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Monday, December 19, 2011

Weight of Memory

Hi, Friends, how are you? Aren't we busy?
Christmas and the end of the year is coming near. I'd like to dedicate this work for Friends in winter right now. Yes, spring is certainly coming up. Any time, hope stays with us. It's all up to us; how we see the world. Pre-Admission Consultation on the hand surgery went well. My childhood bad memory about hospital makes me a bit nervous. A kind nurse gave me this quote,

"Let us not burden our remembrance with
A heaviness that's gone."
Lovely! Spot on. Being stuck is wasting time. Long time ago, I decided to be "carefree" in a healthy way. Wash off negative memories. My stress buster is long swimming that dusts off the heart and the soul.
However, I check my resolutions for 2011.
1) Upload the blog every Monday like before.
I did it, even though now I do not do it because of the hand.
2) Explore watercolor.
I did. Regarding how to handle a background, I've begun to find solutions. Be brave.
3) Challenge landscape.
I did and joined a sketch club (Urban Sketchers Australia).
4) More illustrations, focus on story telling. Illustrate a classic story.
I did it and have the ongoing projectʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.
5) Lots of cartoons. Stress busters.
I did. (*Regarding this cartoon, I always talk to any cleaner with special thanks. All cleaners have got surprised at me, "You said to me?!" Of course. Friends, just a few seconds for thank U make a big difference.)
6) Life drawing. Watercolor "directly" on paper.
Not joined life drawing class, but always carefully observed bodies on streets.
Direct painting --eg) the first uploaded work --- is fascinating. Want to explore more. Need more time and experiences.

7) Still Life, especially, "Flowers."I did some.

8) Develop/pin down my ideas/quick drawings.
I did. Some are left on the drawing board.
9) Just DO it, Sadami!!
YES, I did it!

In 2011, Got several Art Awards and the picture book project. An extraordinarily good year.
I'm not going to drag bad memories, as I mentioned above. The past is past. Face reality, check it and move on---that's enough and nice. After refreshing, I hope myself to keep only nice memories.I saw the Santa Clause working for fundraising. Children were enjoying candies. Heart-warming to see happy kids and the Santa.Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!I sincerely hope your 2011 memories are cheerful. Let us step into 2012 with a light heart!
Lots of love and Biiiig smileʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ, Sadami


Friday, December 9, 2011

Snapshots in Christmas Season

Friends, thank you for kind concerns and warm cheers.
I'll have a hand surgery for a carpel tunnel at the end of Jan. An easy one. It will take 30 minutes. I may use the right hand right after the surgery. In 2-3 months, full recovery. Sure, I'll get well!
How is your Christmas time? I enjoy sketching people.A first sketch. These children were playing with fingers (numbers) while waiting for parents shopping. I love watching such ANALOGUE games. Today, computer games are taking over our old fashioned playing. My serious concern is children's games will die out from the earth. I'm seriously thinking that with watercolour paintings, I might as well archive children's games before extinguishing from the world.Oh, yes, I met a caricaturist recording 100 yrs old Australians at a KuRingGai Art Society Christmas party. Our guest speaker, Mick Joffe makes interesting caricatures. Humorously, he's written down interviews on sketches, called, "Endangered Australians." NSW University awarded him Honorary Masters degree. Weldone!

A third sketch is the presenter at the workshop, "How to Handle Difficult People" at a public library. He emphasized, "Hand!! Use body language!" Indeed, the played up body language was an interesting subject for drawing.

n my experience, eye-contact and a body language makes lively portraits. Good portraits pick up just the essence of a character, "enough and needed." Otherwise, work becomes dull and does not look like a person. Brush strokes are the lesser, the better.A fourth sketch is a shop girl. It's fun to sketch cheerful girls and loud boys at Christmas sales. I often join them, calling, "Role up, role up! Here comes the wonderful such-and-such! You can't miss this...!" Customers and shop girls have a laugh. I always tell them,
"Oh, darling, don't work hard. Work smart! Only once you're young. Enjoy your young days!" All of them say, "Off course!" and they welcome my next visit. Ahahahaha!
Once, I wrote in the post that a sketcher is "the guardian of time." We capture the moment and archive it.
I feel, I love people
ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ . Figurative work is my most favorite!
And the picture book project is ongoing. I'll do my best!

So far, I do not leave comments at other's blogs, but always enjoy visiting your blogs.
Happy painting and enjoy your Christmas season, Friends!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let Us Bloom Out Fully!

Hi, Friends, thank you for warm cheers and a long patience.ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ Good news! The specialist confirms my leg is stable and nothing to do with the hand. Soon, a hand specialist will check my right hand. I'm very optimistic.These days, I enjoy a 1000m swim at a rock bath after work in the evening. (Hey, Friends, we're in the summer!) Many regulars come here for years and encourage one another. One gentleman has more serious condition than me, but always swims. This year, he said I had inspired him. Oh, no, he had inspired me! We did shakehand firmly and friendly. Nice!
Let us look at a silver side of a cloud and enjoy our lives fully. 

 Only the unexpected RESULT is... Gee, Friends, I put on more weight from a good appetite! My physio says, "Ah, swimming does not lose weight." Wwwwhaaaat?! "Very gentle for muscles. If you want to lose muscles, do sports on a ground." Nurses comfort me, "Muscles are heavier than fat! You look fitter!" I want to believe so.
Anyway, my swimming and exercises have paid off.

This view is from a hospital. A helicopter is staying at the top of the hospital. Over there, Sydney Tower is standing high among buildings. Left, a part of Harbour Bridge. Jacaranda is fully blooming out.
The illustration work is right on a track. Sometimes, not easy. But I do not give up. With many people's backup and cheers, I'll go on.
You and me, too, let us bloom out who we are most!!

To be honest with you, sometimes, it's scary if the condition will spread over. But I stop thinking of it. Who knows if a sky falls on me or not? To live "this moment" fully and do best for the future --- is my all and mantra. Yey!
Take care, Friends. Pardon my irregular blogging.
I always pray for you with all my heart.

Cheers, wink, wink ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ .

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arts Access Australia Interveiws Sadami

Thank you very much for your kind comments and warm cheers regarding my hand and birthday!! Please pardon me, I do not respond each comment. But I always visit your blogs and read them all. 

The exclusive. Arts Access Australia interviewed me. AAA is the national peak body for arts and disability. If you have any friend and family member with disabilities, please pass this post or AAA information. Have a look through AAA website for news, connections and information about the vibrant Australian arts and disability sector. AAA kindly gives me permission to upload the talk at this blog and to link with them. Here we go, have fun!!

Spotlight On..Sadami Konchi

Sadami Konchi is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting since childhood. Sadami was one of the highly commended artists in the recent AAA Art Competition. Arts Access Australia put her in the spotlight…
Brief biography about you…All of a sudden, put on the earth. I’ve kept living on, to know why I was put on the earth!

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a picture book, an illustration project and portraits.

How did you get into art?

I had already started enjoying drawing and painting before I started kindergarten.

What is the worst job you’ve ever done?

Drawing secret graffiti and cartoons during math class at junior high. (The work, itself, was not bad at all. This romantic young girl was drawing a kissing scene). I wondered why the class was dead silent and where the teacher had gone. It turned out the teacher was standing RIGHT beside me, silently with a big smile. I blushed up like a tomato! Next moment, I got a slap on the head although I became a hero to my classmates.

What is a usual day for you?

Each day is special and full of adventures. Friends can have a laugh, saying “Can’t you stay calm or between extremes?”

What is your biggest challenge as an artist?

Challenging myself. Exploring who I am and becoming who I can be best on this earth.

Who is your hero?

Everyone. I love looking at anyone. I feel beauty, something special, and make it in to portraits.
What is your favourite book / piece of art / play / performance (pick one) ever?
V.E.Frankl, (
Auschwitz survivor, psychiatrist and philosopher) “Man’s Search For Meaning.” Frankl says that any suffering has a unique meaning for an individual.

Who would play you in the film of your life?

Pardon me. I do not get this question? Of course I’d play my role. (Ahahaha!)

Tell us a joke / secret (pick one)…

“My life” is the serious joke and is the secret

Where can people find out more about you?

Stylefile(Sadami Konchi, picturebook Illustration at Australian Society of Authors)
Sadami Konchi Instagram 
Sadami Konchi (FaceBook) 
Sadami's Graffiti (Blog. Weekly show case for loose, spontaneous watercolour)
AAA, thank you for giving me the great back up. All and any artist with disabilities, come over AAA! Let us enjoy our lives fully!!
Did you enjoy it?
Thank you, Friends, I really want my hand to get well. My right hand still needs to see specialists. Minimize computer work, get rid of unnecessary movement and hand exercises are essential. (*With a left hand, I'm using a mouse.) 
Yes, I'm working on the picture book project under the supervision of a wonderful mentor! I hope I will make it happen. With all my heart, I'd like to say, "Thank you, Friends!" and please forgive my "Holiday Leave" for blogging.
You, too, please take care and happy painting!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Leave & Grow as Illustator

Hi, Friends, how are you? Busy. The Christmas sale, a book launch season has started in the publishing industry. I was invited to Libby Gleeson's 2 book launching at Sydney uni. I am Thomas illustrated by Armin Greder, a work for adolescents; and Look, A Book – illustrated by Freya Blackwood, a picture book for young children. Amazing. I saw my linguistics lecturers, other academics and people in publishing industry or established authors and famous illustrators that included my illustration teacher Wayne Harris!
Now, Friends, I'll take a holiday leave for blogging.Good news is the project is right on a track! Very happy.
I had medical tests. Good news, the leg has little change. Even though it has got sliiiightly worse, as long as I walk as a whole, I'm the winner. Hallelujah!!
Bad news, the right hand has got injured from repetitive work such as computing and drawing. I'll reduce computing and see specialists more and soon. Please pardon my less visits of your blogs. I'll head down ONLY on the project. Please understand my difficult situation. I always think of you, Friends.
I'd write what I've been seeking for in myself as an illustrator. I want to grow as an illustrator in this "wrist" holiday leave. Time for studying and lots of reading.Regarding drawing skills, I have no doubt. But not enough. Illustration must tell a story or shows emotions and stimualates readers' imagination. I'm looking at good illustrators' work and thinking over what I want to do. Good illustrators do these all : deliberated settings, hidden evidence and symbolic meanings. Good illustrators never waste any page. Since childhood, I've realized it and read picture books like detective stories. For me, the last page was a great fun. I've been a very good detective.
But best/better illustrators go beyond my simple guessing! They bridge between reality and imagination. Their work stimulates readers' imagination.

Shaun Tann's work is amazing. I admire Liz Zwerger, Armin Greder, Ann James etc, etc.

But have I done it in my own work? That's my assignment.

Like Donna Rawlins taught us, I believe, illustration requires "all what an illustrator has" such as sensations, experiences(=past) and broad & deep knowledge, if necessary, do research to collect data and supportive evidence.

I'm asking myself, "Can you make a mood/symbolic scene like Shaun and Zwerger do? BUT in my own way!"

Challenging. Be brave to step out of an old style. Sometimes, I should break down my methods and explore a new one.I'll keep up sketching. Drawing is my language and very the basic skills. And your language, too. You and me carry conversations in drawing and painting. Let us chat in universal language, art.
See you soon, but one day.
I hope I can tell you good news on my hand and the work and the style.
...and timely, 29th is my birthday. I thank for my life given on the earth and found the meaning in illustration and art! Yeah!!
take care and enjoy drawing!


Monday, October 17, 2011

"Occupy Sydney" in Martin Place

We want to bequeath a better world to a next generation. When I went to CBD to sketch statues for a Sydney Sketch Club meeting, I bumped "Occupy" movement in Martin Place. How about in your main cities? If you do not mind, let me hear about your place's occupy. 

Mom & Baby could be one of the most beautiful figures on the earth. 

Protesters target at the big banks in Martin Place and claim, "Social inequalities are increasing between the haves and the have-nots." The agendas are all heavy and complicated.
Australian Survival Game
The topics have a wide range from Aboriginal people's language rights, their poor welfare, refugees, unemployment, gay marriage, better wages for teachers, homeless people, climate change, etc, etc. They are all written down on the placards. As if all Australian issues have got together at one spot.
But I did not hear an artist's voice in a public announcement. Financially and socially, most artists' reality is not easy. Here's the good statistical data. An economic study of professional artists in Australia conducted by Department of Economics, Macquarie University and published by National Association of Visual Artists (May 2010). Yet, I want to say, "Who is this? Such a rich artist?!" in this data. Back to the topic.
Main Occupy participants look young, 20s or early 30s. They are worried about the future and their children's future, but also other people's pains! These young people's purity, idealism, a non-egoistic attitude and beautiful "smile" has touched my heart. Participants passionately told me a desire for a better world, the necessity of public awareness and the importance of action, while one onlooker said with contempt, "They want to go back to 60s."So far, the "Occupy" is peaceful and safe in Sydney. Some children and dogs are there, too. One lady and artist with a little girl recalled me, "Ah, I met you at Botanical Garden, sketchcrawl!" What a small world! We enjoyed a chat. A band plays music and people sing or dance. Even police is very kind. They love my sketches, too. Participants remember me, "You were sketching police!" Ahahaha. It is certain that art can bridge between any people.
Friends, I want to say, "Let's make love, not war, by art!"
The Occupy participants could be day dream believers. But I admire their braveness. They are not hiding in a shadow any more. The people have taken an action. Further, some of them have happily become stepping stones on behalf of other voiceless people.
I hope my sketches will record these unknown heros in our daily lives. I always feel sketching nameless people is like scooping out gold from mud.
Friends, Happy Painting!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Linguistics Conference and Chalk Festival

Hi, Friends, how have you been? I've been busy with the project in a studio. It's right on a track. Thank you for your patience and support. I miss you so much, Friends. A good lesson was "daily sketching is like an essential exercise." If I do not sketch, my hands get slow. Quick watercolour is my "keeping record, memory" and above all, an "inspiration source." So, even for 5 minutes, I should do quick watercolour every day.

Last 2 weeks, I enjoyed Free Linguistics Conference 2011 and Chalk Urban Art Festival in Parramatta.

The FLC was a great fun.

All presenters have interesting research projects and experts of their favorite areas.

Prof Andy Kirkpatrick is a key speaker on "Yin and Yang rhetoric and the prospects for public discourse in China." Political power has oppressed the freedom of speech in China. Thus, traditionally, writers would not tell things straightforward. Always, the end of writings could imply their real opinions. Andy said with a big smile, "So, always editors marked the last line of an article and sent it back to us. A rest of them had nothing to do with a topic." Interesting. Exactly the same is true of Japanese discourses under the influence of Chinese culture. You may wonder, but true, "Indirect and too polite." A Western rhetoric and essay writing paragraph structures are new concepts for Asian background students grown up in a traditional value system.Dr Phiona Stanley did presentation on " “Fifty k’s south of woop woop”: Making native English speakers more internationally intelligible." Uahahaha!!! What a challenging title! This youngish, enthusiastic and Scottish heritage linguist humorously talked about the power inequality between dominant Englishes(*eg. British & American Englishes) and a socially discriminated English such as a Scottish English. For me, the sample Scottish speech was very hard to follow. amazed me so much. Not only advocating the powerless, Phiona's passion goes further to assist non English speaking students and workers at uni, especially, for mutual communication. Bravo~~!! I really hope people like Phiona will come up more and more on the earth. Go, go, Phiona!!

Now, another interesting presentation was
Ms Ping Tian, "Publishing emotion: a stratified approach in understanding illustrated facial expressions." The research analyzes face expressions in picture books. But Friends, honest, I've never analyzed them mechanically. For me, facial expressions are things to feel, not for categolizing. Probably, difficult to sort out face expressions by a tiny piece in a face such as an eye brow or a lip etc. Simplification is questionable. My another Q is facial expressions and body language go hand in hand in picture books. Disregarding body language could lead into confusion or contradiction. We know, a smiling face, but with a cheeky body language means showing off, not simply happy. Illustrations capture well these sensitive elements. Sensitive movements in facial muscles and slight body language form a sophisticated message as a whole. It conveys a deep and inscribed message in a character --- I was thinking so and sketching the presenter. Unfortunately, the FLC and the Chalk Festival had a crash. I spent one day each for them. Regarding the Chalk, good sketches were sold there. But I have some.
This is the winner, Jennifer
McCracken. She worked till the late 10 o'clock. I sketched her in darkness. Do you know? Jenny worked till 2 in the morning last year and won the first prize. Amazing artist!This is the Best 2D prize winner, Adam Celeban. All artists work so hard. I love them all. When I look back these 2 weeks, drawing and painting are my life, but also found linguistics is important. Both, I need. Linguistics gives me food of knowledge and insights.
And the importance of daily sketches! I try to update every Monday as much as possible, while I'll finish up the middle stage of the project this week.

With all my heart, I'd say, "Thank you, Friends."Happy painting!!


Monday, September 26, 2011

See You in 1 or 2 Months, Later

Hi, Friends, how have you been?The project gets me very busy. I'll concentrate on the project at least for 1 or 2 months. So, I'll take a "break" for this blog.Your comments have encouraged me so much. Thank you for wonderful support and great understandings.

This week, I upload one sketch.
For a coffee break, I go to a pub or else where to sketch people.
This old man already tipsy looked very sad, which caught my heart. I always imagine a model's life. All alone, he silently sipped 4 or 5 beers in front of me. The man hardly turned the red face to me, but knew my sketching. It was his kindness to stay there for me. When I finished the skeching, I smiled at him. The man gently looked at me and silently left the pub. Certainly, we communicated each other with the watercolour painting. I was happy...
I add the technical info on this work(A4).
1) First, wash, raw sienna.
2) Second, paint the guy
His face expression and the mood are my goal.
Crayons are used for the shirt.
Very limited pallet, as you know.
3) Check the whole balance in value and colour
Try not to overwork.
The raining and the humidity made interesting washes in the work.

In addition, my picture book illustration teacher and the mentor told me the same phrase, "Art, universal language!" Yes, indeed. Anyone can understand drawing, from a baby to a 100yrs old man. Further, the lecturer told us, "
We can put any message. I believe children picture books can change the world! " Of course, the lecturer wanted to talk of love and peace for the world. I believe so, too.Actually through blogging, I could have met so many nice people from all over the world. Even though I do not upload a post, I'd like to visit your blogs.
Friends, thank you for
warm cheers.
Certainly, I'll come back to this blog later!
I'd really appreciate your patience.

Till that day, happy painting!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Encounter Inspiring Book at Sydney Uni Bookfest

I enjoyed "The 2011 Bookfest" at Sydney university = Big Secondhand Book Sale for uni fundraising.
Saturday 17 to Wednesday 21 September, in the Great Hall, Camperdown Campus.

  • Saturday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 2pm
This year, I got the very inspiring book, "No One's Perfect." The upbeat autobiography of Hirotada Ototake. Born without arms and legs, but he is very cheerful and fond of sports. After uni, "Oto" becomes a sports journalist and a primary school teacher. He has got married and now has 2 sons.

Amazing story...and Oto's smile is so nice and fresh. His positive attitude up lifts me so much. Not only Oto, his friends, family, teachers and others wonderful support is very touchy. I know very well that Japanese society is more difficult than Australia, for people with disabilities, to live on what they are. It is a great challenging.

Oto proudly asserts, "(disability) is my feature and strength. My identity."
For me, it takes years to say so. What a matured youngish guy! His sense of humour is brilliant. Often his sentences make me giggle. At the same time, his book makes me think of myself. If I were without arms and legs, could I smile or laugh or live in a positive manner? Truly amazing. Oto's will power has opened doors and believes in hope, but he knows well what he can do and not. Wonderful realistic dreamer.

Soon, I'll have a close medical examination. Even though I hope no spread or no progressive in and from the left leg, I'm ready to accept any result. Timely, his book cheers me up and shows a role model.
I should say, "Mine is a mosquito bite!" Thanks, Oto!!

This annual book fair is very popular, because uni offers interesting academic books at a cheap price. As far as I know, most(all?) books are less than $10. Donated books come from local libraries and individuals. Book conditions are quite good and categorized into varied sections such as...
art, children literature, language, dictionaries, psychology, sociology, feminism, history, religion, occult, erotic, travel, craft, rare books, fictions, gardening etc, etc.

I got at the Hall at 10:30 on Saturday, the first day of a bargain. Already so many people were there. Volunteer workers told me that some people made a queue before 10! Wow, everyone wants to find a lucky treasure.

(*Great Hall is just in there)
Now, treasure hunting, start!
I dashed to the section, "Children Picture Books" and bought favorite illustrators' work such as
"The Midnight Feast" beautifully illustrated by Ann James. Nowadays, soon picture books become "out of printing." Besides the short availability, picture books are expensive. This Bookfest is Sadami's Heaven!

I observed others and learned, The Tips How to Get Target Books.
1) dash & pick up favorite books "first"

before other people touch it.
2) check each collected book 3) then, buy them!
OK, Friends, sounds nothing different from a bargain of clothes?! Or if you have any suggestion, I'd really appreciate it.
Then, I moved on to a Japanese books section.
I can't believe it! The biiiig and thick Japanese dictionary was at only $5, published 1997, new. I bought some Japanese and English teaching materials. Then, I found, "No One's Perfect" as above. I could get the wonderful books this year.BTW, I've been working on the project and very busy. Sometimes, it's not easy. I took a rest at the weekend. So, after this week post, I may update the blog irregularly(=not every Monday.) If you find the same post, please pardon me.
But this project gives me the meaning of life. I really hope I can make it come true. I just do my best. Wish me good luck.
Go, Sadami, go!

Thank you for cheers. Friends, your cheers make me go forward. And if there's anyone with a weary heart, come over. I'm with you. Let us move on!
Enjoy your week! Happy painting!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sketches of Spring & 9/11 Church Concert

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying your life fully?
Now, we're getting into spring. I enjoy sketching in lovely sunshine and b
reezes. I upload the most recent sketches.
*I'm very busy with the project. A bit hard to find time to write a blog post. Please turn a blind eye to my messy writing.

Sydney sketch club went to "Festival of Wind" or the kite festival at Bondi beach on Sunday. Many colourful kites were flying. The most impressive ones were big whales. In this work, I played around "washes" and examined colours to make "clouds" in the sky. In colour use, I do not use already-made black, but make it with other 3 colours.

New South "Whale"s in the Sky
Friends, I'm living in "New South Wales"

Second, these sketches were made at church. An American friend invited me for their little concert in the evening of September 11. Simple and not professionals. But their faith and enthusiasm shone through. We prayed together. I pray for the involved people with the day. (I remember... I rang up all my American friends in Sydney and sent emails to my friends in the States. Least forget.)

Church Concert 9/11 evening
I chose the very limited pallete and explored how to depict scenes. Particularly, contrast was enhanced. Regarding brush strokes, in my eyes, the simpler/the less, the better.Third, I sketched this young lady. Her smile reminds me of a spring breeze, which tickled me, too. She and her parents were at the Botanical Garden. I quickly sketched her. Her mother was the portratist. It's a small world.In Sydney, we are having many events to celebrate spring, even through many blog friends are getting into autumn or fall. A bit strange, when I think of a season. Well, let us enjoy our time.
Now, pardon me. I've got to get back to the project!!
Have a wonderful week and happy painting.