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Monday, March 16, 2015

New Stylefile, big, long, wide, beautiful!

My ASA stylefile has been renewed. I added new four images! A new portfolio has become modern and looks very nice. A successful applicant may upload maximum 8 images after the panel's acknowledgement. The new Style File website features the work of 52 Australian illustrators, 23 of which have never before been seen on Style File.
Here's my 8 images. Which image do you like? In Stylefile, you can search by names, genres/styles/subjects, intended audience, media/technique to meet your project needs. 

Other wonderful features :
  • An image rotation of each illustrator and illustrator's gallery on the homepage. 
  • A featured illlustator speciality, browse by genres and styles. 
  • A featured illustrator rotation on the homepage.  
  • A "my favorites" function helps publishers and users keep track of portfolios. 
A new outstanding feature of Stylefile ; an illustrator can show publication's information together : a front cover, publisher, author, Intended audience, techniques, subjects. I posted the detailed information about "Moon." 

pp18,19,  "Moon" written by Matt Zurbo (Windy Hollow Books)

Intended audience: Adults,FamilyLower primaryMiddle primary
Media/Technique: CharcoalPen and inkPencilWatercolour
Styles: Impressionistic,Loose/sketchyPainterly
Subjects: AnimalsCountry,EducationalEnvironments,Nature/BotanicalWeather

Yes, my information above is categorised and you can search for the best illustrator who will match your project! 
"Moon" Front Cover 
Now, my other images are below. Although some images are already familiar to you, I hope you will enjoy them all. 

I played with colours, focusing on a child's face expression in this illustration.
Daily sketches gave my imagination "reality" or supportive and concrete evidence. It's fun to produce an image standing between imagination and reality.
I've demonstrated portrait ability, too. This was a commissioned work.  

The Stylefile is famous for its high quality, indeed, the best of best Australian illustrators showcase. The Stylefile is the hot meeting spot for publishers and illustrators. Publishers "buy" illustrators from the Stylefile. Many illustrators have got projects through the Stylefile. 
Friends, it's a good idea to try Stylefile and begin an illustrator career. Here's the information of Application. ASA kindly assists you how to do it. It is very difficult to crack into market for emerging illustrators and artists. Yet, always publishers look for good illustrators who will meet their need. I hope all of us will fly into a bright future like a big pelican following a dream.  
Friends, Happy Painting and Illustrating!



  1. Dear Sadami:) A difficult question on this sunday: wich to like best. Pfff. My winner is the boy in bed with his doggy. It really gives a lovely mood. But they are all beautiful. Just keep painting and make us happy:):) Have a nice week. Hugs:)

  2. Thank you very much, sweet Renate! I love that work, too. Maybe later, I'll put that work for the first image of this post. I'm working on other projects, too. I hope we all have a productive and creative week. Kind regards, hugs, Sadami

  3. They are all fabulous, Sadami! A great selection of your work. I love the front cover girl best, but it is hard to choose.

    1. Thank you, sweet Judy! Me, too, love that work. Indeed, I considered long to select work. I hope Stylefile would be illustrators' good showcases for publishers and authors. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Dear Sadami, your pictures are so full of joy. I have impression that your pencil just dances on the paper. I like the blue-eyed kid with dreamy expression on the face most and the vibrant colors in the background are so joyfull! Best wishes, Agnieszka

    1. Aha słodkie Agnieszka, dziękuję wam! Tak, moje kredki i szczotki taniec na papierze. Swoje dzieła sztuki i quilt jest naprawdę niesamowite dla mnie. Podobać się wyjaśniać swoje wielkie dzieło. Najlepsze życzenia, Sadami

      Oh, sweet Agnieszka, thank you! Yes, my pencils and brushes dance on paper. Your art work and a quilt is really amazing for me. Please keep up your great work. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. La verdad todas son muy buenas, personalmente me inclino por las figuras de niños, son delicadas, expresivas .. fantasticas!. Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, Tina siempre dulce! También, me encanta ese niño. Este trabajo impresionó a mi mentor y comenzamos nuestra tutoría. Usted, también, disfrutar de acuarela! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you, always sweet Tina! Me, too, love that child. That work impressed my mentor and we started our mentorship. You, too, enjoy watercolour! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>> Tina said...
      The truth are all very good, personally I am inclined to the figures of children, are sensitive, expressive... fantastic!. A hug.

  6. Hello Sadami

    I like the bird studies

    Kind regards

    1. Oh, thank you, Patrick! I love bird watching! Cheers, Sadami