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Saturday, March 30, 2024

Happy International Children's Book Day! IBBY newsletter.

#sadamikonchi #ibby Happy International Children's Book Day!

The latest IBBY newsletter is out! about IBBY’s programme at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, prepare to celebrate International Children’s Book Day, and much more!

On 2 April, the children's book community celebrates the joy of reading in the world. The 2024 International Children's Book Day sponsored by #IBBY Japan (#JBBY), the theme is "Cross the Seas on the Wing of your Imagination". Eiko Kadono, known for her work, "Kiki’s Delivery Serive," a Japanese author and winner of the 2018 HC Andersen Award for writing, has composed a letter to the children of the world. The poster was designed by Nana Furiya, an international Japanese artist living in Slovakia.
Imagination is the key word for ICBD 2024. JBBY believes that fostering imagination will lead to mutual understanding and a spirit of tolerance—a perfect message to JBBY 50th year of existence!
How will you let your imagination fly on 2 April? What wonderful events are you attending or organizing? Tell us all about it on social media by tagging IBBY: #ICBD2024
Digital material of ICBD 2024 can be downloaded on the IBBY Website.
4月2日 児童文学の コミュニティは 読書の喜びを 祝い #国際子供の本 の日です. 今回は 日本の ibby が "物語を翼に想像力を力に 新たな始まりへ," と テーマを作っています. 2018年 日本の 著者で 世界で最も 名誉のある #アンデルセン賞 を受賞した #角野栄子 さんが 子供達に手紙を書いています. ポスターは スロバキア 在住の日本人 #イラストレーター の作品です. #想像力 を育てることは 相互理解, 許容を はぐくみ 日本 ibby 50周年 の うってつけのメッセージです! あなたは自分の想像力でいかに 天かけるのでしょうか? どんな イベントに参加しますか? Ibby は あなたの楽しいメッセージをお待ちしております.
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