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Monday, October 17, 2011

"Occupy Sydney" in Martin Place

We want to bequeath a better world to a next generation. When I went to CBD to sketch statues for a Sydney Sketch Club meeting, I bumped "Occupy" movement in Martin Place. How about in your main cities? If you do not mind, let me hear about your place's occupy. 

Mom & Baby could be one of the most beautiful figures on the earth. 

Protesters target at the big banks in Martin Place and claim, "Social inequalities are increasing between the haves and the have-nots." The agendas are all heavy and complicated.
Australian Survival Game
The topics have a wide range from Aboriginal people's language rights, their poor welfare, refugees, unemployment, gay marriage, better wages for teachers, homeless people, climate change, etc, etc. They are all written down on the placards. As if all Australian issues have got together at one spot.
But I did not hear an artist's voice in a public announcement. Financially and socially, most artists' reality is not easy. Here's the good statistical data. An economic study of professional artists in Australia conducted by Department of Economics, Macquarie University and published by National Association of Visual Artists (May 2010). Yet, I want to say, "Who is this? Such a rich artist?!" in this data. Back to the topic.
Main Occupy participants look young, 20s or early 30s. They are worried about the future and their children's future, but also other people's pains! These young people's purity, idealism, a non-egoistic attitude and beautiful "smile" has touched my heart. Participants passionately told me a desire for a better world, the necessity of public awareness and the importance of action, while one onlooker said with contempt, "They want to go back to 60s."So far, the "Occupy" is peaceful and safe in Sydney. Some children and dogs are there, too. One lady and artist with a little girl recalled me, "Ah, I met you at Botanical Garden, sketchcrawl!" What a small world! We enjoyed a chat. A band plays music and people sing or dance. Even police is very kind. They love my sketches, too. Participants remember me, "You were sketching police!" Ahahaha. It is certain that art can bridge between any people.
Friends, I want to say, "Let's make love, not war, by art!"
The Occupy participants could be day dream believers. But I admire their braveness. They are not hiding in a shadow any more. The people have taken an action. Further, some of them have happily become stepping stones on behalf of other voiceless people.
I hope my sketches will record these unknown heros in our daily lives. I always feel sketching nameless people is like scooping out gold from mud.
Friends, Happy Painting!!



  1. I enjoyed your sketches and post, Sadami! The Mom & Baby are lovely! A great symbol for the Occupy movement, the future of the children! In Holland there is an Occupy gathering in Amsterdam.

  2. Hola Sadami, ya tengo arreglado el tema de Internet y puedo volver a comunicarme con todos mis amigos.
    Eres muy buena, Sadami, pensando siempre en los más desfavorecidos.
    Tus dibujos son una muestra de ello y estoy contigo!
    Un abrazo.

  3. Hello Sadami

    As always, I admire your works.
    Here in Switzerland, was also occupied.
    Very wealthy corporations are getting richer and richer.
    In nursing, education and the arts will lack the money.
    Let's hope that the new movement can bring lots of sunshine a change in this world.
    Drawing and making music is also wealth.
    But there is an inner richness.
    I wish you a nice new week
    best wishes
    from Switzerland

  4. It is wonderful how you capture people and events Sadami...I love your news and your great paintings show us a moment in time in your part of the world. Thank you for that....ann.

  5. Hi Sadami!

    Happy as always to read your post. Somehow I missed last week's - too darn busy to keep up with all my blogging friends :-( In Philadelphia, family members report the Occupy folks are persistent, but peaceful. These people really want to be heard and are trying not to succumb to aggressive behavior. I love that you have done portraits of some of them and to focus on the next generation of children. It's important that we secure their futures as well as our own. Your last sketch of the girl in front of the boar statue reminds me of my childhood!

    No posts on my blog just now, so busy, busy painting and learning new techniques.

    Have an inspiring week, Sadami!


  6. You captured a pretty important event quite well. I love the second image. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Sadami, I enjoyed your drawings and commentary on Australian "Occupy". Yes it is here near where I live - Portland, Oregon, USA and a few thousand other cities across the country. The reasons behind it are varied and similar to yours. Although here, I have noticed many more older people who have lost jobs and/or homes along with the young who want a better world for themselves and their children. Thank you for recording these events in artwork.

  8. ¡Que buen reportaje, Sadami! Impresionantes acuarelas (como siempre)
    Un abrazo.

  9. Happy painting Sadami. Welcome back!

  10. I read the other day that the gap is widening in incomes in all of the developed countries with rich people becoming obscenely rich and everyone else losing ground. The news that a struggling Qantas CEO was to get a huge raise while the airline is not doing well was a bit of a catalyst for the demos here I think.
    Unfortunately artists almost always struggle at the bottom of the pile!
    Lovely work as usual Sadami but don't let the cares of the 'real' world distress you, hope the big project is on track.

  11. Dear Sadami,
    Truth to tell, I heard only about the Wall Street occupation in New York. I am sure there is something in Vancouver, but I haven't heard. Personally, I'd LOVE to see a return to more of the 60's spirit, with a little more down-to-earth common sense, a lot more distribution of the wealth where it is needed and earned, and a lot more awareness of the short- and long-term consequences of our actions, and definitely a lot less greed. THERE! ... I've said my "thing"!

  12. Very interesting post Sadami. It's so interesting to 'see' and 'hear' about your part of the world.

  13. Dear Judy,
    Thank U. Timely, I was there and thought of many things. Their voices should be heard. Also, we, artists can advocate the voiceless with our media.

  14. Hi, Joshemari,
    Thank you and welcome back to internet! This movement is interesting. It shows the potential of internet use for the public to unite at a global level.Anyway, have a good day!
    A hug and smile,Sadami

    Hola, Joshemari,
    Gracias y bienvenidos de nuevo a internet! Este movimiento es interesante. Esto demuestra el potencial del uso de Internet para que el público se unen en un level.Anyway global, un buen día!
    Un abrazo y una sonrisa, Sadami

    >>>Joshemari said...
    Sadami Hello, I have fixed the issue of Internet and I can reconnect with all my friends.
    You are very good, Sadami, always thinking of the poor.
    Your drawings are a sample of it and I'm with you!
    A hug.

  15. Hi, Patric,
    Thank you for the info of Switzerland. It so true, your caring comment on education, welfare and health system. Well, financially and socially, we, artists are ofen at the bottom of society. Hopefully, society respects artists and values our works in a proper manner.
    Cheers, Sadami

  16. Dear Ann,
    Thank U. I love sketching people and love people!! Even if tens of thousands of books should argue what truth is, without love, it's empty.

  17. Hi Nanina!
    Thank U for the info and cheers!
    Their voices should be heard. Also, we, artists can advocate the voiceless with our media.
    Very happy to know you enjoy the sketch that reminds you of Little Nanian.
    Uploading posts is sometimes not easy. Sounds you are so busy. Take it easy and take care of yourself.

  18. Dear Tim,
    Thank you for a kind comment. Very happy to know you like the second image. I hope politicians will think about this movement seriously.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  19. Hi Jean,
    Thank U for the info and cheers. It's not the happy topic. But I already studied all these topics in sociology almost 10 yrs ago. It implies... no improvement for the issues(very sad...). Some friends are social workers. But their labour conditions are so poor. Where has all money gone?
    As an aritst, I want to sketch what I feel.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  20. Dear Onera,
    Thank you! We, artists can send messages by our own media. I use watercolour!

    Estimado Onera,
    ¡Gracias! Nosotros, los artistas pueden enviar mensajes por nuestros propios medios. Puedo utilizar acuarela!
    Cheers, Sadami

    >>Onera said...
    What a great story, Sadami! Stunning watercolors (as always)
    A hug.

  21. Hi, Evelyn,
    Thank U! Your posts are full of joy and lovely work. Keep up!

  22. Dear Oregame,
    Thank U. Yes, your say might have hit the spot. But a well-known fact, mass media is not impartial and often drives the public. I carefully check the news, even though not easy.
    And so ture we, "artists almost always struggle at the bottom of the pile!" Ah, I'm ready to die in poverty.

    Thank U for encouragements. I've been working on the project. Hope I can make it come true. How is your exhibition going? Busy with preparation or already done?

    Take care and keep up! Your work is so beautiful.

    Best wishes,Sadami

  23. Dear Kath,
    Thank U! I totally agree with your say. We were born naked and leave here with empty hands. Often I ask myself, "What's my most important thing?" For me, not money.
    Regarding occupy, it could be too cold in Canada?
    Well, honest, I do not know 60s spirit, even though I felt as if I were time slipping into 60s. I made graffiti with calk on a ground. Participants sang "The Beatles" and danced along folk songs.
    But it is certain not going back, but going forward, towards the future is the point.

  24. Dear Teri,
    Thank U! Me, too, very interesting. So I sketch them. That's my language!

  25. May I say something wrong but all these people that react to denounce inequality, it is not only a reflection of poverty but also a message of hope to see people able to take action ... That I wanted to be a little positive;)
    Have a nice week, Sadami.

  26. Wonderful report on the Occupy. We are seeing a similar event here, with people camping outside St Paul's Cathedral becasue they weren't allowed to go by the Banks. The vicar was very supportive, though again the police weren't happy.

    I love your sketch of a person crawling under all those influences. It does feel as if we are bombarded.

    Your art does speak loudly indeed !
    Go Sadami, go!

  27. Mother and a Baby are so well melted together in love and compassion Sadami! Great job! I love how warm color like LOVE moving towards the baby and covers it with soft cozy feeling.
    Thank you,

  28. Dear Lydie,
    Thank U. Yes, I agree with you. This movement implies the potential and hope. But also the potential that it could end up vanity of vanity. Need a practical, tactical and diplomatic plan and a well-organized goal, I think. Each participant's reason is very different and some are quite emotional.
    See how it goes.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  29. Dear Pat,
    Thank U so much!! Very happy to know you enjoyed the post. I'll keep up and make lots of illustrations!

  30. Hi, Irina,
    Thank you for kind cheers. I'll make Mom & Baby again in a studio. It'll be a good subject for a Xmas card!!

  31. Saddam,
    yes, it's amazing how quickly you can show all the 'tone' of the facts!
    and this event was a wealth of emotions and good vibes, it had a purpose 'great'!
    I love to see that people do not keep quiet and goes in search of solutions!
    Here, people fear manifests itself as well!
    Your drawings are the purest expression of the sense of humanity!
    a huge hug ;)
    take care!!!!

  32. Hi,Denise,
    Thank you for always warm cheers. I'll sketch ordinary people's ordinary life--we all know that our life is full of beauty and treasures.

  33. ciao Sadami sono conten ta di rivedere i tuoi lavori. Tra atmosfere, colori ed espressioni trasmettono leggerezza e serenità. Ciao, Floriana
    I try to translat: I am happy to see again your works because the atmosphere, the colours and
    the faces give much serenity and ..(the contrary of heavy).

  34. Our own Occupy group locally is being run out of the park every night - and that's about all the local news covers; not what they want, what they believe, etc. I did hear that the NY Occupy group raised $450,000 in donations to keep up their occupation and that they are very organized with doling out food, cleaning up after themselves, etc. It does seem a bit like a return to the protests of the 60's and maybe that's not a bad thing - but hard to change the system from without. I really enjoyed your sketches of these events.

  35. Tus dibujos y tus comentarios reflejan la actualidad que vivimos, así como tus vivencias.

    Es un placer contemplarlos.

    Un saludo Sadami.

  36. Dear Floriana,
    Thank you so much! Your English is brilliant!! I hope myself to keep up. You, too, enjoy painting.

    Floriana Gentile,
    Grazie mille! Il tuo inglese è geniale! Spero che a me stesso di stare al passo. Anche voi piace dipingere.
    Cheers, Sadami

    Hello Sadam, 'm glad to see your work. Among atmospheres, colors and expressions transmit light and serenity. Ciao, Floriana

  37. Hi,Rhonda,
    Thank you for the info and happy to know you enjoyed the sketches. The NY Occupy donation amount is amazing. But I totally agree with you, "the difficulty to change the systam from without." That's reality.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  38. Querida Montse,
    Muchas gracias! Vamos a compartir nuestras vidas a través del arte.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

    Dear Montse,
    Thank you very much! Let us share our lives through art.
    Kind regards,Sadami

    Your drawings and your comments reflect that we live today, and your experience.
    It is a pleasure to watch.
    Sadami greetings.

  39. very good the last works, Sadami : )

  40. Hi,Sadeu,
    Thank you very much! Let us enjoy drawing!!

  41. Hi Sadami, I loved reading your comments about the occupation where you are. I am in Portland Oregon, and it is starting to look like the protesters will never leave the park. Oregonians seem to enjoy camping, so they are in their element, in a way. I have thought about going to the camp and sketching like you have done...just to be part of it. Your sketches are beautiful and I love what you said about young people. I agree...they are full of ideas and vitality.

  42. Dear Celeste,
    Thank U for a kind comment and your place's info! Sketching people is good. Sure, Celeste, you'll make wonderful drawings. So far, this movement does not grow like the States.
    Regarding youths, CERTAINLY, you're one of them! Without ideas and ivtality, how can Celeste make everyday painting! Yeah!!!

  43. Not sure how I missed this, but great pieces as always, Ev