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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Demo was full of fun!

My quick sketching amazed/amused audience. The secretary at Hornsby society said, "You're very friendly." My talk made attendance often smile and encouraged them. The audience said, "Very inspirational." Here's Hornsby Art Society Facebook. 
I said, "We don't need to be perfectionists. We do not need to make masterpieces all the times. Let's make messes. All experiments become precious experiences."  "Perseverance is the talent. If we keep drawing for 5 minutes everyday, you'll become an artist!"  "Uniqueness is the beauty of each of us. Let us bloom out what we are. We do not need to be someone else, but be what we are fully. No one tries to find a Michelangelo in our work, but our own style." Those are the key points I said.   
This is the demo. I captured two people having a chat.
Character study. What do you feel in the person? What do you want to depict in figures?
And how? -- come to my watercolour workshops in solo exhibition next week!
A next post will have the workshop information.   
A technical chat over picture book illustration interested the audience ; an illustrator is quite similar to a film director and needs to work in a team. I mentioned a limited pallet used in the demo and value can correct wrong drawings in watercolour painting techniques = don't worry too much about mistakes and so ons.

One lady who bought a copy of Moon asked me to write, "Perseve" on the end paper. I hope her message will reach at someone. I hope Moon will be loved. 
Speical thaks to the Hornsby Art Society staff for giving me the wonderful opportunity to share joy with members!

Thank you for the extra cheers by blogging!  I could remember blog friends and you were with me. With your support, I could carry it out well. 
Now, after this post, I have to post another. What a busy woman I am! 
Friends, Happy Painting!  


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