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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Visited Como, Sydney Sketch Club

Sydney Sketch Club is visiting places by an alphabetical order. "C" for Como, 27 km south from Sydney CBD. We enjoyed sketching, freebie handmade lunch and really a wonderful friendship from members. Wow, one of our members set "road signs" on a station and a street! They led us to a right meeting place. What a kind welcome! Furthermore, she, her hubby and her friends set our sausage sizzles, salads and fruits. She humbly said, "You are coming such a long way," and was concerned that there were not many cafes. Oh, we THANK for the members' hospitality and the organiser, Jennifer. 

Como Hotel (1878) saw two world wars come and go, but could not withstand a fire in November 1996. Affectionately known as the Como Hilton, it was re-built 5 years later keeping the original brickwork. According to a member, "There used to be 13 hotels here when mostly German immigrants were building the railway and the bridge. Como became a great holiday stay, especially for honeymooners." Oh, it sounds interesting.  

I sketched this, sitting on a street opposite to the hotel. Many children and parents were coming and going on the way to soccer or rugby on the ground behind us. Pedestrians and I had a short "hello" chat. Plain air sketching makes me most cheerful and always brings warm human interactions. I sang and whistled. 
I'm learning lots about architecture and landscapes. It's fun. Experience is the best teacher.  
After the wonderful lunch, I sketched an old bridge from a high point with another member. We enjoyed a chat, too. It took four flights of steep stairs and a rock climb to the spot. But it was worth doing it. So beautiful view from a high point. Other brave members went across the bridge and could see us from the bridge. The Rail Bridge across Georges River which was opened in 1885 was one of 12 prefabricated lattice truss iron bridges ordered by the noted Engineer-in-Chief John Whitton. The view was so beautiful and peaceful. Just beneath the spot, children were enjoying swimming (Ah! I should have brought a swimmer!). Luckily, I could finish up this sketch just before a downpour on us -- 10 minutes or so, a heavy rain. 
I've begun to play with colours in landscapes. I hope I will make a progress. 
I will sketch more landscapes and architecture and enjoy them. Group activities are wonderful to encourage each other. Thank you for all the nice members. Special thanks for the member who gave us a fabulous welcome. Our Como visit became one of the most enjoyable days. In Sydney sketch club history, the street signs, the unexpected lunch and the member's name will be an outstanding epic. She is a legend!  
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Hello Sadami! You are so brave to sketch such a complicated building with all these balconies and red roofs. When I see architecture like this I usualy think I can't manage to capture it. And you did it beautifully! How long did it take to make this sketch?

    1. Sweet Agnieszka, thank you! It took 1 or 1.5 hour, A4. You don't need to give it up at all. Just think a building like boxes. Indeed, you can simplify architecture into some boxes or children's toy bricks. And you can handle it! The bridge is a quick sketch. A short time worked out.
      Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Superr sketch of the hotel. It looks full of character

    1. Thank you, sweet Polly! Yes, the hotel was a very interesting subject. You have to come join us next time! Cheers, Sadami