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Monday, May 31, 2010

My SuperHeros

Hi, Friends, these are the cartoons on social work lecturers at uni.
In the cartoons, "SW" stands for Social Work, not superwomen in an easy way.
Lecturers are only human. Sure, they should have stressful and tough days like us.

Despite the difficulties, they do amazing work in
both education and performance. So, in my eyes, social work lecturers are Super.

Each lecturer has specific areas such as health care, palliative care, aging, mental health, child protection, domestic violence, social policy, etc, etc that cover welfare and welfare policy.

Without these professionals' hard work, vulnerable people will suffer in serious difficulties to live on.

Above all, without their teaching and incessant efforts for improving an educational curriculum, our society cannot have enough or qualified social workers.

Social workers are great front liners for welfare. But their pay rate is not sufficient. Furthermore, poor labour conditions and overwork load are so tough. Without genuine care for clients and enthusiasm for social justice, who could bear demanding work?

But often these great welfare front liners are backstage players. Little attention and hardly respect is paid. So, I feel like high-lightening them.

Oh, Social Workers, you are Superheros in our society.
Hurray, hurray, Workers!
Lecturers, keep up wonderful work!!