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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Clear Writing is Illustrator's Vital Skills

Hiya, Friends, thank you for a great patience for my new post! This week, I'll chat over the importance of clear writing skills for a visual artist. Clear writing skills are as vital as good drawing skills. I've been working on paper work. Really, I'm under the pressure of the pile of papers this month. But I keep sketching to refresh myself. If I don't touch brushes, my hands cry out, really. I put colours on a black and white sketch (@the bottom of this post) from the memory. I also changed the use of colours to create a mood. It worked well, which gives me confidence to try this way -- sketch on spot and illustrate it in a studio!
Back to the topic, the importance of clear writing for a visual artist. In communication, we heavily rely on writing such as emails and documents in society. Competitions and any applications require writings. In the assessment of competitions and applications, good clear writing stands you out from other applicants.

Clear writing
Plain English is enough and essential, because, for example, application and submission limits words. "Write it even for an eight years old kid can get!" is my motto. (*My sociology tutor gave me the advice in uni.) My writing must get readers to follow my thoughts. I want them to say, "Ah-ha, Sadami wants to tell me that-and-that," after reading, don't you? "Smooth information flow" is the key. You do not need to write like a PhD thesis. Wishy-washy foggy sentences are "DON'T."

The tips for clear writing on a sentence, a paragraph structure and proof reading.

"Technical" rules on sentences. Basic and essential.
  • simple sentences = short sentences in right punctuation, spell and grammar. 
  • tell what you want to say straightforward. 
  • tighten up sentences = delete unnecessary words. 
  • use your familiar words, if not confidnet in a new word. 
Rules on the writing structure, paragraphs. 
  • entire writing has a "theme" = what you want to say.   
  • entire writing is divided into paragraphs that respond to the theme = easy to read.  
  • a paragraph has a structure =  a topic sentence, a body and a conclusion.  
  • each paragraph connects well by conjunctions = smooth information flow.  
A good clear writing has a structure. If you pick up a head sentence and a last sentence in each paragrah, you can get a topic and a conclusion.  

Do Proof Reading
  • Get your friends to read what you've read! Get feedback! 
  • Read loud your own writing. **Clear writing is easy to read out = if you cannot, your information flow is poor or stuck somewhere. 
The above is from my bitter experiences (outch!?). If they help you some, I'm very happy. If you have any more suggestions that I missed out, please let me know.

Regarding publishing industry, in globalisation, illustrators contact publishers all over the world. A formal and clear writing is essential in communication. An editor and an Illustrator exchange thoughts about texts and pictures by email. If an email does not covey an Illustrator's message, poor communication will mess up a project. As far as I know, successful illustrators and big names often have studied education, social science, particularly, English and linguistics. Many editors, too, are from education, English literature and language areas or experts of English/language.

This is the spot on sketch. 
He was trying hard to type out sentences on a keyboard.
Are you good at writing? I was not good at essay writing at uni. So, Friends, if you feel, "Oh, no I'm not, either," you are not alone!!! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ  Aaagghhh, I'm under the pressure of a closing date of grants application. It's the beginning of March ~(*o*)~. I have to write more than 500 words in some parts. So, please pardon if I do not post each Monday. If you were a next door, I'd like you to check my draft. While writing the draft, I enjoy watercolour painting so as to post them for this blog. Thank you for visiting. Oh, you can't imagine how much I appreciate your warm cheers. I've learned lots how to say it in English from the communication with you, Friends.
Friends, Happy Painting and Writing, too!!



  1. Escribir y dibujar... ¡mis dos grandes aficiones!
    Un abrazo, Sadami.

    1. Wow, gracias y usted es tan grande, Onera! Mantenga el dibujo y la escritura. Estoy seguro de que eres muy creativo. (((Abrazo))) Sadami

      Wow, thank you and you're so great, Onera! Keep drawing and writing. I'm certain you're very creative. ((( Hug ))) Sadami

      >>> Onera said...
      Writing and drawing ... my two great passions!
      A hug, Sadami.

  2. Comunicarse correctamente es importante, bien sea por la escritura, oralmente o dibujando y pintando. Tu tienes un gran don con lo del dibujo, el que nos muestras hoy, fantastico, nos muestra claramente a ese hombre casi como si lo conocieramos.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Ooohhh, gracias, Tina !!! Sus aplausos Say Me hasta tanto. Voy a terminar el proyecto y pido amigos a hacer la prueba de leerlo. Sí, una buena comunicación es el elemento más importante. Espero poder presentar un documento de fácil lectura.
      (((Abrazo))) y gracias, Sadami

      Ooohhh, thank you, Tina!!! Your say cheers me up so much. I'll finish up the draft and ask friends to do proof reading it. Yes, a good communication is the most important element. I hope I can submit a document easy to read.
      ((( Hug ))) and thanks, Sadami

      >>>> Tina said...
      Communicate properly is important, either by writing, orally or drawing and painting. You have a great gift with the drawing, you show us today, fantastic, clearly shows us that man almost as if we knew.
      A hug.

  3. Sadami, you are such a hard worker. Your art is fabulous and I love your blog commentary so I do not expect you will have any trouble with 500 words once you get going. Blessings!

    1. Thank you very much, Carol! A docmument is nearly done. I'll get friends to do proof reading them. I hope I can submit a document easy to read. Cheers, Sadami

  4. Sadami, estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo sobre que: la escritura ha de ser para que todos la entiendan, así como el dibujo y las palabras. Cuando uno habla, tiene que hacerlo para que todos lo entiendan. Si no, es de mala educación. Los políticos deberían aprender mucho sobre este tema!!!!
    Tus dibujos, como siempre Fantásticos!!! Se entiende todo!!!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Oh, gracias, Joshemari! Feliz de saber que usted está de acuerdo conmigo. Sí, debemos hablar, dibujar, PAIT para cualquier persona las puede entender todo. Espero que nadie va a conseguir mi trabajo y decir. Yo estoy muy de acuerdo con usted en que los políticos son tan grosero. Se estudió la composición de la muestra en Sydney uni. Era demasiado bueno. Un profesor dijo: "Este estudiante se convirtió en un político."
      Un grande (((Abrazo))) Sadami

      Oh, thank you, Joshemari! Happy to know you agree with me. Yes, we should speak, draw, pait for anyone can understand them all. I hope anyone will get my work and say. I really agree with you that politicians are so rude. We studied the sample essay at Sydney uni. It was too good. A lecturer said, "This student became a politician."
      A big ((( Hug ))) Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      Sadami, I totally agree with you on that: writing must be for everyone to understand as well as drawing and words. When you talk, you must do for all to understand. If not, it's rude. Politicians should learn a lot about this topic !!!!
      Your drawings, as always Fantastic !!! Means any !!!
      A hug.

  5. Yes, writing... I try to express my thoughts in the most concise and precise way and it takes me forever to formulate them. Having to do it in a foreign language doesn't help either, but is not the only excuse.
    Your sketch is so expressive! Few people have such great control of this language, Sadami!

    1. Dear Blaga, Yes, I feel what you feel about language. Language and words interest me. So, I chose linguistics. Eventually, I moved onto psychology. Blaga, word meaing is changing from time to time = no one is right. Society/humans shape language and vice verse. Also, each person has different word use. Check "Idiolect = individual speech habits." So, please have confidence in your word use.
      Thank you for nice say on my work. I'll keep up. You, too!
      Best wishes, Sadami

  6. I have never been good with words. Do keep trying though. You are a genious. Keep inspiring.

    1. Thank u, AK! You're good at writing. Your blog posts touch readers' hearts and very polite. Na, I'm not writing, but the tips above are from my own uni experiences. Cheers, Sadami

    2. Dear Sadami:) For my work I have to write a lot, so your standards are not unknown to me. If I fail I'll get the work back. The judiciary has to work with it so it has to be clear and neat. My main rule is:stick to the main topic and do not forward to side issues. Anyway, I always know exactly what you try to tell us. With your beautiful sketches we are sure what you want to tell us:) Take a deep breath and go for it. Your words will be just as beautiful as your sketches. Big hugs:)xx

    3. Dear Renate, I perfectly understand what you say and how important your work is!!! I admire you. Like you wrote, I must stick to a topic.
      Btw, your English is lovely. Glad you've understood my writings. If not, feel free and tell me so. I always practice English. Let us enjoy drawing and writing together.
      (((Hugs))) Sadami

  7. Dear Sadami,

    Your art is fantastic. I am very short on words but big in heart. Warmest greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Oh, sweet Linda, thank you! I certainly feel your warmest greetings!! What a lovely lady you are, big in heart! That's the thing we want to be.
      Cheers, Best wishes from Australia, Sadami

  8. Hi Sadami,
    wonderful sketch and painting, it says a lot. Thank you for your advices for a good writing.
    In spanish we tend to have complex sentences, and it's not good.

    1. Thank u, Fernando. Yes, I want my paintings to say stories and hope to tap viewers imagination. I'm struggling to finish up the paper work right now. Your say really cheers me up. You, too, have a wonderful day and enjoy drawing! Cheers, Sadami

  9. Il est extra ce monsieur devant son clavier ! On sent sa concentration et son application !

  10. Oh, doux Corinne, je vous remercie beaucoup! Je ai esquissé lui se concentrer sur un travail sur ordinateur. Ce ne est que pour quelques minutes, mais son haute attention capturé mes yeux. Je espère que nous allons profiter de dessin plus dans la vie quotidienne! Cheers, Sadami

    Oh, sweet Corinne, thank you so much! I sketched him concentrating on a computer work. It was only for a few minutes, but his high attention captured my eyes. I hope we will enjoy drawing more in daily life! Cheers, Sadami

    >>> Corinne said...
    It is extra this gentleman before his keyboard! One feels his concentration and application!