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Friday, February 19, 2010

Love and Watercolor

A tiny handmade watercolor kit is very handy and pretty. I do not use many colors. Just a few.
With the kit, I cha
llenge catching the moment and light.
People show very interesting and natural face expressions, while they are not aware of others and me. A bit shame. Once, they realize me, their beautiful expressions disappear. So, I must quickly, as if, steal their beauty in a few minutes. I know another watercolorist says he "secretly" sketches people.

"Light" is also very interesting. I'm so fond of sun setting. A bit melancholic though, I enjoy fantastic colors and shadows in the sky
and on the ground.
Only the problem is ,again,
the sun sets quickly. I have to make a rush to seize the moment. Very exciting. I have no time to think.

Talking of love and watercolor, there's NO time to think twice. If I think too much, I become a loser. If I look back, I'll miss out the moment. But just enjoy a miracle or an "unexpected outcome," sure, you're going to be the winner. The beauty of watercolor techniques is yours. You'll have fun in "calculated spontaneity"!

Let us enjoy love and watercolor.



  1. 人間の表情は自然が一番ですね。
    The nature of man's expression is the best.
    There is a wonderful moment momentarily casually.

  2. ありがとうございます!めんどくさいEnglishを読んで下さって、ほんとうにウレシイです。 あなたのwebsiteを reading list に入れました。のぞいて見てね。スケッチしてる時間が一番楽しいです。あ, それとデッサン。
    Thanks millions for reading English. I put your website into my reading list. Have a look of it. I love sketching and dessin that brings me into a heaven.