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Monday, January 11, 2016

Awesome Recycled Architecture Fair in Sydney Festival

Any family, come, join "Architectura de Feria" = "Architecture Fair" in Prince Alfred park in Parramatta. All the rides are free and run by manpower -- on nothing electronic! Parents and children play together from rides, shooing, a bicycle racing game to fascinating machines in a fairground. An artist, Jordà Ferré has recycled materials and turned objects to surprising machines/architectures. I sketched most of the works! They have classical, yet, unique, elegant and amazing shapes and brilliant functions! What an ecological and environmental friendly “Antigua I Barbuda Catalonia Australian Exclusive”!
A very sophisticated art work I realised is at the entrance of Riverside Theatres opposite to the Prince Alfred square. Friends, can you guess what the machine (below) is for? Can you tell how it works? “For a dentist use,” a lady said – Na! What else? Any one?
It’s a wine server! How graceful it is! Can't believe it? Here we go, its YouTube. A distinct and incomparable concept is the key of all the art works created by Jordà. 
I met the artist Jordà in person, while I was sketching a Ferris wheel. Lovely Jordà is a Catalan speaker. Come on, Spanish and Catalan speaking blog readers. Let’s have fun!  
This Ferris wheel is run by a mom or a dad’s hands! Children ride on toilet seats. Hilarious and a wonderful humour! Of course, riding children are so happy. Look at this smiling boy. Only the shame is that I cannot enjoy it because of my weight (max. weight 45kg). Lovely staff always asks audience and children to put hands together for a volunteer's vigorous exercise at any machine. The art work and the event are very heart warming, comical and entertaining as well as serious and beautiful. 

All the staff centralise children and respect them as well as parents. The children and disadvantaged people are heroes and winners in the event. Parents wind up handles or spin pedals to work these machines for children. Below, at the right side of the Ferris wheel, you can find two tyres and a belt. THERE, a volunteer cranks a handle. Parents, it's a good exercise and sure, you'll be fit! 
But also the artist and the team have set special seats for exhausted parents like the rides offered for children. Only parents may take comfy big seats and children move fans, in turn of their parents’ hard work after all the rides! How’s that! How well-organised event this is! It is wonderful to see a sweet interaction between parents and children in family. I’d like to say special thanks to the staff, especially, the team who came a long way from Spain. It is their sensitive and enormous efforts that run this wonderful family event successful and happy for anyone! Children, please handle the staff with care, because they are fragile and easy to be broken. 
Let’s try another ride of a merry-go-round. Each ride in it is has a unique shape designed for a parent/carer and a child. Yes, the artist designed two seats for children and parents to have fun together. I love to watch each “art work” in carousels. I like the double seated red airplane most! Originality is outstanding. If you like, you can try another carousel. It has a cool airplane, a funny crocodile, a rocket and so on. Children, people, all cheer up Mom or Dad working hard for carousels!   
Ok, would you like to try something different from a ride? Here’s the shooting for children. You can try three times at a bicycle bell. Do you kne? The bullets are pits of olive! Each time, a child must EAT up an olive. Excellent humour!! According to staff, “No one has ever shot three times. Only twice. If you can make it, you’re the champion!” Kids, go and try! You may become a world record holder. What a clever setting! An out of mark hits piano wires and makes a dramatic and formidable sound in a low key. Another fun game is a bicycle race like "Le Tour de France"! Two people on station bikes move their miniature and tiny bikes in a course on a big table. We cheer up participants around the table! Children, go for it! You may beat adults! I love all the games and to hear people's hot cheers and big laugh, here, there, everywhere. 
Parents, children, you can't miss this fantastic and free event. Come and say hello to the wonderful team from Spain and locals. A local Sydney Festival staff talked to me. He said, "I saw you communicate people. Very open and approachable. You don't have a wall." His say was my great reward. Children, too, talked to me, sketching something. Oh, yes, nice live music is also free. The machines are beautiful in lights at night and in a comfortable cool weather. (*we're in summer!)  

Parramatta Prince Alfred Square (View map
7–26 January 
Tue–Thu & Sun, 2pm–8pm
Fri & Sat, 2pm–10pm
Closed Mondays
Cost: Admission is free.

Finally, I'd say special thanks for all the staff, anyone involved with the event and children and parents. You've brought us such a wonderful event freebie! You've also cheered me up to keep on these sketches. Thank you for your friendship! 
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. This sounds like a fantastic event!!! People-powered rides and ferris wheels, eating olives to get the pits for the guns!! Love it! And you've captured it so well :) Enjoy and return to do more paintings :)

    1. Thank u, sweet Rhonda! Yes, the team and Sydney Fes staff asks me to come back. I'll pop up this week to see them. I'd say special thanks to them. Cheers, Sadami

  2. What a lot of fun this post is. Love your drawings.

    1. So caring Ann, thank u! Yes, you have to come and join it. It's nice to see people's happy faces and hear cheerful voices. xxx Sadami

  3. Oh my goodness....what an event! Love all your is like we get to be there too!

    1. Thank u, Celeste. You should come and join it, too. Great fun! Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Bueno, bueno... estoy viendo a Sadami disfrutando como si fuese una niña!!! O, es una niña? Qué divertido! Con estos inventos, todos son niños, los papas y los pequeños y... a disfrutar!!
    Muy bien Sadami, tus dibujos siguen siendo geniales y te felicito por ello y por transformarnos a todos en niños con ganas de jugar!!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari! Sé que eres un niño siempre jóvenes que aman los juguetes y los barcos, ¿no es así? Es muy importante para nosotros saber cómo los niños ven el mundo o sentir el mundo. Me encanta llevar a conversaciones con los niños. Como ilustrador de libros los niños foto, me gustaría recordar las emociones de los niños en mi corazón para siempre.
      Usted, también, disfrutar de dibujo !! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you so much, Joshemari! I know you're a forever young boy who love toys and ships, aren't you? It's very important for us to know how children see the world or feel the world. I love to carry conversations with children. As a children picture book illustrator, I'd like to remember children's emotions in my heart forever.
      You, too, enjoy drawing!! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      Well, well ... I'm enjoying watching Sadami as if she were a child !!! Or, is it a girl? What fun! With these inventions are all children, and small potatoes and ... enjoy !!
      Very good Sadami, your drawings are still great and I congratulate you for that and for all transform children wanting to play !!
      A hug.

  5. Thank you for taking me on a walk and joy rides through this amusement park, Sadami!

    1. Oh, sweet Blaga, thank you for enjoying this park! If they come to Canada, try it and sketch them all. Children's joyful voices are the most beauty in any park. Best wishes, Sadami

  6. Such fun - words and drawings together bring it all to life, and I can believe that there are no walls between you and the children - lovely Sadami!

    1. Thank u, sweet Cathy! Yes, children soon notice me sketching and talk to me with a great respect and in a shy mannar. They call parents and come, see my work. I love to have a chat with any children and adults. Sketching is a magic! Cheers, Sadami