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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Why Do You Draw?

A lady I sketched in a cafe asked me "Why do you draw?" I answered, "I like it. Joy." The lady showed a big smile and affirmed my say, "Joy!" I honestly told her, "Sometimes, artists get stuck in drawing. Not easy." She encouraged me, "Remember, why you draw and joy!" I've realised the answer is in me. After a good bye to her, I created this work and enjoyed washes. Wet-in-wet excites me!  
I feel "Seek and you'll find it," is true. Or, paradoxically, an answer is in her. Each individual will find a different answer that will respond to her uniqueness and who she is. I read through most classic psychologists' writings on personality and studied counselling psychology. In fact, a psychology lecturer assisted me to find who I have been/am/will be. The psychology lecturer recognised my artistic talent and encouraged me to be honest with myself or be an artist. I could not believe what I had and no confidence. To be honest with myself is not easy. First, a person needs to know who she is. My journey began. The kind lecturer suggested me to read some psychology books, respected my agency and let me make a decision. I read lots in uni. It took years for me to ponder about what/who I am and claimed, "I'm an artist." My seeking empowered me and liberated me. A lovely bonus is that I've started to work on what I will be most and fully. I focus on "now-and-here and future." 
I was not a good student (?!) though, lecturers have been cheering me up. Now, above, "Intercultural Communication" written by Prof Ingrid Piller is out in Australia, too (Edinburgh University Press). Nice to hear other former lecturers' celebrations. I'm looking forward to compliments books signed by Ingrid, probably, one of the most beloved linguists in the world! No kidding!! That lady has taught us and teaches around the world. Another linguist secretly calls her, "Super woman!" Yes, indeed! Hahaha, Ingrid, your ears must be burning? 

Today, I'm dead honest with myself = so happy to live an artist life, particularly, a picture book illustrator, a portraitist and a book cover designer. But I know the time when I wondered for years were very precious and important. It has made current Sadami. When I get lost or wonder in a journey of art, I will remember why I draw and joy. 
Btw, we're planning "My Socks" book launch. It will be fun in the mid October.  
Friends, Happy Painting and enjoy drawing! 



  1. It's wonderful that you can do what brings you joy :). Your artwork brings us joy, too!

    1. Oh, thank you, sweet Rhonda! You're my wonderful cheer leader. Yes, joy must be shared. Otherwise, it cannot be accomplished on the earth, I'm convinced. Your work, too, brings us joy. Go, Rhonda! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Dear Sadami, we are glad too that you are happy and joyful being an artist because we get to see your wonderful creations. I think I speak for all bloggers who visit your site.
    We have much respect for your art and wish you success always.

    1. Thank you very much, sweet Carol! Apart from a commercial success, I've learned to be "what I am fully" is my success. I always appreciate your kind and strong support. You, too, enjoy life and creative activities. Best wishes, Sadami