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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Teaching Children at Primary School Week1

In a program, "School Residency," I'll teach the students at a public primary school from this Wed for 6 weeks. Thank you, the school and Westwords, for this great opportunity. The course will cover basic drawing/painting skills with different medium. Above all, joy must come first! I'd tell the children, "We do not compete, help each other. Each one is different. No right answer in art. Explore it and find an answer on your own. If you find an answer, you'll never forget it in your life. Creativity and imagination are our wings to fly across the sky. Let's make a mess! Woohoo!"  
Teaching is learning. Empower each child, respect them and promote literacy and art, is my mission. I'll ask the students to tell me, "If my say has big words and if I bore you, tell me at once, "Boring!" ok?" An equal power relation is preferable. In my experience, any child is sensitive and very well respects a teacher. I will learn a lot from the students and this School Residency.

I've organised the curriculum based on my own experiences and research. Regarding drawing skills, the students will learn about values, a colour mixture, some painting techniques. The researched information of art will respond to each child's interest. I hope the students will realise that technical things will follow enthusiasm and there's no right answer in art.   

I greatly appreciate many people's support. Particularly, my favourite art supply and their staff, graduated from fine art have helped me. The staff said, "I wish I could have you for my art teacher at primary school, aw!" Oh, thank you. 
Friends, it's very exciting! Also, I've been working on picture book projects that make me very busy. You, too, enjoy drawing and painting fully. 
Happy Painting forever! 


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Chris Riddell and Leigh Hobbs in Sydney Writers Fest

I met Children’s Laureates of UK and Australia : Chris Riddell and Leigh Hobbs on Sydney Writers Festival final day, 6 May. They showed the importance of individuality in art. In a café, Chris, a 2015–17 UK Chilren's Laureate was sketching people who wished. Although I knew his art work, I did not know his appearance. His strong black lines and good shapes intrigued me.  "Can I sketch you?" I asked. He enjoyed a very smart conversation with models and gave them freebie sketches. Wow! How generous he was!
When I finished up the sketch, a Festival key staff came to us. Chris politely asked me to show my sketch. “Wow!” Chris and the staff exclaimed, which surprised me (*I felt shy). I praised at his drawing with strong lines in black and white. Chris’s drawing lines were amazing that I did not have. Kind Chris and the staff praised at my fluid watercolour painting. Thank you. In this work, sunshine came through from his back, which I wanted to play with. I hope it comes up! We have different styles that are fine.  

I joined "The Mr Chicken and Old Tom Draw off with Leigh Hobbs," our superhero, the Australian Children's Laureate for 2016 – 2017. I wanted to see how he ran workshops. He was very sensitive and caring to approach children. Leigh kept telling to children, 
"Each work is different, because we are different," 
"There isn't a right answer (in art/drawing)," 
"No one is the best. Each one is different." 
They overlap my belief, the importance of uniqueness and becoming who we are. Wonderful, Leigh. Of course, I drew Old Tom, but it was very busy to draw both Leigh and Tom at once! Children came to me after the class to see my sketch. We enjoyed a chat. Nice! Always drawing brings me friends.  
I’m working on the projects. I hope I will lead children and adults to be who they are fully in my art class. I hope I will show what I am fully in picture book illustration and fine art. May imagination and creativity will bloom out.
Friends, enjoy being who you are and Happy Painting!  


Monday, May 7, 2018

1) Notables at CBCA NSW Blue Mountains 2) mentorship program

I was invited to CBCA Blue Mountains Notables event at Pinerolo in Blackheath on 5 May - with Emily Rodda, Freya Blackwood and Owen Swan. Did you enjoy my dummy, a storyboard, colour roughs and final images of "My Dog Socks" in presentation? Thank you very much for Margaret Hamilton, Children's Book Council of Australia and a sub branch.  
Courtesy of CBCA. Sadami presentation. 
The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is a Non-Profit, volunteer run organisation which aims to engage the community with literature for young Australians. The CBCA presents annual awards of books literary merit, for outstanding contribution to Australian children's literature. So, we, authors and illustrators love CBCA and respect the activities. CBCA is our guardian angel. It is great to know committee members and members. Yes, we had many visitors for the event!
CBCA committee
To listen to other creators was interesting. This is Freya Blackwood, an illustrator, an author and a superstar in Australian picture book industry. "The Great Rabbit Chase," is notable. Well, I did NOT have champagne, only orange juice, Friends!   
Emily Rodda is an author of "The Shop at Hoopers Bend". Owen Swan is an illustrator of "My Friend Tertius." We enjoyed the afternoon so much. 
If you want to study children's picture book illustration with a publisher Margaret Hamilton, it is highly recommended to try a "mentorship program" at Pinerolo, ASA and any available programs across Australia. I became one of the first successful applicants of Pinerolo program last year which gave me a priceless benefit, as you know. 
In a following blog post this week, I'll upload my sketches of Chris Riddell, 2015–17 UK Chilren's Laureate and Leigh Hobbs, our superhero, theAustralian Children's Laureate for 2016 – 2017 in Sydney Writers Festival. Yes, I've been very busy.  
Friends, Happy Painting and Illustrating! See you soon!   
Sweet Margaret!


Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Friend's Completion of PhD through difficulty

Celebration for Dr Alexandra Grey, Dr Gary O’Neill's PhD completion and hurrah to Language on the Move team! Overcoming difficulty and loneliness, Alex has received a Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence and an Australian PhD Prize for Innovation in Linguistics for her thesis on "How do languagerights affect minority languages in China?”  Her very touching speech is in the last paragraph of this post and here, Youtube, Macquarie uni graduation, April 24. (Alex’ speech starts at 1:13:35). 

Being an artist is similar to academics, as it tends to be a lone work. What do you think, Friends? Me, too, have learned the importance of having a wise mentor, a good rapport/support system, stress buster techniques and a healthy self-trust or positivism/optimism which eventually helps creativity and turns out good work. We need to share tears and laughter with others to bear ups and downs. Alex's triumph encourages me. I deeply appreciate your friendship through blogging, which always lifts me up. 
Then, Friends, Alex has started her academic career at Law School in Sydney uni!
Wow, Alex, if you bump someone sketching Sydney uni, please smile at her, te-he. Take care and enjoy your journey in linguistics! Hope they will more explore linguistics and enjoy it. Congrats. Go, go, Alex!! You're shining! Language on the Move Team, Porf Ingrid Piller, I love you all! 
Btw, I enjoyed the fun drawing above. I love portraits and caricatures like fun drawing, but I do not want to make extremely distorted images which could hurt models. In my eyes, each person is lovely and shining!  
Friends, Happy Painting!! 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dr Alexandra Grey's speech  
Doing a PhD, as Dr Grey states in her graduation speech, involves a lot of independent work and at times feelings of loneliness, and so, it can be difficult to succeed without a good support network of family and peers.
The Language-on-the-Move team proudly celebrates the graduation of Dr Alexandra Grey and Dr Gary O’Neill 💐🎓💐🎓

Dr Alexandra Grey shares her sense of triumph in graduating from her PhD, the result of four years of innovative research in Chinese language policy…

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1) ANZAC Day 2) CBCA Notables Workshop 5 May

ANZAC day, 25th April is the remembrance day of soldiers and served people in Australia. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Originally it was to honour the ANZAC members who fought in Gallipoli against Turkey in WWI. 100 years have passed. 
Casualty : Over 80,000 Arab and Turkish soldiers were killed. Their wounded number was doubled Australian soldiers. Nearly 9,000 Australian soldiers lost their lives. About 140,000 allied troops were killed or wounded. Total : Estimated causality was nearly 400,000 on both sides. Thank you, my dear friend and anthropologist's research data from Australian Museum site. 
I love the picture book, "One Minute's Silence," that remembers the war from both sides and helps us to pass on the importance of peace to the present. I always cry, when I read that book.  
Btw, Come over, "CBCA 2018 Notables Workshop" in Pinerolo on 5th May in Blue Mountains. I will do presentation and learn from other great creators. 
Friends, Happy Painting and Happy Illustrating! 

    Margaret Hamilton shared a postBooks and bubbles! What else do we need? Come on 5May to celebrate these amazing creators and their books.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Biennale Sydney, Carriageworks

I enjoyed a volunteer Exhibition Host in Biennale Sydney at Carriageworks this week! Being a volunteer gives studying opportunities of prominent modern artists in the world. I’ll show interesting works. One lady began to lay down and silently appreciated Chen Shaoxiong’s “Views” for quite a while. I sketched her and the work. After looking at the work, the lady and I exchanged the best smile! 
In the “Views,” You can project your shadow onto the work that partially moves and be a part of art work. Shaoxiong's black and white work, nostalgic and a little melancholic, attracts many visitors.  People love it and take photos.
 This is the inside of the work. You can see the size. 
 A bird is moving around between branches. 
This is my shadow, which turns to be an art work! 
My another favourite is Sam Falls’ work. Falls creates abstract landscapes, covering large swathes of canvas with organic matter such as branches, leaves, flowers that related to an original place. Colours are lovely and images are sweet that make me comfortable.
Semiconductor (= Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) creates vivid zig-zag moving images with sounds. 
George Tjungurrayi, an Indigenous Australian, makes abstract canvases with linear patterns that represent landscapes. Very bright colours and his style is modern  that is out from a traditional style. Actually, his paintings remind me of the desert in Australia. They are very distinct in colours under the strong sun.    
Michael Stevenson’s work is beyond my perception. He created “the mini campus” of the compatibility of two start courses in uni : A Mission Class in 1982 and Stamford Uni Computer Science 2012 or religious and technology. I did not get the content of the two different units. But one smart young visitor interpreted that some students felt a headache and a tummy bug in the Mission Class and tablets/medicines were developed in thirty years later? Oh, it could be? It is a great fun to have a chat with visitors and hear their interpretations. The photo shows the Computer Science unit.  Centralised visitors told us lots of stories in a chat.  
Sharing is the beauty of our volunteer work and group activity. Let's share our experiences. We enjoy the shift! Being a volunteer is lovely to know others and contribute to society. I’ll post art works in Cockatoo Island, later.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Friday, April 13, 2018

CBCA 2018 Notables Workshop @ Pinerolo

What a great honour! Invited to Pinerolo by Margaret Hamilton, a very successful publisher. I'm delightedly planning presentation with a dummy, black and white and colour roughs. I'll learn a lot from others. Come over, Friends!
It's lovely to share joy with bloggers. Many friends have got into art and are achieving a lot. I did not expect myself to be invited by Margaret one day, when I started a career. But it's happening. Wow! I'm expanding networking and connecting more peakbodies national and international in picture book publishing industry. You can timely see the activities in my facebook.  

I'm getting busy with the ongoing project. I've been working on images day and night and enjoying portraits. Thank you for a great support and understanding of my irregular post. 
Btw, I enjoyed a long distant swimming, 1 km after work. Very warm. So nice and refreshing. Friends, you're my treasures and assets. Happy Painting and Enjoy Life!