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Friday, May 30, 2014

"Poetic Justice" Book Launch by "Right Now"

Hi, Friends, I'm very delighted and share this good news!! 
"Right Now" Human Rights in Australia did book launch "Poetic Justice" yesterday in Melbourne! 
Great honour that they've included my sketches and writing on homeless issue.                

Very happy to know my small work can tap people's hearts and awareness. 

Poetic Justice is a collection of essays, fiction, poetry and visual art about human rights issues in Australia—issues that haven’t gone away, or gone elsewhere. From asylum seekers to Indigenous land rights; from the surveillance state to police racism, this anthology chronicles contemporary Australian debates about social justice.
Click on the image below to see the book’s contents pages.
Poetic Justice_Contents Page 1
Poetic Justice is also an anthology of work published by Right Now, a not-for-profit media organisation with a focus on human rights issues in Australia. Since 2005 Right Now has covered human rights issues through accessible and engaging online, print and radio media.
Each of the works is an exercise in compassion as Poetic Justice seeks to recover the humanity too often lost in our discussions of human rights.
Featuring work by Malcolm FraserJulian BurnsideAnne ManneTony BirchPat Grant and a foreword by Christos Tsiolkas.

Click each image and enlarge it. Here's my sketches and writing. 
Sadami Konchi art preview
Also, other content, too! 
Lee Grant art preview
Friends, Right Now staff is youngish, so smart (PhD level) guys. They are full of dream and want public awareness of any social issues in a multi dimensional view. I know Right Now blog from their start in 2006. It took time for Right Now to gain public attentions. The team have been patiently working on their dreams. Now, they are popular on net! Yey! Right Now also has a great interest in "arts and human rights (include people with disability issues." 

Friends, Happy Painting!! And special thanks and cheers for Right Now. 
Go, go, Right Now! This is their facebook

Click each image and enlarge it. You can read them.