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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning from Rob Candy's demonstration

Friends, good news! My quick watercolor on Rob will come up in a next KuRingGai newsletter.

I really enjoyed Rob Candy's watercolor demonstration and learned lots from his techniques at a KuRingGai Art Society monthly meeting. Particularly, wet in wet and use of paints.

Rob mixed paints on a paper to make graduation for wash. Some paints sink fast--I know some through experiences--he cleverly changed "blue", expecting some paints to settle down quick. I got why he had so many different blues on a pallet.

Rob used plenty of water for wash. Interesting. A bit different from Charles Reid.
Rob's demonstration was very good timing. I really, really wanted to know more about wash for landscapes. I'll practice it!

Rob's say overlaps what John Haycraft had taught me. "Sketch, sketch, sketch anything everyday at anytime." Yes, I do.

Rob was so interested in other artists's drawings and rough sketches. Me, too. Drawing skills are, indeed, fundamental for painting and it takes "ages" to learn it. "Rome was not built in one day."

Very fascinating and so refreshing to know other techniques.
I'll keep up drawing and painting!


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