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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homeless people floating between harsh reality and sweet fantasy

Each homeless people has a long story.

Last time, I served rice and soup for homeless people. Sausages with beans smelled very nice. All the people really loved soup. In a few minutes, all was gone!

A bit strange contrast... a few blocks up, there are nice
cafes and gorgeous restaurants. Happy people and expensive meals. But here, people dash to cheap soup.

When we nearly finished serving soup, I had a chat with a lady. Still young. Smelled alcohol strongly.

The lady told me about her life history. Often her story did not have continuity and full of contradictions. All what I could do was believing her say and affirmed it with a genuine conscience. She once had a good certification of a handsome job, but homeless now.

“Is it handy ( to stay anywhere )?” I asked, as I could not figure out a good say. “Yeah," the lady smiled and said, “I found a good building for sleep.” The lady smoked and chuckled, “I like marijuana.” “Is it expensive?” She showed me her purse and money. “It makes time go quicker.” Oh….her say made me so sad. All day long, some homeless people have nothing to do, but they kill time with cigarettes. She kept talking and said, “Ah, I will keep talking to you for a whole day!” with a big smile.

Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted. A man got aggressive and tried to give others a punch. The lady said, “He wants to get help in an unusual way,” and bravely tried

(*NOTE: These sketches are from different places and identities do not match any our client.) to calm down others. Other two men held themselves and would never respond the man’s attack. Luckily, soon, it became quiet and the man kept away from us. I went down to the men and appreciated their heroic patience.

The lady told me again, “He wanted to get help in an unusual way.” I got so impressed with her wisdom and empathy. If I look at only the surface of an incident, I will miss out the point; why the man got upset without any reason. Indeed, yes, the man had a certain reason that no one wanted to hear. His behaviour was an out-cry for help and he wanted to get out from ignorance and discare.

Through the chat with the lady, I learned that homeless people want to have something to work on and get help to heal their loneliness. But they do not know how to do it in a proper manner or they might not want to get involved with a busy life. As if homeless people were floating on the river of time or a very narrow space between reality and fantasy. I have a feeling homeless people will never do any harm on others unless they are heard and well respected by us. I’ll keep good ears and have patience to listen to them…

I was too busy to look at sunset. Already it was dark.

I thought and think “time” is one of my most precious assets. My key ring is a tiny sand timer that lasts only for twenty seconds. But I know eternity consists of moments.

The sand timer tells my limited time on earth. I bought it at Marine Museum and decided not to be lost in an ocean of time. I’ll sail across life as an artist and make lots of art work.

Friends, happy painting and let us live our lives fully.


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