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Monday, August 31, 2020

Australian Landscape

I love our rural areas where winds dance and clean water shines under sunshine. Sketching landscapes boosts up our spirits and makes us happy. Friends, let's go outside and enjoy sunshine. A good antidote to this pandemic. Happy painting! 

XVI. The Wind   Emily Dickinson
It's like the light, —
A fashionless delight
It's like the bee, —
A dateless melody.
It's like the woods,
Private like breeze,
Phraseless, yet it stirs
The proudest trees.
It's like the morning, —
Best when it's done, —
The everlasting clocks
Chime noon.


Monday, August 24, 2020

My Work Won ParaArt Award

My work, "The Song of Life," is awarded for ParaArt Tokyo among wonderful art works from 37 countries! Oh, so happy!! I can't believe it. It gives me confidence and energy to create more and keep up rehab. がんばります
All the finalists' works were brilliant and amazing. Anyone could be winners. Friends, thank you very much for support and encouragement. 
Happy Painting!  

ParaArt 2020
"Art Overcomes Disabilities and National Borders"
Sponsors : Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 
The Agency for Cultural Affairs,Tokyo Metropolitan Government,The Japanese Red Cross Society, 
Japan UNICEF Committee, The People’s Republic of China Embassy, Korean Embassy.


Monday, August 17, 2020

The high tide and waves at a pier

Friends and I encouraged each other in the pandemic! It was lovely to sketch together under sunshine...and in a chill wind?! Nice to have chats, keeping a social distance. In the afternoon, a coming high tide fascinated me.
In the morning, I sketched a pier in a low tide for a value study. The sketch came up boring, in my eyes and the subject looked small. I asked myself, "What do I want to say in this sketch?" The value study sketch helped me to think of composition and colours. I went to the other side of a pier, and then, picked up mainly the interesting subjects, waves and a boat. 
Friends, take care and stay safe in a pandemic! We will get through this tough time. 


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature's Great Work

How can we achieve the public access of our Australian children literature in the world? What about cataloguing our translated books into other languages? Here, please put hands together for National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc’s hard work!! *These photos are courtesy of NCACL's facebook post. See below, many Japanese tittles on the upper shelf and many Korean titles on the second shelf. I sent their post to my sciolinguists team, "Language on the Move."
A second photo shows the picturebooks waiting for being identified and classified in their languages.
NCACL’s rare and important collections are 4700 Australian books translated into 65 languages and countries of origin. Not only are these an important part of authors’ and illustrators’ body of work, but they also reflect the global impact of Australian children’s literature and the universality of stories.
*This picturebook is translated into Chinese.

*Measuring, categorising, etc, etc, hard and painstaking work!

*This book is translated into Italian.
To achieve the public access of the critical collection and its catalogue, NCACL needs a financial supports and understanding from other countries' Embassies. Also, it is essential to collaborate CAVAL, Cooperative Action by Victorian Academic Libraries in Melbourne.
I’d so much appreciate NCACL’s great work!
Lovely to get sweet feedback from NCACL. These unknown and silent work has supported our Australian literature and publication in the world. Please applause to the staff and volunteers! Friends, when you read children's literature and young adult books, please think of this behind scene job. Thank you very much!  

National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc. Sadami, you are absolutely wonderful! We appreciate your support so much, and a sociolinguistics team sounds marvellous. We take great pride in translations and eagerly hunt them down, ask publishers and authors and illustrators, such as yourself, to help whenever they can.
Sadami Konchi National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature Inc. Oh, I'll delightedly help you when I make time and in my ability.

Sadami Konchi Thank u very much NCACL, your hard and important work!! I share this post and will have a chat with our sociolinguistics team, "Language on the Move." I heartily hope you will gain more financial resources and broad and deep public understanding of your critical work😍.

Language on the Move


Saturday, August 8, 2020

World Cat Day

Today is a world cat day. The purrfect day to celebrate your feline friend. Right now, Melbournians are in lockdown, having a tough time. Let us stay strong and safe in this pandemic. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Tea Tree Gully Library reads My Dog Socks for YouTube!

Thank you very much for Tea Tree Gully Library. They read out "My Dog Socks" written by Robyn Osborne, illustrated by Sadami Konchi for Virtual Storytime! 

A story is the bond between a boy and his dog, Socks. Socks is by turns brave, intrepid, greedy and mischievous, which humorously implies different other animals' features. They overlap the nature of dog, too. Watch out of Socks' shadows in illustration. Kids, enjoy this book with your parents and teachers! (The eight libraries are Chelsea, Cheltenham, Clarinda, Dingley, Highett, Moorabbin, Parkdale, Patterson, Lakes Westall.) 
I heartily hope this site will bring children smile and laugh in this pandemic.  Friends, Happy Painting and Reading!