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Monday, August 14, 2017

Winter Swimming, Tips to Capture Waves

I swam 800m in an icy ocean pool. It was all mine. At first, as if water were stinging me like pin needles. A few other people dabbed themselves for a minute and got out. I kept on as I wanted to make 500 m, at least. One gentleman came close to me and looked into my swimming from his curiosity for quite a while. I began to feel the fingers got white and lost sensation. Too cold to stay in the rock bath for more than an hour. Then, I got out of it. 

I saw a brave regular lady in a changing room. Yes, I learned to bring a "thermos" from her last year! We chatted. It was good that I could make a long distance. The leg rehab is not easy though, my positiveness makes others happy, too. The neurologists said, "It's a miracle!" with a big smile. Hahaha, thanks! Yes, I walk and stay in a good or best condition. I'm going to give the neurologists "My Dog Socks" signed by me.  
Yes, we tend to think waves are very hard. Try this -- simplify a topic = choose the most impressed one and focus on it = pick up the most interesting waves. Observe how they move. They repeat the movement. Understand the pattern of movement. Colours are up to you. Your colour use is different from mine. Use your own colours and show your own approach. Make lots of messes and have fun. You'll find your unique approach and the solution of waves. An artist's love towards a subject will come up in work, which will reach others hearts. 

Capturing waves is fun by wash techniques and colours. I want to apply what I've learned to depict a seascape in a bigger size paper size and other general or abstract subjects such as still life or deep human emotions in illustration. Also, I want to study other masters's work like Winslow Hormer and learn different approaches to water. A long way to go. I'm only a starter and life long learner. 
Friends, Happy Painting!   



  1. Yes, we are all lifetime learners (we hope, or otherwise, we have become stagnant!). Love your waves - so many luscious colors in those big waves of your painting :) You are so strong to swim in cold, biting water and keep going!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! I know you, too, are very strong and brave to face many things in a life. Please take care. When u come to Sydney, I'll take you to a beach to "taste" delicious waves with eyes and a toungue. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Sadami you certainly captured these waves perfectly...lots of movement. I am always learning too. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I'm always learning from you, too. Let's enjoy life fully. Best wishes, Sadami