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Monday, March 1, 2010

Sketching 2009 Free Linguistics Confenference

You many wonder what a conference or event sketcher. OK, Friends, I'll show you my work.

I sketched many presenters at Free Linguistics Conference 2009 ( Sydney uni.) 

Presenters came from all over the world.
Prof Luciana de Oliveira (*the right hand) discussed language education in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

Prof Ghil'ad Zuckermann (*below) is the expert of the revival of Hebrew in Israel. 

"Stop, Revive, Survive" 
was the quite fascinating discussion about the successful Hebrew revival vs difficult Aboriginal languages betweenGhil'ad,
Jane (Simpson)Michael (Walsh), Rob and Kevin.
The contrast,
Ghil'ad: "Died languages are Sleeping beauty" vs Michael, Rob, Jane, Kevin : (Aboriginal people's languages are) "Walking dead" made me sigh, though humorous!

Prof Maria Chisari 
raised a question about "a good citizen & citizenship concept" set by Government and discussed about our social issue, social exclusion of Non English speakers. Impressed me so much.
Prof Enric Llurda 
talked over the challenging for secondlanguage teachers(=native speakers) for different cultural background students. 

Prof William Armor talked
about identity forming and language acquisition. 
He drew samples from Japanese-English. So, I enjoyed it.

Prof Michael Walsh is the expert of Aboriginal languages. His white beard, mustache and very nice smile made me smile.

David Lasagabaster

Mr David Caladwell, stylishly wearing black, made an interest attempt, the analysis of pop rap music! 

Ms Feifei Han investigated English articles. Determiners in English are slippery for non English speakers whoselanguages do not have them. I always ponder about the concept of "the" and enjoy have a chat over it with English native speakers. I ask when my friends began to have the concept. All my friends answer, "No, I can't remember!(=too young!)" Hahahaha!

Ms Hyun Su Kim discussed gender identity in Korean stories.
Prof Diana Eades argued inequality for Non English speakers at the court room and in the legal context from a sociolinguistic view. Personally, her presentation was so interesting.

It was fun and above all, all the presenters loved my work and showed a great interest in my sketches. Models love to keep my work. Another bonus for an event organizer is that my work makes website fantastically outstanding.

Now you can get what my work is. This is my quick watercolors strength and advantage; watercolors beautifully capture presenters' enthusiasm, personalities and the atmosphere of a conference. Certainly, wonderful memories will stay with participants and organizers forever. Surely, better than photos.

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  1. Thanks for posting these Sadami. Ahmar :)

  2. Dear Ahmar,
    Thank you for your encouragement! I really look forward to another Free Linguistics Conference.

  3. Great job Sadami!

    Andrew Y

  4. Dear Andrew,
    Thanks millions!! I'll make lots of works and bring people love and smile.