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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Featured Sadami in Summer Reading Club

Featured Sadami in Summer Reading Club. "My Dog Socks" is listed. I chatted over the disability as well as my career.
"Once upon a time, there was a student who always made graphite and cartoons on her notes, textbooks and dictionaries.
Her drawings became so popular among friends, especially her portraits of teachers and famous people in textbooks.
One day, uni lectureres recognised her talent and pushed out that student to become a visual artist. And…today, she enjoys creating picture books, portraits as well as academic book covers – that student is me!" 

Sadami Konchi's Creative Tip
Have a dream and go every direction.
Trust in your ability and the potential.
Disability is this ability.

I'm getting so many people's celebration, particularly, in publishing industry in Face Book. Actually, my happy surprise. Thank you very much, Friends, for your strong support!! I hope children will enjoy reading and children/adults with disability will have dream by my post. You, too, have a wonderful time in a winter or a summer.  
My new projects are ongoing. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Great news, Sadami! So happy to read that your achievements are getting recognition both in the reader and the professional community. BTW, did I mention, my niece loved the book. Especially the illustrations. The text proved a bit of a challenge for a beginner in English, but that is good too :) Have a great week!

    1. Wow, Blaga, oh, your niece bought My Dog Socks!! I do not know how to say thank u to you and your family, relatives. Yes, the text sometimes has challenging, but a very clever word play. If your niece loves the book, I'm so happy. Please pass my best wishes, bug ((Hugs)) to your niece. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. I love these tips: "Trust in your ability and the potential.Disability is this ability."

    have a great day

    1. Thank u very much, Tanza! Yes, me, too, like those tips. And life is too short to think too much. Take an action for dream right now! Being young, itself is a great assets. I hope my story will empower young children at school. Best wishes, Sadami