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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Picture Books and Public Libraries

Do you often go to a library? In library activities, I love a story time best. 
Probably, this sketch is the most beautiful scene we hope to see in a daily life. 
Particularly, it's a bliss for me, a picture book illustrator to see reading enhancing a family bond. Printed picture books can bring a shared joy in space. Great to see children and parents singing, gaming and listening to picture book stories. My joy to see children and parents enjoying my illustrated picture book, "Moon," too. 
In a digital era, printed picture books will survive or remain, I expect. I agree with this passionate Mem Fox's thoughts on books, comparing a television and a book, Flashing Screen or Turning Pages. 
I'm getting busy though, our publishing team is looking forward to a new picture book, "My dog Socks," in October by schedule. Other books I was involved, too, are on the way to be published. I hope my books will make others love, hope and dream. Libraries will offer the place for people to access books all over the world. 

Friends, Happy Painting and Reading!  

Fox, M (2017)


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Creating Picture Book Workshop on 1 July

News! Publisher Margaret Hamilton and multi-award winning illustrator/author Freya Blackwood  will run a creating children picture book workshop on 1 July @ Pinerolo. It will be wonderful and helpful. Margaret, the so supportive book launcher of my illustrated "Moon," and Freya whom I've admired are lovely! I sketched Freya at the book launch, "Look, a book!" written by Libby Gleeson in Sydney uni. It's a great chance to learn "how to" in their mentorship.   
Friends, happy painting and happy learning!  


Monday, June 19, 2017

INSPIRED at Festival Centre Adelaide

Hi, Friends, the exhibition runs from May 18 to July 9 and coincides with Dream Big Children’s Festival and the performance of MATILDA. There should be crowds!
Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Street, Adelaide.
Time: 9am–5pm, Mon–Fri and during show times. 
Thank you for including my work, Moon in Australian celebrations. A great honour. 
Indeed, these names are Australian and international superstars in picture book industry. They've always inspired me. 
Image taken from River by Marc Martin, published by Penguin Books. 
When you come near, please drop in at the exhibition. Thank you! 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Transport Heritage Expo

In Transport Heritage Expo, children and adults got excited to the locomotions at Central Station! We all love steam and choo choo trains. On 26 September 1855, the first passenger railway line opened from Sydney to Parramatta in NSW. In the event, the steam engine operated between Central and Hurstville in 60 minutes for return. All the passengers, young and old looked so happy. I waved at them all. 
Children and family often came to me and enjoyed a chat. They delightedly took a photo with this work -- that made me very happy.   
Special thanks for all the event staff who handled so many people and assisted people with disability. It was beautiful to see an event crew friendly leading children into a locomotion and another crew assisting people with impairment in eye sight. No accident, no injury! Cleaners did a great job. The team appreciated my feedback and we've become friends! Wooo, hooo!    
I will develop watercolour paintings from these sketches. Steam and washes are very interesting. I want to put colours on the black and white below. 
It was nice to relax myself after the illustrations. Now, I will move onto other projects and commissioned work.  
Friends, Happy Painting! Have a creative week! 


Sunday, June 4, 2017

My dog Socks completed!

I sent all the illustrations to Ford St Publishing run by Paul and Meredith. Thank you very much for Ford St Publishing, author Robyn Osbourne and all the supporters. These are my doodles for "My dog Socks." Have fun! The story shows the bond between a boy and his dog, Socks.  When time comes, I'll let you know the publishing date and the front cover. Please share joy with us.  
The project was a great fun for me, a dog lover and the publishing team, dog lovers, too! Daily sketches and research have helped to develop characters. Many people, dogs owners have encouraged me on streets, when I sketched their doggies. 
I also thank for my mentors, Ann James, Helen Chamberlin and many friends in an Australian publishing industry.  I greatly appreciate the support of peak bodies : Accessible Arts NSW, Australian Society of Authors, National Association for Visual Artists, Ku-Ring-Gai art society etc, etc. 
Look forward to the publication and more information! 
Friends, Happy Paining!  


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Self Study

The illustration of "My dog Socks," written by Robyn Osborne is at a finishing touch. Ford St Publishing will publish it in this October. Another project is steadily ongoing. A publisher is happy. We're working in a good team. A portrait commissioned work has come. Very busy and happy. 

Friends, how do you do self study? 
Once, I met a very interesting and successful portraitist at Ku-Ring-Gai art society monthly meeting many years ago. That lady had never studied about portraits in workshops etc, but her charcoal drawings got in Archibald etc, very famed national entitlements. "How did you learn portrait drawing?" I asked her after the presentation. The artist said, "I bought books. I learned them all from books. At a book shop, you can find all the stuff." The lady did charcoal drawing at night when family went to sleep. Oh.... Her say inspired my dear friend and me. Ever since, I've been seeking art books and studying art from books as well as available information on internet.     
Looking up books, I'm playing with sketches in a studio. As you know well, in between work, I enjoy sketching people, particularly, children. I love capturing a moment. The boy above was standing in a festival. With and from these sketches, I want to find new approaches and learn new techniques. Not easy, but I'm sure only tons of messes will help me move on. 
Now, I've got to go back to a studio work. The Socks is awaiting me! 
Friends, happy painting! Have a creative week! Thank you for cheers and sharing time with me. 


Monday, May 22, 2017

Cremorne Point, Sydney Sketch Club

Sydney Sketch Club enjoyed catch-up in Cremorne Point where we can see Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower. Opposite to the three famous spots in City. A wind was becoming cold, as it was autumn. But smile, cheerful laughs and nice chats were pouring among us. Btw, members assisted the lady with difficulty in mobility who missed out a private tour ferry. One member kept an eye on the sea and the ferry returned to the wharf! We assisted the lady. Nice to see a happy ending. 

A little deed was wonderful to refresh myself. It was good to see members and to enjoy drawing together outside in busy days, because the due dates are coming, of My dog Socks and another important project. It's essential for artists to have stress busters.   
The beauty of group activities is friendship and networking. A member and I chatted over her self-publishing of art work. She planned it for quite a long time and had come to nearly making come true. It was exciting and interesting for me and other members. I heartily hope everything will go well with her. Another fun was to sketch each other. This member helped the lady. Her down jacket looked very warm, designed for a winter. A visiting British artist remembers me (*Me, too. We met three years ago in this group!). We enjoyed a chat over publication, too and exchanged information. It's lovely to see unique members and thought-provoking artists.     
Another week has started! I hope all of us will have a creative week. I want to make a good progress in the projects. I'm fully charged with energy in the sketch meet at the weekend. Let's get back to a studio. 
Friends, Happy Painting!