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Monday, January 25, 2016

Acquittal Report = Grants Report

An acquittal report is a grant report on funded project activities, expenditure of given money and what you've learned from the project. A grants body verifies your achievements by a report. An acquittal report is the final step for a grants recipient to accomplish a project. Like a title, "acquittal" is a formal declaration that will set a recipient free from it. But if there have been inadequate and wrong expenditures, a peak body will take action to recover misused and unused funds = a recipient will have to pay back all or part of given funds and will be ineligible to apply for funds onward. Gulp.
My acquittal report was accepted. Happy ending! A "successful grant user" remains as achievement in a CV. It will become advantage in future funds application. An artist is, idealy, good at both : a brush and a pen in a practical aspect eg) grants application and statements for exhibitions.
In a report, a recipient of funds has to show : 
 the project activities and achievements - what, when, how etc 
 spent money in detail 
 answers for questions set by a grant foundatifon = drawn the insights from a carried out project 
with concrete evidence such as photos, a video and so on. 
For example, I used the video of the Moon and joined project "Building Dreams" edited by Wesley Mission. It eloquently showed what I did in the project. Many funds have "templates" of acquittal reports. Check them, when you become a successful applicant of a grant. Plan what sorts of proof is suitable for a report.  
It is preferable that a grant recipient will start to writing an acquittal report earlier, not far after the project activities, in my experience. I started to write a report nearly at the end of the Moon project. Unfortunately, I experienced serious two injuries just after the Moon exhibition. I could hardly use hands at hospital. But my early started report saved myself! I could review the report and finished it up with my "one finger" typing before a due date. No panic and the report got through the committee. Yey! "Plan ahead" is important. Also, clear and good writing skills are essential in art industry.
Regarding Accessible Arts NSW Quick Response Grants, my honest impression :  
• So quick! Wonderful! 
• Very kind and amazingly supportive. 
The team wants candidates to make their dreams come true. In 2015, Accessible Arts NSW provided $198,000 in Small and Quick Response grants to not-for-profit arts and disability services/organisations and/or for groups or individual artists with disability living in NSW. I was one of them! 
A great bonus! In the first grants experience, I could establish connections with Australia Councils of Arts, Accessible Arts, National Association for the Visual Arts, Wesley and many organisations across Australia and have enhanced relations (*grants hunting is a national and international job!). As I always made tons of mistakes in writings and asked peakbodies many questions. They are so supportive and encouraging me, a novice, as you have seen in the past posts. All the peak bodies mentioned above have grants information and useful workshops. These established contacts will be an artist's assets in art industry. Of course, my mentors, too, have supported my try. That's the way a mentree will learn through experience. 
Friends, Happy Painting and Happy Writing! Make your dreams come true! 

Australia Council of Arts (2016)
Accessible Arts NSW (2015)




  1. Your sketches of children are beautiful and they show so well how the children enjoy reading!
    Have a great week and Happy painting to you, Sadami!

    1. Thank u, Martine! Sure, you, too, enjoy life fully and make your dreams come true. Best wishes, ((Hugs)) Sadami

  2. Querida Sadami, lo siento, pero no podré hacer un comentario adecuado a esta entrada en tu blog. No entiendo muy bien lo que quieres decir. Es posible que la traducción, tampoco ayude... pero me resulta difícil comprender y comentar sobre ello.
    Te aprecio mucho. Un beso.

    1. Estimado Joshemari,
      Espero que esta explicación le ayudará. "Subvenciones" significa el dinero dado por los órganos máximos, consejo, gobierno estatal o del gobierno a los candidatos seleccionados en diferentes áreas como las artes y otros. La mayoría de los fondos están destinados para actividades no comerciales, como hice el taller de pintura a la acuarela para las personas con discapacidad en un "proyecto de construcción sueños". Las organizaciones de fondos siempre requieren receptores de dinero para que presenten sus informes de actividades. Eso es lo que escribí en el post. Por favor, no se preocupe por el contenido de este blog, si usted no puede conseguirlo.
      Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Dear Joshemari,
      I hope this explanation will help you. "Grants" means the money given by peak bodies, council, state government or government to successful applicants in different areas such as arts and others. Most of funds are set for non commercial activities such as I did the watercolour painting workshop for people with disability in a "building dreams project". The funds organisations always require money receivers to submit their reports of activities. That's what I wrote in the post. Please don't worry about the content of this blog, if you can't get it.
      Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>> Joshemari said...
      Sadami dear, I'm sorry, but I can not make an appropriate comment to this blog entry. I do not quite understand what you mean. Perhaps the translation did not help ... but I find it difficult to understand and comment on it.
      I appreciate that. A kiss.

  3. This sounds like a completely positive experience for you, Sadami, and I look forward to more grants being approved for you to make more lovely work and books and portraits and... :)

    1. Yes, thank u, sweet Rhonda! I'll make it happen and positive!! Cheers, Sadami

  4. I am so happy for you, Sadami! The sketches of the reading children are so lovely!

    1. Thank u, so kind Judy! You, too, enjoy drawing and painting! Best wishes, Sadami

  5. I'm looking at your sketches, they look so effortless, just perfect! I've been trying to do quick figure sketches lately and am fully aware how difficult it is to capture the pose before the person moves. Your people are always so alive!

    1. Thank you, sweet Blaga! You create beautiful watercolour. My work is not perfect at all. Quick figure sketches are not so hard. Capturing "moving" people, not staying still, is the key in drawing and value study is the tip in colour. Best wishes, Sadami