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Monday, July 24, 2017

Friends Win 2017 Michael Clyne Prize and Australian PhD Prize

Two friends, Alex and Shiva won amazing prizes in linguistics (Language on the Move post)! I celebrated their achievements with my fun drawings. Certainly, Prof Ingrid Piller and the LotM team are delighted. 
"Dr" Shiva Motaghi-Tabari, is the winner of the 2017 Michael Clyne Prize for her thesis about “Bidirectional Language Learning in Migrant Families”. The Michael Clyne Prize is awarded annually by the Australian Linguistics Society for the best postgraduate research thesis in immigrant bilingualism and language contact. Prof Michael Clyne is our superhero in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, multilingualism, second language learning, contact linguistics and intercultural communication. Congrats, Shiva!! Let's go to a pub! 
Another friend, Alexandra Grey is one of two joint winners of the 2017 Australian PhD Prize for Innovations in Linguistics. Alex's thesis discusses how language rights affect minority languages in China. Congrats, Alex!! Let's have champagne! Btw, Alex was in charge of social media of "Bridging Language Barriers Symposium" hosted by Prof Ingrid Piller and Language on the Move team. Almost without lunch, she worked hard to do twitting for a live coverage. Alex collected questions directly from broad audience, interpreted the point of questions and the symposium answered. Beauty of friendship! I saw other LotM team members supporting Alex behind a scene. LotM members, you did a fantastic job! 
I wrote in Chinese, "I love sociolinguistcs" at the top of Alex's thesis, below. 
It's wonderful to see the legacy of Prof Michael Clyne is alive, strong and nurturing new talents who will lead linguistics and academics. When Michael passed away, he generously funded Michael Clyne Award. I feel the importance of good mentors and pioneers. His lovely personality and enthusiasm of research and want for social justice are alive in my heart. His most famous defined concept is "monolingual mind set" which fails to either recognise or capitalise on the existing linguistic assets/potential in increasingly multilingual societies such as Australia. I was lucky enough to enjoy Michael's lecturers...and sketched him. Aw, it made my direction to a visual artist?!   
Me, too, hope to do something in a visual art, like LotM team does. 
Now, let's have a productive week! 
Friends, Happy Painting!! 

Prof Michael Clyne



  1. Sadami, qué interesante es todo lo que nos cuentas y para mí mucho más, con esos magníficos dibujos que nos presentas con tu gran arte y espontaneidad! Eres magnífica!!! Cada vez, mejor!!! Me alegra mucho.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Thank you, sweet Joshemari! I was busy with finishing up these fun drawings in a few days. It was a great fun and joy for us to celebrate the achievements of dear friends. You, too, enjoy drawing and share joy with others.
    Best wishes, Sadami

    >>>> Joshemari said...
    Sadami, how interesting is everything you tell us and for me much more, with those magnificent drawings that present us with your great art and spontaneity! You are magnificent!!! Better every time!!! I am very pleased.
    A hug.

  3. Thank you so much, Sadami, for your amazing art and your continued support of Language on the Move! Such fun and much appreciated! :-)

    1. Oh, sweet Ingrid and LotM team!! You ARE my heroes. Your t shirt is my treasure. I will join conferences more than ever. Keep up wonderful work!! Best wishes, Sadami