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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sketching on Train : Face faces Face

I always sketch people in a train. A museum of faces. It's a great awe that each of us has a different life and a different direction to go. Only for a while, we share time and separate for an individual destination...

Face expressions are very different. Body language, too. They stimulate my imagination. I imagine each person's life.
Does this young man have a very long day? Where is that happy child going to go? The gentleman looks so sad, had a tough day? The woman might be on the way to see her love... These girls are having a cheerful chat.
The imagination makes me smile and I feel all of us closer.

Indeed, soon, most people talk to me. We become friends at once. Drawing brings strangers into nice chat friends. People love my sketches and begin to tell me their life stories. It's lovely that art opens anyone's heart to an artist.

Also, I'd like to add this fact that many people are so kind to me with a walking stick. I'm not good at balancing and sometimes I walk wabble wobble. In a peak hour, people happily give me a seat. I still recall the old gentleman who helped me walk safely on a long stair way out of a station.
I was so afraid of Central Station at the onset of the disability. The Station is too huge, a very long way to walk to platforms and lots of stair ways. Even though there are lifts, to reach at there is a challenging for people with disability. Nearly crying alone in a long underground pass way, I managed to walk to a platform. So, I'll never forget that gentleman and other nice people.

Only for a while, we share time and separate for an individual destination... A Japanese tea ceremony has beautiful philosophy in these words, " IchigoIchie, 一期一会," my favorite say. It means we only once meet each other in life, so do our best to host a guest at a tea ceremony. Looking at these so many people, I feel we may not see again. Our encounter is only for a moment like a comet in this big universe. Our meeting each other is a miracle. If so...

My ichigoichie. I'd assist anyone who needs help for a walk in a busy station and at anywhere. I'd promise to make people happy with my sketches in our encounter.


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