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Thursday, May 28, 2015

May27, "milk," May28, a "mirror", EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, these are my images for "milk" and a "mirror."  I love the snap-shot-like drawing of daily life. Nothing special scene is, in fact, special and so precious for us. Both images are based on my daily sketches. A baby was so cute. My work made the parents so happy. A mirror always fascinates me, especially, when we, women are putting on cosmetics by compact mirrors.

In my view, ultimately, an artist's work level is equal to his/her drawing skills. In this EDiM, my daily sketches help me organise these images you've seen. I feel comfortable with drawing lines. Because my eyes lead my hands, I don't get stranded on paper. A strange sentence? Mmm... I mean, the eyes tell me values and shapes very well, even if there isn't a real subject. Drawing is great. 
Ok, I'll go to the Ryde City Women Exhibition opening and will have fun!
Thursday 28 May Opening night and announcement of winners at See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank, 6pm - 8pm. 
If you have a spare time, please come! 

Sydney Sketch Club everyday drawing is coming near to the end.
"Music" is the theme of tomorrow.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 26, a "mountain," EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, I've chosen the image from the man from Snowy river for the theme, a mountain. Have you ever heard of "The man from Snowy river?" It's originally the poem written by an Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson. The poem, which is like an Australian cultural icon, has been made into films and children picture books. So, I really wanted to draw the highlight scene, the young hero bravely swung his whip round, gave his horse a cheer and ran down the wild and dangerous mountain, while others were standing and only watching it in fear (of course, they expected that young man should die! But not!). 
A poem gives readers imagination and inspiration. I'd like to read more poems and create images for them. Also, a poem shows so beautiful sounds and a sophisticated word play. I'd enjoy them more and more!

Oh, yes, the opening of "Ryde Women's Art Ehibition" is tomorrow evening from 6pm to 8pm! Come over and let's have fun!!  
See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank. 

Now, a theme for May 27 is "Milk."
Friends, Happy Painting!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, Maxine McKew, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, this is not a Muppet though, I chose a different "M." This lady, Maxine McKew is a lovely Australian lady, journalist and former politician of the Labour Party led by Kevin Rudd. She created an epic scene in Australian history. In 2007, she beat John Howard, the second longest-serving Australian prime minister of the Coalitifon Party in Bennelong, the election section

I was in Bennelong and saw Maxine's election campaign and her political life. Apart from political colours, in my eyes, she worked so hard especially for the disadvantaged such as people with disability and marginalised people and school/education. She dashed to Cammberra and dashed back to Bennelong to do community work as well as potics. Maxine was very sensitive and so caring for residents -- was my honest impression. 
Today, Maxine is not in politics, but in welfare work, the research of education policy and publishing industry. Her enthusiasm and dedication is great, particularly, for education and children's better future. We, women can share passion for any children's welfare issues beyond ideology or reason. I sometimes bump her in Sydney Writers Festival, book launch and other big events. She is very poplular at any big events and crazy busy, but she never forgets me, finds even a few seconds and talks to me. I really appreciate her kindness. 

A next theme is "Mountain."  Friends, Happy Painting!  


Monday, May 25, 2015

May23 measure cup, 24made of metal, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, I delivered Helen's portrait to See Street Gallery for The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize. Now, a daily challenge! A "measure cup" is for May23. Cooking is a fun time for children or a disaster for parents?! It's a great expectation time for younger ones in siblings. What will come up for a result? --- beautifully baked up cookies, pies and what else? Or..., gulp, messes? Btw, regarding cooking skills, I've been boasting, "I can open up cans!" in a humble and modest way. Do you have any funny stories related to cooking? If you do not mind and ok, let us share yours.
May 24, "Made of metal" 
I chose a clock. It is lovely to see sleepy kids nearly at a bed time. So cute. It is a pleasure for parents to have a bed time story for children, btw. Read picture books for your children. It would be children's wonderful memories, when they are grown up.   

I'm very happy that Sydney sketch club members love my illustrations so much.
Btw, I saw many finalists' paintings at See Street Gallery. It's really wonderful and a high level. A very lovely section is for young children! I saw a daughter and a mother submitting their work. The young child looked so proud of her work and a bit shy. Oh, so cute. I really look forward to Thursday opening night (6pm - 8pm)!! Come over, Friends.

Now, this marathon monthly challenge is now nearly at the end. 
May 25. A theme is "your favourite “Muppet.”" A Muppet! Mmmm... well, see how it goes. 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Helen's portrait gets in The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize

Good news, Friends! My Work Title is 
“Publisher Helen Chamberlin has revolutionised Australian publishing industry.” 
The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize
Exhibition period of works : Friday 29 May to Saturday 13 June 
Thursday 28 May Opening night and announcement of winners at See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank, 6pm - 8pm. 
If you have a spare time, please come! 

My Statement in 99 words (100 words are allowed.) 
"Publisher Helen Chamberlin has achieved reputation for Australian picture books in the world, enhanced it to art and upgraded the quality of young literature. She epitomises the best of editorship, a quiet voice standing in the shadows behind the public faces, shaping and guiding, challenging and demanding. Especially, her work with Shaun Tan has pushed the boundary of picture books up to art and literature. It has changed public concept of picture books from easy kids readings to philosophical books that bear academic discussion on universal themes and social issues, displaying sophisticated art. Fortunately, she is fostering me, too!" 
The exhibition's theme is "Make It Happen" that is inspired by the 2015 International Women’s Day theme. But artworks may connect to any themes surrounding women. I've chosen Helen who has been making the impossible possible in publishing industry as a woman editor for nearly a half century. There should have been so many tough things on her because of her gender in society, but she has never given in and bravely conquered challenges. She did not simply overcome challenges. Helen, furthermore, has made amazing achievements in publishing industry. Not many people can do it. It very touches me. Today, she's Australia legend, yet, she's so shy. (*so I will make a huge ad of her!! She says, "No, that's not my style.") I'm very privileged to work with such a wonderful lady like Helen. My publishing team is now working on the final editing of "Moon." One more push!

I'll keep this post for a while = not update EDiM images daily (if you like, come and join Sydney Sketch Club. You can see all our funny, beautiful and interesting images!). Thank you very much for warm cheers! Now, I have to frame the work for delivery. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Friday, May 22, 2015

May22, A "mother" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, a theme is a mother. My favorite quote is, "God could not be everywhere. So, He created mothers." Probably, a "mother" has the most sweet sound for anyone in any language. I chose this image for a mother's universal image. Mothers care for any sick children with all their souls and bodies for day and night. We remember our sick time with sweet memories. For mothers, any children are so precious, even with disabilities. Probably, mother's love is the most noble, unconditional, abundant and limitless on the earth. Also, we know, for our mothers, we will be forever children. Particularly, the relationship between a mother and a daughter will become so sweet and lovely when we get into adulthood.

I really enjoyed drawing this image. Regarding the image, the point is a unique idea and an interesting view. "Originality" -- that's it and editors want for.
A tomorrow's theme is  "23.  measuring cup/s." 
Mmmm..., what sort of idea will come up for me?? 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

May21, A "match or matchbox" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, what do you imagine from a word, "match or matchbox"? This pun needs a bit explanation for non Australian Friends. A redheads matchbox reminds me of our first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard in Australia. She has a distinct read head. So, I created this image. Being a PM is not an easy job in a male dominant society, but, in my eyes, she did her best. In the image, I'd say special thanks for Julia, for her hard work. Also, you can enjoy playful words at the side of a box. In your country, are there any women in top leaders? For women, it's very difficult to balance between career, family business and other social things. In family, women need men's support to carry them all. Of course, men need women's support, too. So, it is very lovely to see a nice couple supporting each other beautifully. That's love.

Btw, Sydney Sketch Club members really love this work and give me nice feedback with a big laugh. Thank you, Friends! 
Now, we've done more than 20 themes in a month! I'm so relieved. Thank you for wonderful cheers!! With your support, I could come here. Nearly there. I'm sure we will get through this "one word one day event." Sydney Sketch Club Members love this event so much. Jennifer leaves so caring and humours comments on images. We chat over Internet and foster friendship. Some members already say, "I miss this event!" and request an "encore." Well, don't ask me to do it again. Even though I've quickly worked on each image, it takes time. I have prioritised projects as a professional.

A tomorrow's theme is,
"22.  anything to do with your mother (or any universally known mother?)."
Friends, Happy Painting!