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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sketch--Part2 Men

Thank you for nice comments and kind visits for my blog.
A bit hectic. I've got another project and many things happen at once. Slow dow
n, Sadami.
Now, let me have a chat over men, this week.

Some say,"Boys will be boys." Others say "...will be toys."
(What a brave girl! Not me!) Anyway, sketching men is fun. Honest, I still cannot tell how to make a male face in general.

By the way, finding a male life drawing model seems to be hard. Have you ever tried many male models?
This model was an armature. That night, our professional life
drawing model was gone! So, an organizer set a carrot, cash, "$50" for an hour. Brave and lucky two guys got the money for beer.

An old man model, I came across, only once. The work below is my favorite.
Always the beauty of a human body takes me into a heaven during life drawing.

...well, in my mind, I'm secretly guessing that
men might be much shyer than us, girls.
In my eyes, a male face has rigid mountains and deep valleys. Unlike a female, his face often tells me physical strength and hardiness. Of course, individual discrepancies are huge. Too much generalization is out of mark. Beyond or beneath a face, I feel something unique and put it down on paper. I do not know how to say it in language.
So, at the end, I always feel probably, men and women are much closer or more similar than we expect ;-).
But also I wonder, a man and a woman are calling for each other, standing back to back on the earth...



  1. Dear Lolo,
    Thank you!! I love your beautiful art work, full of charm and joy. I'll get back to your blog and have a look of it.
    Love and smile, Sadami

  2. Sadami, I tried quickies. It is a disaster for the moment.
    I am going to follow this new advice and to ask to my husband to strike the pose.
    I like coming on your blog, there are always the funny but also very true thoughts and the advice(councils) which interest me a lot.
    Kind regards.

  3. I just love your wonderful gestural sketches! You did a wonderful job with the men ;)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog. To answer your question, when I paint on that patterned paper I use acrylic paint and then I embellish it and add details and lots of color with colored pencils, preferably prismacolors.
    If you see my moccasin painting I show the process. It's one or two down from my raven acrobat.

    Here's the repost ;)

  4. Dear Olivia,
    Thank you for encouragement!

    Please do not aim at a masterpiece from the beginning. Never say negative comments on your work. Take it easy. Be kind to yourself and love doing croquis(otherwise, we cannot go on). I believe your croquis is fine and good. No need to be a perfectionist.

    Regarding making croquis, don't think. Just move a pencil in a few minutes--is enough. Look up Lautrec, Degas, any artist's croquis. Are they ALWAYS masterpeieces for a frame? I do not think so. But important references and great preliminary research data.

    Making your husband a model is a great idea, especially, for "dessin"...well...good luck?! or wish you a peaceful night for both of you...

    Merci. I think, if Truth is too harsh for us to face, wrapping it up with humour is a necessary etiquette. The sense of humour turns our difficult world into a garden of Eden.

    Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami

  5. Hi Sadami, I am blessed to have a husband and grandson who don't mind me sketching them anytime. I often try to sketch them from memory to see how close I can get.

  6. Dear Carol,
    Great!! Please have fun in your family. Sketching each other will be more fun!!
    Love and smile, Sadami

  7. Hi Sadami
    Love love love your pieces. I find drawing men more difficult than women too. I love your use of colour - very fluid :). Thanks for sharing your beautiful pieces.

  8. Sadami, thanks for this new series on sketching people! I like sketching people, especially faces, and especially my family, because it is easy to catch them in those intimate situations that inspire me (you already know that my paintings are often portraits of this kind). But I often feel insecure, because I have never followed courses in anatomical drawing, and my skills are of a self-taught person that learned everything just with practice. Do you think that you can achieve good levels in drawing the figure just as well, or that it is absolutely necessary to have a more formal and academic path? While I await your response, I enjoy your wonderful drawings that always give me a feeling of great joy! Ciao, Cristina

  9. Dear Sadami, I wish you luck in your new project, meanwhile I will delight with these wonderful drawings and sketches. Enjoy!
    Kinds Regards

  10. Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you! I love your art works, too. So creative and great sense of humour and above all, very caring!! Look forward to your next.
    Love and smile, Sadami

  11. Dear Cristina,
    Me, too, a self-taught person!! Nothing different from you. I bought anatomy books and just kept up drawing everyday. That's all.

    Regarding anatomy, it can be learned by individuals. Find your favorite or similar type artist who writes about anatomy and portraits. It's blessing. Why? It's easy to follow and you will develop your own style. It is said, "Everyone starts with copying and will find her/his own style."

    The life drawing classes I attended above had no teacher and free(today, it costs a few dollars). My only exception was the Art School's open day freebie class. The old man model made postures on a street! The teacher said I was outstanding and encouraged me to learn new techniques. Ever since, shy Sadami has got confidence. It's good to get a professional's objective advice. Keep an eye on Art School etc's newspaper ad!

    And find a good mentor or a nice artist friend. In my experience, joining an art society is another methods. I'm learning lots from them. Of course,Cristine, from you, too. Matured artists are noble and happily help me struggling hard. (*this is my motivation to set "how to series" to share my skills with others. My payback to society.)

    To sum, keep up daily drawing, do research at book shops, net, art society or other information resources, get a good mentor's objective and impartial advice on your work, but never lose your confidence and develop your own style--be what you can be most, is I've learned.

    Sorry, a lengthy answer, but thank you for reading. Hope this will be some help for you.
    Best regards, Sadami

  12. Dear Carmen,
    Oh, thank you~~~!! I'm working on the two projects. Very busy and hectic. A bit submit my work, but I will do my best. Your cheers are my power!
    Love and smile, Sadami

  13. Sadami, thank you VERY MUCH for your kind and exhaustive answer! You are a special person, with so much to give to others! A kiss!

  14. Hola Sadami, gracias nuevamente por tus reflexiones acerca de pintar un hombre o una mujer. En cuestión de cuerpo, me gusta más el de una mujer para pintar, sin embargo las caras, me gustan más las de los hombres. Incluso sus expresiones.
    Me refiero a pintar personajes quietos, no en movimiento.
    En movimiento, cualquier situación me gusta, pero me resulta muy complicado porque no tengo retentiva. Me entusiasma dibujar niños.
    Un abrazo.

  15. Dear Joshemari,
    Thank you! Capturing movement is not easy, but trained eyes can catch it. Just take it easy. Yes, drawing children is fun. Sure, you're going to be a hero for them!!
    Hug and kiss, Sadami
    Estimado Joshemari,
    ¡Gracias! La captura de movimiento no es fácil, pero los ojos entrenados pueden atraparlo. Tómalo con calma. Sí, es divertido dibujo para niños. Claro, usted va a ser un héroe para ellos!
    Abrazo y beso, Sadami

    >>>>>Joshemari said...
    Sadami Hello, thanks again for your thoughts about painting a man or a woman. Within the body, I like the painting of a woman, but the faces, I prefer the men. Even his expressions.
    I mean to paint characters still, not moving.
    Moving to any situation I like, but I find it very difficult because I have no retention. I am excited to draw children.
    A hug.

  16. Beautiful watercolour sketches. You have a lovely light touch.
    Best regards

  17. Dear PJ,
    Thank you so much!! Great honour to have your visit. I love your picture books and admire your skills. If you have spare time, please come again. Best regards, Sadami

  18. Thank you Sadami to be you.
    "The sense of humour turns our difficult world into a garden of Eden" is in my heart.
    Kind regards.

  19. You raised my awareness with this post because I never really thought about the difference between men and women. I personally find men much easier to sketch than women. Their faces are so expressive and it always the 'different man' that interests me; those with mustaches, beards or long hair.

    Thank you for your kind and heartfelt comments while I am recovering through the stress in my life. I am so appreciative that you take the time in your busy life to be so kind and thoughtful of others.

    Love, Teri

  20. Dear Teri,
    Thank you. I know that you, too, are so caring for anyone even though at your difficult times. Please take care. Let us cheer up each other and enjoy life fully. Yey!!
    Love and smile, Sadami

  21. Dear Skizo,
    Thanks millions for your cheers. You, too, make fabulous works. Let us keep up together.
    Cheers, Sadami

  22. Good Morning Sadami!

    You are right. There is a "rocky landscape" beauty to men...all those planes and angles to draw, while women are "rolling hills." I love how you draw these sketches so loose and free and light, capturing who the models are - their very character.

    I look forward to reading more. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your kind words of encouragement and enthusiasm are much appreciated.

    Garden Groans

  23. Dear Garden Groans,
    Good evening!(late in the evening. When a UK publisher emails me, I feel an "upsidedown" world...:)Thank you for your encouragements. I'm still shy and easy to get stage fright. (this blog is, in fact, my challenge!) So, a loose style means my relaxing, completely free. Sometimes, a bit tricky, when I try to make a work for submission. Gulp.

    Your enthusiasm and passion for nature and life is great, too. Please keep up. I'm sure you can have a chat with fairies in a garden.

    Kind regards, Sadami

  24. These are so nice! You really give them personality! People are such a challenge.

  25. These are delightful! I like the observation you have about mens and womens faces! I'm just starting out with my painting. You are an inspiration!

  26. Dear Sheryl,
    Thank you!! I love sketching people, my most favorite subjects...and my profound love for anyone on the earth! "Life is beautiful and people are lovely," is my feeling!!
    Love and smile, Sadami

  27. Dear Vicki,
    Thank you for visiting! If my blog could give you some hints, I'd be so happy. Just have fun in drawing and painting. You'll find a way. Every Monday, I upload this blog. Next topic is "sketching people-part 3, old people."
    Kind regards, Sadami