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Monday, October 4, 2010

Come Join Chalk Urban Art Festival !

Hiya, Friends, this week, I'll chat over Chalk Urban Art Festival (Oct 7-10) in Parramatta. I'll sketch both, Chalk Festival and Free Linguistics Conference 2010 (Oct 9-10) at Sydney uni, even though a crash. Hectic at once.

(Above, 09, guest speaker artist & vegetarian, Jenny McCracken. Do ye kne? "Vegetarian saves the greeny earth!" We enjoyed her environmental Chinese dumplings after the talk. Yes, I sketched just her making them!)

So, I will upload "Sketch Part 4 Children" later! Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

Chalk Festival is a great fun. Come join it! I sketched them last year. Many last year participants join it again.

In a given space on a pavement, participants compete for the theme set by an organizer.
Last year, "environmentalism" or "protect nature" was the theme.

The sidewalks of Church St called, "Eat Street"
that have so many nice restaurants. (My friends say, "You have to conquer them all!" Of course...unless a budget allows me...?!! Below, Church St view.)
All through the event, tourists, customers, residents and

anyone can look at artists and their hard work. Many people talked to
a sketcher, me, as well! The big and beautiful paintings decorate the pavements.
A drawing and painting process is quite painstaking.
Physically, sitting on a ground for hour after hour, day after day is tough. I saw many artists suffered in harsh sunshine and hot weather. Thank goodness, I could escape into a shadow anytime as I liked! (*NOTE: An Australian weather is just opposite to a northern hemisphere.)

Judges announced the winner on the last day.

But the bonus is, a
rtists had a wonderful time and
became friends. The organizer was kind enough to invite me for the party. We had a good time at a pub. Artists encouraged each other and exchanged contacts.

Through an art event,
people easily overcome any differences such as language, race, age, gender, nationality, whatever.
Art brings the earth love, hope and peace.

I hope a nice weather will be on our side. We are having lots of rain now, even though a summer time has started.

Friends, I'd really appreciate many people's visits and nice comments for this blog. I hope I will meet you in person one day. Thank you for backups. "Twenty Minutes Challenge" encourages me.

Happy painting!!
OK, I'll sketch them all!! Yey!!



  1. Great post, Sadami. Have you ever seen videos of Julian Beaver? He is a 3D sidewalk chalk artist. Just google his name and you will find many videos to watch.
    Love your paintings here of artists doing their thing with chalk. So much fun to see what others do. Peace.

  2. Dear Carol,
    Wow, thank you for the info on Julian "Beever" works like a beaver, indeed. Bernardo von Hessberg from Italy is our guest artist this year. I really look forward to it!
    Peace and love, Sadami

  3. Sadami, eres sensacional!
    Amable y animadora!
    Las personas que tienen la suerte de tenerte cerca, deben ser muy felices.
    Un beso.

  4. Hi, Sadami. I've seen your name many times through the comments you write to other artists, but I had never visited your own blog (I'm sorry, but there are so many!). I must tell you, honestly, that I found it fascinating and I will link it to my own blog right away, and follow it from now on.

  5. Sadami, you are totally right, the art allows to go beyond appearances, oringines and a priori on people.
    This festival was to be formidable and especially a good atmosphere. I believe that that would have enjoyed a lot to me to participate. Kind regards.

  6. Dear Joshemari,
    YOU are great, too! You pour love into anyone through a blog. Please keep up your wonderful art work and a lovely attitude.
    A kiss and hug, Sadami
    Estimado Joshemari,
    Tú eres grande, también! Se vierte el amor en alguien a través de un blog. Por favor, mantenga su obra de arte maravillosa y una actitud encantadora.
    Un beso y un abrazo, Sadami

    >>>>Joshemari said...
    Sadami, you're great!
    Friendly and encouraging!
    People who are lucky to have you near, they must be very happy.
    A kiss.

  7. Dear Albert,
    Welcome and thank you for visiting in busy days. I believe art is universal language. Let us keep up this wonderful language.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  8. Dear Olivia,
    Yes, come and join this! Fly across seas and lands from France to Australia. Do you do pastel or chalk? It's rainy, but hope a weather will be nice. I look forward to your post.
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  9. Hi Sadami
    Lovely works, so inspiring. Love your lively colours.

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  11. Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you for the nice comment. You're a great photographer in Melbourne. Come and have a look of the Festival. Good fun!
    Cheers, Sadami

  12. Dear Sadami,
    I always look and wonder, waiting for the moment your sketches will come to live and run away from my display :-). They seem to move already a little....
    Best regards

  13. Dear Ingrid,
    Thank you very much!! Your comments make me so happy. I love sketching moving people or life. Please enjoy my work. I'll keep them still for you?!
    Best regards,

  14. You got some great poses at the festival. It must have been a very good way to practice figure drawing. I like the fresh colors, too!

  15. Dear Kelly,
    Thank you! Indeed, a very good practice. As far as I know all big name portraitists did/do lots of life models, tens of millions. Interesting, now, on paper, my eyes have begun to tell hands where to draw a line and 3D info of value. I'm planning to play with photos, experiments. Probably, like life models, I can make similar or same watercolors from photos. See how it goes.
    Cheers, Sadami

  16. I just LOVE your people sketches! They say so much and are full of movement and love.
    How I wish I could be there to see this wonderful event. How are you going to find time to do this AND your wonderful sketches?

  17. Dear Teri,
    Thank you so much! Sketching moving people is fun. The great bonus is sharing joy and laugh over my sketches with models. I'm checking both events' time tables. It's raining today.
    Love and smile, Sadami

  18. Muy buen post, me ha encantado. Se ve que lo pasaste muy bien. Estupendos bocetos como siempre.
    Un gran saludo

  19. Dear Carlos,
    Thank you for a nice comment! I love your blog that has great, great watercolor works.
    Estimado Carlos,
    Gracias por un comentario agradable! Me encanta tu blog que tiene grandes obras, grandes acuarelas.
    Saludos, Sadami

    >>>>Carlos said...
    Very good post, I loved it. It is very well spent. Great sketches as usual.
    A big hello

  20. I must admit I have been a silent lurker up to now on your blog. Your kind comments on mine make me speak out loud - your sketches are just great! Here's to a great artist!

  21. Dear Ulla,
    Thank you soooo much for kind cheers. *Please never say a tough word on yourself. Your blog is, too, full of creativity and interesting techniques to make crafts. Please keep up. I look forward to next.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  22. Hello Sadami

    The urban chalk festival looks great. It must be just the thing to do in the sunshine. You are right about the seasons, we are taking in Autumn here, with lots of beautiful sunny and chilly days showing off the turning leaves at their best. It must be spring coming on summer where you are... enjoy!

  23. Dear Ray,
    Thank you so much! Our spring is very cheeky and cute. I'm making a lunch box for sketching, even though it's raining on and off or cloudy now. The autumn in your place would be so beautiful, like an elegant lady comes up in a colourful dress, but hides farewell behind the cloth.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  24. Hi Sadami,

    You've done an awesome job capturing these artists absorbed in their work. Such fresh, lively sketches and paintings. An interesting read that's captivatingly illustrated.

  25. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  26. I do wish I could come to the chalk festival. I know I'd love it. I love your work too. I just looked at it again and you make life drawing look so easy. You have such a light hand. I'm so envious. Are you sketching on a watercolor pad with a water brush? What size pad do you carry with you? I'm sorry if I'm being too nosy, but I love the effects you get--light hearted, effortless, beautiful.

  27. Dear Teresa,
    Thank you so much! I'll go for sketching. In the evening...the organizer invite me for "Meet Artists"(sort of party)!
    Cheers, Sadami

  28. Dear Skizo,
    Thank you for a kind comment. Have fun with other artists!
    Cheers, Sadami

  29. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for the kind say. I enjoy sketching artists now.

    I've loved life drawing most since childhood and school days. Just I drew tens of thousands and still want for it.

    I'm carrying A4, Arche, smooth pads, a B4pencil, a cheap brush, originally designed for Japanese calligraphy (simply because no regret for in case of losing it. Expensive watercolor brushes are at a studio.) I also carry a cheap A4 journal.

    You do not need to be envious at me at all. Each of us does not need to be someone else--you know it very well---but "who I am."
    I love your post and art work!!

    Kind regards, Sadami

  30. ロスのアートショーでも時々チョークで通りに絵を描くアーティストが見られますが、見ているだけで大変そうです。暑い日だとアスファルトからの照り返しもあり日射病になりそう。私には出来ないアートです。

  31. Sadami, the people living in your blog are beautiful, deep and individual. The streets in your blog are wide and clear. The texts are so in tune with my thoughts.
    I am so glad I follow your posts, I learn, I think, I enjoy here. All the best to you!

  32. Dear Osamu,
    Thank you for a kind comment. Could be a tough condition, but very fun to share time with other artists. Hahaha, we suffer together and encourage each other. "So," beer tastes so nice after an event. Yeah!
    Cheers, Sadami
    お返事ありがとうございます。なかなかツライconditionかもしれませんが、みんなで一緒に時間を過すのは楽しいですよ。 一緒にのたうち回って、励まし合います。”だからこそ” 後のビールがオシシイ! Yeah! Cheers, Sadami
    >>>>Osamu said...
    Sometimes I come across chalk art on streets in LA. It looks like a tough work. Sunshine reflected from streets may get me sunstroke. I can't do that sort of art.

  33. Dear Irina,
    Thank you so much!! Your blog has wonderful paintings and interesting photos, too. Please keep up. I learn lots from you.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  34. Hola Sadami, como siempre me acerco a verte. Ya tengo puesto mi primer retrato l pastel y me gustaría que me dieras tu opinión. Estoy estudiando mucho el asunto de los retratos pues me gustaría dedicarme a ello. gracias por el tiempo que te hago perder. Saludos cariñosos. victoria.

  35. Dear Victoria,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Regarding portraits, let "us(=you and me)" learn or study it together. I'm a life long learner. I like your blog that has lovely work and a good sense of humor.
    Kind regards, Sadami
    Querida Victoria,
    Gracias por visitar mi blog. En cuanto a los retratos, que "nosotros (= tú y yo)" aprender o estudiar juntos. Soy un estudiante de por vida larga. Me gusta tu blog que tiene un trabajo bonito y un buen sentido del humor.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

    >>>Victoria said...
    Sadami hello, as always I come to see you. Since I have my first portrait l cake and I would like to give me your opinion. I'm studying a lot the subject of the portraits as I would like to dedicate to it. thanks for the time you do lose. Warm greetings. victory.

  36. Dear Jane,
    Thank you! I love your brilliant work, too!
    Cheers, Sadami

  37. A wonderful lively series of sketches, Sadami, and a wonderful experience!

  38. Dear Cristina,
    Thank you very much! Yes, indeed!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  39. You are such an inspiration. My son loves your work and now my daughter is an admirer. She is hoping to be a visual artist someday... she has her own blog... Her talent is fresh and young... not afraid to explore. I only wish I had more time to pursue it. But, six kids first... I love the black & white portrait at the bottom. Of course, all are good!

  40. Dear busy mom Margaret,
    Thank you so much. I sincerely hope your son and daughter will enjoy any area of arts. Please make their talents shine. Regarding the young man, me, too, love it.
    Kind regards, Sadami