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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello, Friends

Dear Friends and Unknown Friends,

I would like to share my art work and joy with you. I hope you will enjoy them and stay with me for a while.

Sydney, it's cold and windy today.

I hope I will grow like an acorn to be an oak tree...





  1. Hi Sadami,

    Would love to see more (some), of your work in your 'profile'. Your acorns look great...

    Cheers, Robert

  2. Thank you millions, Robert and Lilbby! In profile, I added my URL that shows more work at National Association Visual Arts. If you have any suggestion, I'd really appreciate your kindness.

    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Well done Sadami, you are an inspiration. John Haycraft

  4. Thank you, John! I really love your work.,com_wrapper/Itemid,42/

  5. This is such a beautiful piece Sadami.

  6. Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you! I love little acorns. Like it, I'm certain each of us has the unlimited potential.
    Love and smile, Sadami

  7. Sadami, thank you so much for commenting in my blog. First, I have got a kindest comment; second - I found your blog and talented artist from Australia. World is so small and so many nice people live here. I will follow your blog with pleasure. Talent, positiveness, wisdom and humor. All the best to you! Now I go on reading and watching)

  8. Dear Irina,
    Welcome to my blog! Thank you for the visit. You love drawing and painting. Me, too. Let us share joy and have a wonderful time.
    Kind regards, Sadami