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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year and Fortune Teller

Last night, I enjoyed a Chinese New Year. Wow, Chinese traditional culture is very fascinating. "Lion and dragon dance" is well known. Food and ways of celebration etc were very different from a Japanese New Year.
I came across a Chinese fortune teller for the first time, even though I saw a similar one in Japan. He and his assistance's traditional costume were impressive. Especially, the guy's tiny hat was so cute. They read your palm, ye kne? And they tell you what's going on this year, become rich or not and so on. From my curiosity , I put myself on the looooong queue... nearly 100 people on a "waiting list." So, eventually, I gave up my turn and gave special thanks to the hard working fortune tellers, but many people complained about their 'wrap up'.

On the queue, I said to a next man with kidding,
"(If they can know a fate,)Why can't they change their fates?"
The man replied seriously,
"No, they can't. They can't change their fates."
...I wondered why so many people wanted to know fate badly. If we know all about our life stories, how boring! I can't stand it.

I do not know if there's a fate or a destiny. One thing I'm certain is the final decision is mine. We face 'reality' that changes from moment to moment. Several options are available. I always make a decision and take my responsibility of consequence. If so, I'm the boss. Of course, I feel some part of reality is out of my control. But after doing my best, I'm happy to accept the results.

Friends, if you have a dream, keep it and try it. Once, one of my dear friends said, "If you struggle hard for your own dream, people will help you." True. Many people have happily helped me to be an artist.
Another friend said, "Sadami, triumph consists of two morphemes. "Try" and your little bit "Umph!". And you can get "triumph"!" Then, she gave me a picture book, "Little Engine That Could."

Sometimes, I feel life is tough. I open that picture book and get energy to move on.
My life should be a fantasy made by me.


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