yes, we love locals!
At the same time, I'm working on new picture book projects and developing a story and images. I'll soon get on a storyboard.
Btw, we've got into hot summer. It's more than 30'C everyday. A day light saving time started from last Sunday. The posted image is an Australian native fig tree, called a Moreton Bay fig tree. I love this tree. People get together under the cool shades of these huge trees in parks. When I see them and gum trees, I feel, "Ah, Australia!"
Also, I sketched the busker at a market last Sat. 
Friends, thank you for warm cheers. You, too, make your dream come true.
See you next Monday at BeatriceTaylor Hall!
Cheers, wink, wink!