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Monday, January 27, 2020

Classic Car

I also sketched Chalmers, Model 20, 1913. I had no idea about mechanics though, I simply loved drawing them all in the classic car show on Australia Day in almost 40 'C! Painstaking, but a great fun. 
This is the owner of this Chalmers, Model 20, 1913. My work pleased him and his club members. Thank you. After being grilled in the hot air, I escaped to the RSL club for a cold drink. 
I've accumulated classic cars drawings in a file. I might as well explore cars and mechanics onward. 
Friends, Happy Painting! Btw are you in a winter? 


Australia Day, Hot Air Balloons

Sydney sketch club enjoyed sketching hot air balloons in the event of Australia Day in Parramatta Park. Seeing is believing, is my policy (?!) in drawing. So, I try to sketch interesting subjects as many as possible. As long as I have a drawing experience of a subject, I can illustrate it more easily and accurately.   
We joined the event from 6 am. Crews were preparing many balloons. They were colourful and joyful. May these balloons symbolise reconciliation and mutual respect between Indigenous Australians and non Indigenous Australians.  
It was fun to draw them. Next time, if I illustrate the images of air balloon, I will confidently make it. 
So, Friends, Happy Painting as many as possible! 


Friday, January 10, 2020

Support of Primary School Burnt to Ashes by Bush Fires

Kids, residents, never give up. We always think of you all affected by bushfires. My picture books with messages are on the way to the rural primary school burnt to ground. 
I cannot hold tears when I see the news on bush fires. Everyday, always, all the time, when I think of it, I shed tears. I'm so proud of our Australian book publishing community, such a wonderful bond, support and a high spirit. Oh, I love it.
Children, enjoy reading!!!
Attention ALL AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS and bookshop owners: here’s something we can do to help just one of the bushfire-affected communities.
2. Send the new copy of your book/s to the post office address below.
3. Feel free to write a note to the school and place it (loose) inside the front cover of the book.
4. After you’ve posted the book, please feel free to place a link to your book in the comments below.
5. All books will be forwarded in batches to the Terry Floyd Foundation to be made available as the school year begins.
6. Please share this post wherever you and other Australian authors mingle on Facebook.
c/o Jackie Randall
PO Box 6430
Rouse Hill NSW 2155


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. May peace, no bush fire and the greenish earth be upon you. 明けましておめでとうございます。2019年もお世話になりました。今年もよろしくお願い致します。どうか山火事が収まり, Australia 大量の雨が ふりますように!! 
Sydney Sketch Club and I enjoyed Sydney TownHall free organ recitals in Dec. These young talented organists will lead our music world. Sketching the magnificent organ is challenging! Yet, I love it. Thank you very much for the great recitals, lovely friendship and support in 2019. Please guide me and foster our friendship in 2020.

I also drew the map all on the globe. 
I hope 2020 will be creative and productive to you, all, Friends! 
Happy Painting always! 


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Royal Society of NSW will publish Humboldt Symposium

Humboldt Symposium is to be published next year in a special issue of the Journal of theProceedings of the Royal Society of NSW. I worked as a conference sketcher and it turned out a huge success. Many positive feedback came to my work. Really an amazing experience in my career. Please read here. You find me lots in the post and photos. In twitter, people most hit my sketch of a keynote speaker, Prof Siouxsie Wiles (Microbiology; University of Auckland).
Now, I've begun to understand Humboldt Foundation is the global PhD association. DAAD, too, supports PhD candidates and holders. 
The dinner party was a great fun, socialisation and net working among academics and top notches. 

I met Masako Fukui, a wonderful  bilingual writer, former social worker and journalist. She advocates non English speakers and fights for social justice. She's worked with Sheila, a language on the move team member, author, writer, editor, producer, radiomaker, scholar and comms professional.
Btw, Ingrid and other team members giggled and smiled at the 3 yrs old boy, a linguist’s son and me. He was very shy and would not come close to anyone, but soon he started to play with me that impressed others. We enjoyed a hide and seek.  
This conference sketcher work could pave my way to get more opportunities from academics and others. I thank for Prof Ingrid Piller's support. She always invites me and encourages me to restudy sociolinguistics. Thank you very much for Ingrid and her team. You worked so hard behind scene. You're the real heroes! 

Finally, Friends, thank you for a great patience for my post. I’ve been working hard to submit images, a deadline is in this month. But I’d keep posting interesting topics and good sketches. Have a great week. Friends, Happy Painting.      


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

See you at Humboldt Symposium at Macquarie uni

Please join Humboldt Symposium,” cutting-edge social and natural science programs in Macquarie uni, Nov 22-24. Registration, here A great honour, I'll sketch it as a conference artist! Language on the Move" 10th Anniversary, too. 
This is the information on Humboldt and Humboldtians. "Mysterious Humboldtians : Why they'll soon be gathering at Macquarie." Hehehe?!!   
Yes, all these gangs are there and welcome you!! 
See you soon, Friends! Let's have fun. 


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The work is selected for ParaArt fes Tokyo

Thank you very much for the strong support. "The Joy of Reading in a Library" was selected from Australia for International ParaArt in Tokyo, Nov 20 to 24. Very happy. I'm getting very busy with the illustration of the picturebook project funded by Australia Gov, preparation of Humboldt Symposium at Macquarie uni from Nov 22 to 24 and more projects. So, hopefully, I will post interesting posts on the symposium and other events. So much appreciate your patience! If you are interested in my activities, you can look up Sadami Konchi facebook.  
This boy was absorbed in imagination and a super hero world. 
My sketch pleased so much the boy and the mother.  
“Art Goes Beyond Borders and Disabilities,” ParaArt run by Japan Charity aims at public awareness of human rights, inclusion, advocacy and empowerment of people with disability at a global level. This time, Japan Charity has invited children with disability, particularly. I hope many people will enjoy the exhibition and the events. 
ParaArt Sponsors : Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Agency for Cultural Affairs,Tokyo Metropolitan Government,The Japanese Red Cross Society, Japan UNICEF Committee, The People’s Republic of China Embassy, Korean Embassy.

Now, I've got back to work. 
Friends, have a wonderful and productive week! 
Happy Painting!!