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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketch Part5 Children, Artist as Guardian of Time

Friends, thank you for waiting. Your kind comments and encouragements give me energy to keep on. Now, I upload a make-up post on "children," our living angels. My secret definition of an artist is a guardian of time.
"Time flies like an arrow," we say without caring what really it means. As a sketcher and portraitist, I seize a moment on paper.

Personally, I love sketching kids eating something, a happy hour. Their shining faces brighten up our society!

When I go for sketch outside, children ask me to draw their favorite monsters, dragons, cars or even draw them.
The boy asked me to draw him with a very funny posture.
"Are you sure? Do you really want me to make this??"
"Yes!! I want!" I kept laughing while sketching him.
The boy showed off the sketch to his friends. Ever since, he and his older sister always come and play with me.

...but till when they will remember that funny work.
I never get bored to watch moving children. Playing around children are genius to figure out games that always impresses me. Kids repeat movements and have fun over and over again. Do you realize? Picture books often repeat sentences and phrases to please young readers.

This girl playing with a balloon did it
for thousands times, even though her mom looked sick of it?!
Oh, children's creativity and unique point of view are wonderful!! I learn lots from children.

Their beautiful face expressions and interesting movements are much like rainbows. Be quick. Otherwise, they will be gone.

Indeed, some of my models are now young men and beautiful ladies. The other day, a handsome young man talked to me. I could not believe my eyes and lost words.
"Are you so&so??" said Sadami.
"Yes," the young man gently smiled at me.
Amazing. Taller than me(*170cm)!
I felt time.

One day, they will all make departures... I thought of dandelions...

In a given life, I want to make lots of, lots of watercolors that directly and indirectly record time.

By the way,
the computer's start up is the problem. Sometimes, the screen blacks out and makes beeps. But the start button is pushed for the second time, it works properly. ...???? While this analogue girl applies computer company's recommendations to the machine, I struggle saving all important programs and information into CDs for just in case. Lots of work. After that, hopefully, I'll visit a shop soon.

So, I can reply for you. Feel free to leave any comment.
Let us enjoy drawing and painting.

Thank you for supports and cheers.



  1. Hola Sadami, como siempre tus pinturas tan expresivas que me encantan. Tienes una gran facilidad para captar las expresiones. Es admirable. Un saludo cariñoso. Victoria.

  2. Hi Sadami
    Thank you for sharing all these lovely lovely watercolour - they are very lively. I love the boy sucking on a popsicle - gorgeous colours! The boy with the funny posture is cute - boys will be boys! Hey I often wonder how to paint dandelion - love your version! Great work and may all you computer troubles go away... after you visit a shop :)

  3. Dear Victoria,
    Thank you so much for a kind encouragement. I love sketching people.
    Cheers, Sadami
    Querida Victoria,
    Muchas gracias por un estímulo tipo. Me encanta dibujar personas.
    Un saludo cariñoso, Sadami
    >>>>Victoria said...
    Sadami hello, as always your paintings so expressive that I love. You have a knack for capturing the expressions. Is admirable. A warm greeting. Victoria

  4. Dear エベリン=Evelyn,
    Thank you very much! Regarding a dandelion, me, too, always wonder how to do it. I used a crayon for masking. I'll try it in "wet-in-wet" version. Let's have fun.
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. Kids are the most impressive/expressive subjects to paint Sadami. But better when they don't see. Every time I want to take picture of the kid for future painting; as soon she/he knows I am ready to make a shot; the kid freezes in the artificial smile. I love when they don't see me taking pictures and when they are who they are :)
    You pick the happy moments so great, Sadami. Great work!

  6. Dear Irina,
    Thank you. Your say on the difficulty is true! So, I've never used photos and sketch them while playing with them. BTY, I'm planning to use photo references for an experiment. I want my drawing experiences maximize benefits from photos. See how it goes. And I look forward to your post!
    Cheers, Sadami

  7. Wonderful work, my friend!
    I keep thinking of seeing how difficult it is to capture the ever changing and expressive gestures of children, those crazy short people as a poet said, but also the angels as you say. Dandelion is vibrant and beautiful. Congratulations!

  8. Sadami, muchas gracias por todos esos ánimos que provocan tus palabras llenas de optimismo.
    Eres una explosión de algría, para niños y mayores. Tus dibujos son preciosos. Me falta aún mucho para tener tu agilidad en el dibujo y sin pintura. Es una maravilla!
    Dibujas antes el sketch con lápiz, verdad?
    Un beso.

  9. Lovely, fun, loose, lively, did I say fun, watercolor sketches!

  10. Your rapport with children is just so fabulous Sadami. It shows through all your work. That dandelion is just wonderful!!!

  11. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you so much. You make wonderful y work, too. Sketching children is so lovely. Just have fun! They repeat movements. I'm sure you can catch them.
    Cheers, Sadami

  12. Dear Jun,
    Thank you for visiting. Your caricatures and cartoons are lovely. Keep up.
    Cheers, Sadami

  13. Dear Joshemari,
    Thank you very much. I'm happy to know you get optimistic! Oh, Joshemari, just be what you are, never be someone "else." Each one has a different style and precious. I sketch in a few minutes. The eyes tell me where to draw = check drawing at the same time and the hand follows.
    Yes, pencil drawing comes first. I do not use an erasure. Just do it for tens of thousands. You'll get it.
    A kiss and a hug, Sadami
    Estimado Joshemari,
    Muchas gracias. Estoy feliz de saber usted consigue optimista! ¡Oh, Joshemari, acaba de ser lo que eres, nunca ser alguien "algo más". Cada uno tiene un estilo diferente y precioso. Yo dibujo en pocos minutos. Los ojos me dicen dónde trazar el dibujo = comprobar al mismo tiempo, y sigue la mano.
    Sí, dibujo a lápiz es lo primero. Yo no uso un borrado. Sólo lo hacen por decenas de miles. Lo tendrás.
    Un beso y un abrazo, Sadami
    >>>>>>Joshemari said...
    Sadami, thank you very much for all these spirits that cause your words full of optimism.
    You're a blast algría for children and adults. Your drawings are beautiful. I still have a long way to get your agility in drawing and unpainted. It is a wonder!
    Draw the sketch with a pencil before, right?
    A kiss.

  14. Dear Gretchen,
    Thank you very much. Me, too, always a joy to enjoy your art work!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  15. Dear Maria,
    Thank you very much. I admire your portrait works. Please keep up and bring us more joy.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  16. Hiya, Teri!
    Thank you very much. Yes, kids recognize me as one of them! Or often they believe they're much smarter than me(well, partially true). Hahaha, playing with them is fun. But once they look at my drawings, they respect me with full awe and innocent astonishment. I courteously appreciate their applause and we, again, become good friends;).
    Cheers, Sadami

  17. Well what can I add to these comments that would be fresh? Your joy of children comes through strong and clear in your paintings. Also a sense of poetry. And you've been very,very busy. I particularly like the boy making ugly--boys love to do that. And I love the dandelions. When you say you use crayon to mask are you saying there's a colorless crayon I don't know about? Very handy tool.

  18. Admiro tu capacidad para el dibujo, Sadami. La impronta de tu pincelada para colorear de la manera mas suelta y espontánea, contribuyendo al movimiento y la frescura.

  19. Dear Linda,
    Thank you very much! Your comment on boys reminds me of your deep love for 3 sons. You're a lovely mom. A white crayon, I used. I always have some crayons with my watercolor kit for sketching. Very busy this week. One deadline and my birthday are on the same day, this Friday. Come & go between a computer shop and a studio. But very happy.
    Cheers, Sadami

  20. Dear Juan,
    Thank you for kind encouragement. Me, too, admire your sophisticated skills for landscape drawing and painting. I learn lots from your work. Keep up and bring us joy.
    Kind regards, Sadami
    Estimado Juan,
    Gracias por alentar tipo. Yo también admiro sus habilidades sofisticadas para la elaboración del paisaje y la pintura. Aprendo mucho de su trabajo. Manténgase al día y nos lleve alegría.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

    >>>>>>Juan said...
    I admire your capacity for drawing, Sadami. The imprint of your brush to color in the most loose and spontaneous, contributing to the movement and freshness.

  21. Sadami, it is so good to see such lively and joyful sketches! :)

  22. Dear Maria,
    Thank you~~! I love your flowers and beautiful watercolors.
    Cheers, Sadami

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADAMI! I came to visit again today to wish you the best. Your children are as sweet as ever.

  24. Dear Linda,
    Thank you! Tonight, a party!! Yey!! Have fun!
    The computer is nearly broken down. Every few minutes, internet is "unconnected." Using internet is like an acrobat--upload&download info just between "dropping off" from line. Really have to "hospitalize" this computer this Monday.
    Cheers, Sadami

  25. Dear Sadami, a stroke so beautiful, I think that part should not hide under the color.
    Noting his works I was amazed with that gesture of graphite.
    The gesture is very important in their works is the feeling you get when you draw.
    Apreciada Sadami, un trazo tan bello, pienso que no deberia ocultarse parcialmente bajo el color.
    Observando sus obras yo quedo admirado con ese gesto del grafito.
    El gesto es muy importante en sus trabajos se ve el sentimiento que usted le pone cuando dibuja.

  26. Dear Vincente,
    Thank you very much. Your say is so true of my strength that why attracts viewers. When my brushes dance on paper--it's a good day and I'm up beat and high. I'll keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami
    Estimado Vicente,
    Muchas gracias. Su decir es tan cierto de mis fuerzas por eso atrae a los espectadores. Cuando mi baile pinceles sobre papel - es un buen día y estoy hasta golpearon y alta. Voy a mantener el ritmo.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

  27. These are wonderful Sadami!! You really know how to capture the innocent spirit and joy of the children!

    And happy beleated birthday to you ;)


  28. Dear Lolo,
    Thank you~~~!!!! Happy Halloween to you!!
    Love and smile,

  29. I agree with Teri above. Your rapport with children is amazing. My own kids enjoy looking at your sketches as well.

    I like you definition of an artist as a gaurdian of time. Brilliant!

    Nice work Sadami!!

  30. Dear Good Boy Joe,
    Thank you for a kind comment. Like your children, my illustrator friend's kids enjoy looking at my sketches with their parents. If my work brings kids and parents joy, I would be so happy.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  31. hello sadami i showed your superb sketches to my daughters youngest daughter thought a sketch of her riding her bike would be fun :) ..hope you get your computer fixed ciao jane

  32. Dear Jane,
    Thank you!! Please pass my best wishes to your daughters. (*I know another an illustrator couple sharing my my sketches with their 2 sons.) I'm more than happy to make your princess's riding a bike.
    And thank you for the concern about the computer.
    After using the computer for an urgent work, I have to visit the shop.
    Cheers, Sadami