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Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Leave & Grow as Illustator

Hi, Friends, how are you? Busy. The Christmas sale, a book launch season has started in the publishing industry. I was invited to Libby Gleeson's 2 book launching at Sydney uni. I am Thomas illustrated by Armin Greder, a work for adolescents; and Look, A Book – illustrated by Freya Blackwood, a picture book for young children. Amazing. I saw my linguistics lecturers, other academics and people in publishing industry or established authors and famous illustrators that included my illustration teacher Wayne Harris!
Now, Friends, I'll take a holiday leave for blogging.Good news is the project is right on a track! Very happy.
I had medical tests. Good news, the leg has little change. Even though it has got sliiiightly worse, as long as I walk as a whole, I'm the winner. Hallelujah!!
Bad news, the right hand has got injured from repetitive work such as computing and drawing. I'll reduce computing and see specialists more and soon. Please pardon my less visits of your blogs. I'll head down ONLY on the project. Please understand my difficult situation. I always think of you, Friends.
I'd write what I've been seeking for in myself as an illustrator. I want to grow as an illustrator in this "wrist" holiday leave. Time for studying and lots of reading.Regarding drawing skills, I have no doubt. But not enough. Illustration must tell a story or shows emotions and stimualates readers' imagination. I'm looking at good illustrators' work and thinking over what I want to do. Good illustrators do these all : deliberated settings, hidden evidence and symbolic meanings. Good illustrators never waste any page. Since childhood, I've realized it and read picture books like detective stories. For me, the last page was a great fun. I've been a very good detective.
But best/better illustrators go beyond my simple guessing! They bridge between reality and imagination. Their work stimulates readers' imagination.

Shaun Tann's work is amazing. I admire Liz Zwerger, Armin Greder, Ann James etc, etc.

But have I done it in my own work? That's my assignment.

Like Donna Rawlins taught us, I believe, illustration requires "all what an illustrator has" such as sensations, experiences(=past) and broad & deep knowledge, if necessary, do research to collect data and supportive evidence.

I'm asking myself, "Can you make a mood/symbolic scene like Shaun and Zwerger do? BUT in my own way!"

Challenging. Be brave to step out of an old style. Sometimes, I should break down my methods and explore a new one.I'll keep up sketching. Drawing is my language and very the basic skills. And your language, too. You and me carry conversations in drawing and painting. Let us chat in universal language, art.
See you soon, but one day.
I hope I can tell you good news on my hand and the work and the style.
...and timely, 29th is my birthday. I thank for my life given on the earth and found the meaning in illustration and art! Yeah!!
take care and enjoy drawing!



  1. Dear Sadami,

    Oh do please take care of yourself. The news about the leg is good, but your hand and wrist are so important. You have been a good teacher to me. I wish you well and much success in your endeavor as illustrator. I will miss your posts and visits, but this path and your health must come first. Take care and know you are loved and thought of often.

    Some time down this exciting road, let us know how you are progressing.


  2. Sad to hear about the injury, 'life wasn't meant to be easy' WHY????????
    Time for some easiness I think!

  3. Very good news about your leg, that it is no worse. Hope your hand improves with rest, so take care of yourself and I hope your book comes along, sure it will. Your drawings are just wonderful.

  4. Good news about your leg Sadami, but your hand not so good. It takes time to heal, and we will miss you, but your health comes first! All the best wishes! xx Judy

  5. Hello, Sadami, I'm very well. I like your style and your words. I think you're a very special person. I am pleased to meet you through your art and your thoughts. I wish you a pleasant life!

  6. Wishing you a most wonderous and happy birthday, Sadami. Good thoughts and prayers abound for your hand problems and overall health to return to it's best state. Please let us know how you are doing.

  7. Hi Sadami - sorry to hear your news. Do take care of yourself and I hope that we can still see you out at sketching events... otherwise we will have to catch up anyway... I know that we always have lots to talk about!!! All the best with the big secret project!!!!

  8. Keeping you and your health in prayer.
    Want you to continue long on this life path. You are a precious artist.
    take care, my friend xx

  9. A good plan in your mind and I know you'll achieve your goals, Sadami. And I do hope you get relief from the wrist pain and problems!! Seems like many of my artist friends are suffering right now with pinched nerves and "foundation" problems - I guess, like an older building, our foundations are shifting and causing pain and problems :( Take care - read and study and come back even better (is that possible?)

  10. Sadami,
    Thanks for keeping us up to date and I am glad to hear that your leg still allows you to move around. Sorry about the right hand - it doesn't seem to have effected your drawing or painting at all - your drawings and paintings are still wonderful to behold. Did you sketch your right hand with with your left? Very amazing. Take care.


  11. Sadami, I so much appreciate your post.I am very sorry about your medical issues; the hand ailment sounds like some sort of carpal tunnel syndrome. But I am glad it is giving you a break to re-assess, and think deeply about your life/professional goals. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you are able to write! Cheers, my friend.

  12. Hi Sadami
    I am sorry to hear of your troubles. 気をつけて。
    As always, I enjoy your illustrations. 頑張ってね。

  13. hola sadami, enhorabuena por tu progresión en el mundo de la ilustración, no tengo ninguna duda que llegaras a cumplir las metas que deseas, tu trabajo y entusiasmo son la clave de tu éxito, en cuanto a los blogs es verdad que toma mucho tiempo, y yo también he decidido reducir el tiempo delante de la pantalla para aumentar las horas de pintura, de todas maneras no me he perdido ninguno de tus posts, espero que tu salud mejore rapidamente, enhorabuena.

  14. Querida Sadami, espero que tu salud mejore y que logres hacer realidad todos tus sueños y proyectos en el mundo de la ilustración, son mis mejores deseos, cuídate y va un abrazo afectuoso.

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your right hand!! Glad to hear your leg is better!! I want you to take good care of yourself, Sadami.. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing..You are a very special person to us all and will be missed!!

  16. Take care, Sadami! Hope you recover soon, but remember this depends on you! Take good care of yourself. We all be here when you came back. Hugs!

  17. I love your self-portrait Sadami. It is so cheerful and you seem so happy yet busy with the art you do.
    Lovely post. Don't get sicker. Eat good foods and meditate: that will help to recover. Imagine yourself in the place you like and paint it. It helps me even with my vicious migraines.

  18. Hi, Sadami! I regret reading your news about your right hand. I wish you a quick recovery. I'm sure you will reach all the goals you aspirate as an ilustrator: you are so good in it! Take good care of yourself. Cheers.

  19. I am so sorry for your hand. Chins up, little warrior! I believe in your talent and your big heart.

  20. Poor you - repetitive strain is bad news, especially for a fine artist like you. Take care of yourself.

    That first sketch is masterly - one of your best ever, but they're all so well done.

    Hugs. {{}}

  21. Take care of your hand, Sadamiis a valuable tool. I sincerely hope that your projects are on track and also I wish you a happy birthday.

  22. I´m sorry about you hand, you take good care. You Work is great, you are a very talented ilustrator. Regards.

  23. I`m sorry to read about your arm, Sadami:( Do whatever you have to do to get well! I`ll send you "get-well"-thoughts from Norway:))

  24. Sadami, I know you are not so far away. Take care of you dear Sadami! Bises.

  25. sadami so sorry about your hand ..glad the project is going well ..hope you had a good birthday ...super figures as always !