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Friday, December 9, 2011

Snapshots in Christmas Season

Friends, thank you for kind concerns and warm cheers.
I'll have a hand surgery for a carpel tunnel at the end of Jan. An easy one. It will take 30 minutes. I may use the right hand right after the surgery. In 2-3 months, full recovery. Sure, I'll get well!
How is your Christmas time? I enjoy sketching people.A first sketch. These children were playing with fingers (numbers) while waiting for parents shopping. I love watching such ANALOGUE games. Today, computer games are taking over our old fashioned playing. My serious concern is children's games will die out from the earth. I'm seriously thinking that with watercolour paintings, I might as well archive children's games before extinguishing from the world.Oh, yes, I met a caricaturist recording 100 yrs old Australians at a KuRingGai Art Society Christmas party. Our guest speaker, Mick Joffe makes interesting caricatures. Humorously, he's written down interviews on sketches, called, "Endangered Australians." NSW University awarded him Honorary Masters degree. Weldone!

A third sketch is the presenter at the workshop, "How to Handle Difficult People" at a public library. He emphasized, "Hand!! Use body language!" Indeed, the played up body language was an interesting subject for drawing.

n my experience, eye-contact and a body language makes lively portraits. Good portraits pick up just the essence of a character, "enough and needed." Otherwise, work becomes dull and does not look like a person. Brush strokes are the lesser, the better.A fourth sketch is a shop girl. It's fun to sketch cheerful girls and loud boys at Christmas sales. I often join them, calling, "Role up, role up! Here comes the wonderful such-and-such! You can't miss this...!" Customers and shop girls have a laugh. I always tell them,
"Oh, darling, don't work hard. Work smart! Only once you're young. Enjoy your young days!" All of them say, "Off course!" and they welcome my next visit. Ahahahaha!
Once, I wrote in the post that a sketcher is "the guardian of time." We capture the moment and archive it.
I feel, I love people
ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ . Figurative work is my most favorite!
And the picture book project is ongoing. I'll do my best!

So far, I do not leave comments at other's blogs, but always enjoy visiting your blogs.
Happy painting and enjoy your Christmas season, Friends!!!



  1. Hi Sadami! Glad to see more fabulous sketches! And the stories with them are funny and interesting. I hope your hand surgery will be successful! Enjoy Christmas season too!

  2. It is always a pleasure to see your new sketches, Sadami...! I love to read along and then check your work against your much fun. I quote you sometimes: "Sadami says we must enjoy our lives!" is true...we must! Your paintings are so joyful, they capture your light heart! I like what you wrote about not putting too much information into the painting..a good painting doesn't have zillions of strokes. All of these paintings are so good, my favorite is the man speaking with his hands. :)

  3. Enjoy your Christmast time Sadami! Nice to see you here and hope you are well soon!

  4. Good news that they will be able to fix your wrist Sadami, I will wish for a better new year for you, it is the year of the dragon next year so I hope like a dragon you will be strong and able to meet all of the challenges life gives you. Your work cheers up many people, we miss our regular dose!

  5. So glad you are well and still busy sketching. Certainly your figurative work is amazing, you just seem to capture people so well in so few strokes.

  6. Wonderful post, Sadami. Always a pleasure reading your blog.
    Carol B.

  7. Beautiful sketches Sadami! Enjoy this season time too :)

  8. Wonderful sketches Sadami. I hope you make a full recovery from surgery.

  9. Hani Hani
    I wish I could sketch like you in front of people.
    I'm trying but still really difficult. I agree with you about analogu game and watercolour seems like almost same situations. In UAE,it is very difficult to get better quality watercolour paint. Other medium are avalable easily. But I'm still love watercolour. Your works always encourage me. Thank you for sharing your great works.

  10. Sadami, your blog is always a delight! I love the phrase "guardian of time"!! And you wc. sketch of the speaker on body language is perfect!
    Cheers to you!

  11. Sadami san
    Good luck with the surgery! And enjoy the festive season - sounds like you are already having a blast.
    Love your work :)
    Take care, Ev

  12. Your sketches are always so full of life. Have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year!

  13. Love your sketches, Sadami - and good luck with the upcoming operation xx

  14. Dear Judy,
    Thank you!! Very happy to know you also enjoy my writings. Our world is full of wonder, beauty and awe. Let us explore them.
    Me,too, hope the surgery will go well. You, too, Merry Xmas!!

  15. Hi, Celeste,
    Thank U!! Your posts and paintings are always eye pleasant. Furthermore, you can use "technology" such as video etc(I'm a computer hopeless!).
    Great honour that you quote me. I tell my friends about you and your work. I really love your paintings and admire outstanding sophisticated drawing skills. Your work eloquently shows me the importance of focused visual information. I'm sure, you already well know that "value" gives credit on colours in work. All the time, my eyes check values. My brush strokes try to set values. As long as value is correct, any colour will do and shapes make sense.
    Ahahaha, me, too, like Mr Hand most.
    Enjoy painting!!

  16. Dear Dora,
    Oh, you're always kind and nice. Thank you so much. Enjoy Christmas!!

  17. Dear Origame,
    Thank U. It is the very good news that I can certainly get well. Oh, the dragon year! I hope all your kind wishes for me will come true. When I get full-recovery, I'll blog regularly again. Please keep patience.
    You, too, have a wonderful new year. Origame, take care. Hope your breaky will have more meal than pills. BTW, isn't our art work bringing people at hospital smile and laughʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ ?

  18. Dear Ann,
    Thank U! Quite a simple truth, practices make a better work (*I do not say, "perfet").
    But above all, I love drawing! A Japanese proverb says, "You can master your favorite thing." ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ

  19. Dear Carol,
    Thank U!! Is your blogger ok? Hope your blogging system does not have a trouble for you.

  20. Dear Lydie,
    Always you're caring. Thank U! I always enjoy your beautiful watercolours. You, too, have a wonderful Xmas season!!

  21. Wow, Tim!!
    Thank you for a nice say that lifts me up. I'll get well. Wish you a Merry Xams, too.

  22. Dear Hani Hani,
    Essential Materials for Sketching at Public Place & Museum : guts/strong nerve for spot-on job, pure concentration on work despite onlookers, sharp eyes in very dim rooms, good legs for hours standing.
    Arche, 300, A4. 1 Brush#12. Tiny Paint Kit.
    ...and practices!!
    HaniHani, one more, I always tell others, "Can you remember the joy when you were young and enjoyed drawing? Joy must come first." That's it! And make TONs of messes and you'll find a light.

    What do you use? I use Windsor & Newton and Japanese products, "Holbein"(available in Sydney). Nowadays, you can make an oder by internet, can't you?
    Where there's a will, there's a way. I'm sure you'll find a way.

    You always make beautiful watercolour work. Keep up.
    がんばれ~~ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ !!

  23. Hi, Kath,
    Thank you! Me, too, like Mr Hand. Quick sketches are very fun and could be the best way to make good watercolour paintings. No time to think twice! You, too, enjoy painting.

  24. Oh, Evelyn!
    Thank U! I'll get well.
    How is your new life? Are you still studying Japanese? Is it hectic to settle down? You, too, please take care and enjoy the festive season!! And sometime, come back to Australia!!
    Love and smile,Sadami

  25. Hi, Maria,
    Thank you for always caring comments. How is your class going? You, too, enjoy this festive season and wish you a Happy new year!!!
    Best wishesʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ ,Sadami

  26. Dear Pat,
    Thank U!! You, too, please take care and enjoy painting. Please pass my best wihses to Missyʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ .

  27. sadamiさんへ




    1年ほど教えて、いてあした、Powerpoint で


  28. Sadami, I do hope your carpel tunnel operation goes well and your hand is back to 100% function asap. I do love viewing your lovely illustrations - they are so happy and free and put a smile on my face! Happy Christmas to you abd your loved ones!!! (Karen Hull)

  29. Hi Sadami
    You did my sketch as Santa Claus today in Martin
    Place it is so wonderful to see your fantastic work on the web.I only stood still for several minutes but you we able to capture picture perfect image.
    It was a real buzz for me to be sketched by such a talented artist my sincere thanks.
    Santa Claus Robert Sykes.

  30. Dear HaniHani,
    Thank U so much. I'm confident in Japanese.
    Regarding drawing, I cannot push myself too much. Just have fun and I make good work.
    Hope your presentation will go well. What you've done is precious. It's not appropriate to simply judge education. Many tries will make a better carricurum. Hang in there.
    Quick drawing certainly required being brave. But you're not the centre of attention on a street. Just do it, if you like it. Indeed, I was too slow and it brought me down. But I kept on. My hard work has paid off. Life is short ; I'll do what I want to do most whenever and wherever~!


    Presentation, 御成功をお祈りします。貴方のなっさってきた事は尊い事ですし、教育過程及び内容は単純に正しいか否かを測られる事ではないと思います。それと、試行錯誤の中に答は見つかるのでは? いつも私達は教授達のアンケートに答えていました。 ソレを叩き台に、次の改善されたカリキュラムが出来て行きました。頑張って下さいね。

    コレを言っていては私は人生が終わってしまう、と思い、えさこら,描きはじめました。通学途中の電車その他、どこだって描くのは度胸が要った。情け無いほどトロイしはがゆい思いをしました。幾度くじけかけた事か。でも、どうしても素早く動きをつかまえたくて、諦めませんでした。今では、貫禄が出たらしく、スケッチしてると皆様敬意を込めてそっと見て下さいます。曰く、”邪魔してはなんだと思って・・・”との事。 ホントに私は人目なんて気にしちゃらんないと思ったし、感じます。
    Cheers, Sadami

  31. Hi, Karen,
    Oh, what a kind say!! Thank you so much! I'll look after my hand well and get well!!
    You, too, keep up WONDERFUL work. Your posts and blog show brilliant paintings.
    Wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year~~!
    Cheers, Sadami

  32. Dear Santa Claus Robert Sykes,
    What a lovely comment! Thank you very much. You and your church members are doing a wonderful work for people. God bless you all.
    Please take care and keep up your wonderful work. Please pass my best wishes to your colleagues. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year~~!
    Kind regards,

  33. Son maravillosos los bocetos, me encantan tus acuarelas.
    ¡Feliz Navidad! y los mejores deseos para el nuevo año.

    Un cordial saludo

  34. Estimado Sneyder,
    Muchas gracias. Muy feliz de saber que mi bocetos. Les deseo Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo! Mantenga su maravilloso trabajo.
    Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

    Dear Sneyder,
    Thank you very much. Very happy to know you like my sketches. I wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!! Keep up your wonderful work.
    Best wishes,Sadami

    >>>Sneyder said...
    Sketches are wonderful, I love your watercolors.
    Merry Christmas! and best wishes for the new year.

  35. Hi Sadami,

    Your sketches are amazing!!! Could you please let me know where I could see the sketches from last Saturday at Martin Place?

    Warm Regards

  36. Dear Natalie,
    Thank U for the enquiry, but I haven't uploaded them on web. Uploading sketches is totally up to Artist's decision. Please understand, at the moment, I put priority to look after my right hand that has a health issue. Typing is no good. So, my blog readers, too, are awaiting a new post.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  37. Hi Sadami! I hope your hand will be healthy and January surgery will be quickly forgotten when it happily done. Thank you for your wonderful sketches and stories behind them.

  38. Hi, Irina,
    Thank U for the kind comment! My hand specialist is very famous and our neurologists all recommended that doctor. So far, I'm working on the picture book project. Quite a fun. Take care in winter!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  39. What lovely sketches. I'm sad to see old-fashioned (analogue) children's games disappear too. When I was a young girl, I played gomu-tobi and aya-tori with my friends. But even when my children were small, those games had become rare.

  40. Wow, Debbie!!!
    Thank U! Yes, indeed. In Sydney, still games can be seen among any language speakers kids. Fscinating and makes me smile. I'm sure you and me could be in a similar generation, but hopefully, our generation would NEVER be the last people enjoyed analogue games.
    BTW, your linguistic odyssey is quite interesting for me(*I'm a bilingualism supporter. Google our heros, "Micheal Clyne," "Jane Simpson." They taught me.) I sincerely hope Japanese Gov supports non-English languages, particularly, endangered languages in education and global level from a socio economic aspect.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  41. Beautiful sketches, Sadami!!! I hope you're feeling better!!!

  42. Hi, Hilda,
    Thank you very much!!! I trust in my medical team, yey! I'll get well soon!!
    Cheers&Hug, Sadami

  43. Please do get well soon. There are so many people who you've touched through your art and friendship, me especially. Wonderful snap shots of the season. God Bless you this Holiday Sadami.

  44. Dear Wren,
    Thank you! Sure, I'll get well SOON!! I did pre-admission consultation and ok. I feel our lives on the earth are miracles. God bless you, too.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  45. However, you are always so full of energy Sadami ! Bises.

  46. Thank you, Olivia!!
    You, too, full of energy. Let us enjoy drawing/painting and hopefully... we can get "some" money!
    Cheers, Sadami

  47. it is always fun to come back for another look at your lively watercolors!

  48. Hi, Celeste,
    Your warm say always lifts me up. Your everyday work is amazing. Keep up!! I always keep sending you big cheers.

  49. I love your sketches! Your people are perfect done! Very lifely! Great work!

    1. Dear Jutta,
      Thank you for encouragements! Your posts and drawings are very interesting, throught-provoking, and story-telling. Please keep up your drawings and let us have fun in portraits.
      Best wishes, Sadami