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Monday, August 19, 2013

Writing Stories for Picture Books

Friends, another good news, I've started writing down stories!  
I have been strongly encouraged to write picture book stories and to illustrate them by my own for these years -- special thanks for my mentor Ann James and big names in publishing industry. Although a bit shy Sadami was prudent, I finally felt the encouragement as a wonderful opportunity! Yes, writing stories is quite a fun. Also, thank you for warm cheers, support, visits for my blog and great patience for a new post! 
Actually, I've been enjoying writing stories since childhood (and kept it secret with diaries like other girls do). Yes, young Sadami loved to imagine characters and created tales. Now, a dream is  becoming true. You'll certainly find "author and illustrator Sadami Konchi" printed on picture books in the future. NOTE: It will take years to come up in publishing industry. So, please look forward to it without a time frame.
Now, the ongoing picture book illustration is going steadily. The stage of a "full set of roughs for the whole book." I'm enjoying working on the all roughs, even though it's not easy and quite demanding. I'll organise the storyboard again. Challenging, but these labour pains are so lovely.
A dear linguist friend will visit me for tea before going back to a field work in overseas. We will enjoy chatting over nudges for my writing stories. She and I both love readings and writing. Oh, tea will be a great fun!

These picture book related project occupy me 

These picture book related projects occupy me more and more. I'm also working on portraits. Weekly Monday posting is very hard and please forgive me. I'll upload a post from time to time. But I'll certainly visit your blogs between projects!
Friends, Happy Painting and Writing!  

My favorite say is, "Dream is unrealised reality." 

Let us make dreams come true.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Feedback of Storybord

Hi, Friends, how have you been? The feedback came back for my submitted storyboard. Very positive. (*It's written in a block font.)

'I have great faith that your illustrations will be beautiful. I’m really looking forward to seeing you develop colour roughs of your illustrations. It’s going to be a lovely story & a beautiful book.'
I'm ... speechless and crazy happy!!!!! Very exciting. There are challenges, too. I need to change some to accomplish this picture book. I'll work on them!

These picture book related projects occupy me so much. I'm also working on portraits. A bit hard to blog every Monday. If I do not upload a post every Monday, please forgive me. But I'll certainly visit your blogs!
Above is a very big colour study on A2. These buildings are all out of my head. First, I created a black and white, below. I slightly changed an angle and made different buildings for a second black & white. Then, I enjoyed colour. It came up very nice. Another big name looked at that colour study in my studio and said, "That's a design!" Yes, indeed. My observation of buildings and study of architecture helps me. But I did not make meticulous buildings in this study. I prefer wibble wobble drawing lines to dead straight lines, because I want to create something natural or fun. Yes, I love something humane in drawings than mechanical correctness. 
Our publishing team has a wonderful rapport. The team backs up me very well. 
I'm right on a track. Everyday is shining and full of joy. Today, I saw a friend. He said, 'Sadami, if you haven't got a disability, of course, it is very a pain and how tough it's on you, BUT without it, I'm sure you might not have created these beautiful paintings. Or I should say, today's your paintings might not have had such a beauty. Your disability must be a gift and blessing.' Moreover, he prayed for me! His say touched me. Yes, I thank for this disability today. I promised him, "Yes, this is my dream that I'd advocate people with disabilities in the future." Nice to have a wonderful friend to share joy and even pain!!

Thank you for warm cheers. I'm passing on your sent encouragements to someone in need around me. I had a wonderful weekend and ready, set, go for a creative week!
You, too, have a wonderful and productive week.
Friends, Happy Painting!!