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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Comparing Current Work with Old One in Busker Sketching

Friends, I'll upload musicians : harp players and a guitar playerMy recent work shows improvements in drawing, colour use and other techniques. A current style gets more spontaneous and free. A harp player is rare in buskers. I met only two harp players in the past 10 years. This is the second guy. I sketched him in a quick way. 
This is the old work and a first harp player. I met the first harp player 7 years ago. I still can remember that sketch took a long time to finish up on spot.  Today, in my eyes, the work came out very rigid and awkward because it failed to simplify visual information. But I told myself, "I did my best. Celebrate it!" on that day. In addition, the lady harp player asked me to sell this work (*Thank you!).  
Sometimes, it's a good idea to look at an old work and compare it with a present one. We don't improve in a day, but day by day one goes far.  
Here's a guitarist, my recent work. His emotions in a face interested me most. Like music, sketches of musicians or drawings have a rhythm and a melody. Lines and colours sing and dance in work. I hope I will explore them in my work.   

Thank you for warm concerns and cheers at the time of injury and after a surgery. A physiotherapist says my shoulder and a wrist have a quick recovery.  A next follow up will be the last consultation. Then, I'll see her and doctors in an year. 
Now, a long weekend was over. Projects occupy me lot. 
You, too, Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Si no vas a ver a tu médico en un año, quiere decir que la recuperación ha sido un éxito! Me alegro mucho, Sadami.
    Con respecto al dibujo de un músico en la calle, es muy interesante, porque se mueven poco y puedes captar su expresión. Tú lo has captado perfectamente y te felicito por ello! Encima el color! Generalmente no suelo tener tiempo para colorear lo que hago con rapidez. Lo suelo colorear en casa. Para ello utilizo tinta permanente, que no se altera con el agua. Sí que pongo sombras, diluyendo las tintas no permanentes, con agua.
    Un fuerte abrazo. Felices Pascuas! Encontraste el huevo, en el jardín? He, he.

    1. Hola, dulce Joshmari, muchas gracias! Voy a ver pronto el fisioterapeuta. Estoy seguro de conseguir su buena regeneración.
      En cuanto a lugar en el bosquejar de músicos, la captura de movimiento es la clave en el dibujo. Luego, en el colorante, me centro en un valor tonal en el momento. Un punto en el trabajo puede capturar así un estado de ánimo. Intentalo. Es divertido. Su pluma es precioso e impresionante. Todavía no puede acostumbrarse a una pluma y tinta. Un día, tienes que enseñarme cómo hacerlo en persona.
      Un abrazo y feliz Pascua a usted! Sí, he encontrado el huevo en la boca y otros.
      Él, él, él !!!
      Los mejores deseos, Sadami

      Hi, Sweet Joshmari, thank you very much! I'll soon see the physiotherapist. I'm confidentto get her good feedback.
      Regarding spot on sketching of musicians, capturing of movement is the key in drawing. Then, in colouring, I focus on a tonal value on spot. A spot on work can capture a mood well. Try it. It's fun. Your pen is lovely and impressive. I still cannot get used to a pen and ink. One day, you have to teach me how to do it in person.
      A hug and Happy Easter to you! Yes, I found the egg in my mouth and others.
      He, he, he!!!
      Best wishes,Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      If you're not going to see your doctor in a year, it means that the recovery has been a success! I'm glad, Sadami.
      With respect to the drawing of a musician on the street, it is very interesting, because little can move and capture their expression. You've captured it perfectly and I congratulate you for it! Above the color! I do not usually have time to color usually what I do quickly. I floor coloring at home. For this I use permanent ink, which is not affected by water. Yes I put shadows, nonpermanent inks diluting with water.
      A hug. Happy Easter! You find the egg in the garden? I have, I have.

  2. Your musicians are full of character, Sadami! I'm happy that you are recovering so well.

    1. Thank you, Judy! Musicians love my work, great. My left hand is almost ok. Cheers, Sadami

  3. Hola Sadami, hacia tiempo que no entraba en internet y ahora he aprovechado para ver tus últimos post, impresionantes como siempre tus dibujos que miro con una sonrisa en los labios, eres muy buena!, el ultimo post de los músicos dice mucho sobre como evolucionas hacia la simplicidad, pero consiguiendo mucha mas fuerza en los detalles, la cara del guitarrista es francamente buena.
    He pasado un rato delicioso disfrutando de tus dibujos, solo me apena la noticia de que vuelves a tener problemas en tu mano, espero sinceramente una rápida recuperación.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, dulce y querida amiga Tina! Estoy muy feliz de saber de usted. Siempre me animan y me levantas. Voy a disfrutar dibujo de mover a la gente cada vez más. Estoy trabajando en proyectos de ilustración de libros ilustrados y retratos ahora.
      En cuanto a la fractura de la mano izquierda (noviembre pasado, tuve), yo estoy recuperando muy bien. Voy a bien con sus alegrías. Usted, también, disfrutar de dibujo y pintura.
      Los mejores deseos, ((abrazos)), Sadami

      Thank you very much, sweet and dear friend Tina! I'm very happy to hear from you. You always encourage me and lift me up. I will enjoy drawing of moving people more and more. I'm working on picture book illustration projects and portraits now.
      Regarding the fractured left hand (Last November, I had), I'm recoverying very well. I'll get well with your cheers. You, too, enjoy drawing and painting.
      Best wishes, (( hugs )), Sadami

      >>>> Tina said...
      Hello Sadami, not long since entered internet and now I used to see your latest post, impressive as always your drawings I look with a smile, you're very good !, the last post of the musicians says a lot about how you evolve towards simplicity, but getting much more strength in the details, the face of the guitar is downright good.
      I spent a delightful time enjoying your drawings, just saddens me the news that you come to have problems in your hand, sincerely hope a speedy recovery.
      A hug.

  4. good to know you are doing well...your paintings are always filled with joy!

    1. Thank you so much, Celeste. And yours, too! Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Dear Sadami - just hopped in to visit. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you are getting better everyday. So nice to see your new sketches and your older one. Your style has certainly taken on more emotion but looking back I can see some of your new way in the old as well. Both were and are great - have a super week.

    1. Thank u, sweet Debbie! We're growing and improving day by day, aren't we! You, too. You're always caring for others. Have a super creative and productive week!! Best wishes, Sadami