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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BaldArchy2010 "Recipe for Success"

Wow, today, my dear friend and I enjoyed Bald Archy Prize 2010 at ABC Ultimo Centre next to UTS and TAFE in City.
Hey, it's free.
, go, dash!

1 April - 25 April: ABC Ultimo Centre
700 Harris St, Ultimo
Hours: Daily 10am – 4pm
Admission: Free
Tel: 02 8333 1500

Each work shows a very funny face and a clever statement. An artist's "have a say" is full of satire upon a subject. Especially, of politicians, artists have "no mercy." Artists poke fun at stupid politicians and ridicule them all.
Very smart. Oh, all the artists have a deep understanding of politics and social issues! Cool!!

But curious enough, I could not find any work on current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. There was no caricature on Kevin! Is he a perfect politician? Well, I do not think so. In my personal opinion, technically, his face is not so fun for an art work. Yes, quite boring. On the contrary, Opposition leader Tony and Environment Protection Minister
Peter Garrett come up in many works. I'm sure Tony and Peter's faces have outstanding features and good for "play-up."

Some works are based on famous classic art works.

Warren Lane's "Doubting Tony" $3,500, is inspired by Caravaggio, "Doubting Thomas."
Jesus is replaced with Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown. Tony Abbott takes over St Thomas. Stephen Fielding and Kevin Andrews play other two disciples.
What Warren wants to
tell is how
stubborn Tony and the others are! They deny the responsibility of global warming and won't take a quick action for a solution.

Among cartoon-like-works, I like "Recipe for Success" on Matt Preston, done by Simon Schneider. $1,500.
Matt scoops up money, a $100 note from a stew pan full of cash. Dough! Money does not come from a heaven, unfortunately. Ah, me, too, I want to find a recipe for success or money...?!
Here's my work on money...

In a technical aspect, most work is done by oil or acrylics and huge like the work I saw at Archibald. Only 2 or 3 works are watercolor in A4. Again, a small watercolor work's entry would be a challenging...

Mmmm...also, for Bald Archy entry, an incessant check of politics and a good antenna to monitor social problems are vital. That's a quite demanding daily job, indeed.
Put aside I can get through a selection or not, it will be a great fun to make
a caricature and share it with my friends over wine.
It's worth trying.

Let's have fun!!



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  2. Dear Nowhere man,
    ありがとう!!全然コンピューターオンチであなたのemailが大きな助けです。チェス大会の取材、他の依頼された用などでもう、忙しくって御返事遅れてごめんなさいね。 やって見ます。判らなかったら質問しますね。
    Thanks!! Your email is a great help for a hopeless computer user, Sadami. Been crazy busy with sketching the chess open etc and sorry I kept you waiting. Give it a go and if I have a Q. I'll ask ye.

  3. とりあえず、Illustrator は、こんなところを参考にされれば、Sadamiさんなら、大丈夫だと思いますよ。

  4. Dear Nowhere man,
    Thanks!! Terrific and wonderful website. I'll learn them all step by step.