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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sketch Part3 Older People

Hi, Friends, I'm getting very busy. 
I'm a bit nervous for a trial. Last week, I was involved with a light traffic accident. Both drivers were safe. So, I made the quick watercolor above to relax myself. Here's the lovely blog "Twenty Minutes Challenge" that encourages us. Thanks millions for your cheers.
Back to the topic, sketching older people.

I'm definitely old. "When I was born on the earth, I saw dinosaurses walking around my house," is the answer for people bravely ask me an age. Ah, what a brave new world?! After a big laugh, no one repeats the question.

To little friends, I tell, "I cannot count more than two. One, two...many... I'm more than two," with my fingers. Then, children seriously and proudly begin to teach me how to count. I happily listen to them.

Physically, getting old is natural, after we are born. No objection. But it is questionable that society tends to weigh on something young and mass media often focus on young people only.
I believe aging is beautiful and the wonderful adventure, because I meet new Sadami day by day. Exciting.

Apart from a physical age, I have my own scale to measure a age.
The question is, "Do you have a dream (struggling for)?"
If "yes," in my eyes, a person is young.

I have many nice friends in physically old people pursuing their dreams. They are enjoying volunteer work, tertiary education, art, hobbies, church activities, whatever. They are shining.
Indeed, another key factor to remain young is having human interactions with others in society. It gives us the meaning of life, rewards, healthy pride and nice smiles, above all, love. None of my older friends is a complainer about society or life. Great. I admire them with my heart.
...and they look younger than their real age!

Of drawing and painting, technically, cheeks and neck muscles can illustrate ages more than wrinkles. Regarding hands, wrinkles and joints tell life long stories. Like Irina asked me, I will organize sketches of hands one day.
Our lives are like comets in this universe. It lasts only for a moment. But I know, each of us is a shining "STAR" in a unique way for the universe.
I want to accomplish my role in society!!

I'd like to send you my favorite song, Joan Baez, "Forever Young." (*Friends, do ye kne I play guitar and sing!)So, a paradox. As long as I pursue a dream, I'm young!
Happy painting, Friends!
Let us stay young forever!



  1. I found you on twenty minute blog and just love your little flower creation, but then when I saw your people of all sizes, shapes, colors, You are soooo talented. Keep up the amazing art.
    peace n abundance,

  2. Dear CheyAnn,
    Welcome and thank you for the kind comment. I look at your work on website, youngish and talented artist! You, too, keep up lovely work.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Dear Sadami

    I love your positive outlook on life. Your attitude to ageing is great and I agree with you. It is important to keep active and involved. Thank you for your tips on how to paint older people.


  4. Dear Ray,
    Thank you so much!! I,too, like your positive and active attitude towards life. Yey, please keep up!!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  5. This such a delightful post, not only for the wonderful art but the age-related philosophy. This is destined to be my favorite.

    Best of luck in your reaching for your dream! Much success!!


  6. I love your paintings of people! They really capture the image with life!

  7. Dear Teri,
    Thank you very much!! Your blog is, too, lovely and full of philosophy. Keep up. And your beautiful smile is a shining daisy under the sun.
    Yes, I'll do my best for the trial!!
    Love and smile, Sadami

  8. Dear Vicki,
    Thank you!! All the models are so happy with my portraits. Life is beautiful and people are lovely, is my belief.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  9. love your write up on being young! very motivating. the paintings are the message in your paintings and the way you say it!

  10. Dear SparrowHawk,
    Thank you for the kind comment! Your art work is, too, lovely. Each art work is each artist's identity as well. Please keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  11. Fantastic, so interesting post. The portraits are just genius. As are your words.
    And thank you for your encouraging comments.

  12. Dear Sharon,
    Your portrait work is always fascinating. I love them all. Please keep up. I really look forward to your next.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  13. Hiya Sadami, wow I am in awwwwwwe of your 20 minute challenge :) I will be back in Australia in 6 months, do you take on any classes/workshops? I have been wanting to illustrate my own book, but not sure where to start! A life project! Love your work, thank you for sharing.

  14. Hiya, Sally!! Welcome to my blog. Your work is, too, lovely. When I run a workshop for drawing or picture book illustration, I'll certainly contact you, as I got your email address from your blog. Please keep your dream and make it come true.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  15. I hope we will always pursue a dream.
    I love your last quickie sepia, the man who is reading. So free !
    I will look for an old people now...
    Thanks for sharing Sadami. Maybe try 20 minutes too...
    Kind regards.

  16. Sadami,
    This is lovely work! So loose and expressive, capturing the ephemeral beauty of the blossoms. Your nervousness doesn't show through. I wish you very well in your watercolor exam (?).

    How I love the watercolor portraits of your elder subjects. My 90 year old mother lives with me and sometimes lets me sketch her. You show the humor and determination of our seniors getting on with life. Thank you.


  17. Sadami, I'm sorry to hear of your traffic accident of last week, I hope that you are all right now, and more calm... I love what you say on ageing, and love the way you draw and paint old people: these portraits are wonderful! And, as usual, your instructions are so useful! I'll pay more attention to cheek and neck muscles in the future... ;) A hug!

  18. Dear Olivia,
    Yes, till the end of life, let us pursue a dream. The gentleman an art society accountant and I were at the regular meeting. This naughty?! girl sketched him quickly. I sketch anything, anytime. "20 minutes sketch" is a lovely blog. Give it a go and have fun!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  19. Dear Nanina,
    Thank you~~! I hope I do my best for the trial. Have fun with your mother in making portraits.

    Often older people say, "You're young. I'm old..." with sadness. In reply, I always say,
    "Oh, com'on! We went to primary school together. I still can remember it. You did very well and I was an underachiever." Then, older people have a big laugh and stop telling me sadness. Some witty older people, further, respond, "Oh, and you were a pupil and I was a principal!" But we have a big laugh anyway.
    A sense of humor makes our world into a garden of Eden.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful day!
    Cheers, Sadami

  20. Dear Cristina,
    Thank you! I picked up a fixed car and back to a normal life. I try to relax myself for the watercolor trial.
    I'm very happy to know my post is some help for you, as you make lots of portraits. I really look forward to your blog.
    A hug and smile, Sadami

  21. This is a wonderful post, Sadami... and I couldn't agree more! Good for you! Your drawings are just beautiful... love your art style.

  22. Dear Teresa,
    Welcome and thank you!! I hope I will keep up and share joy with others through art.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  23. Hello Sadami, Your work is beautiful and I love your loose style. Aren't the faces of the elderly just beautiful? The experiences of the lives they lived are written in the lines of their faces and hands. Their humor is seen in there too.

  24. Dear Linda,
    Welcome and thank you for the kind comments! Yes, the elder people are beautiful and full of life experiences that show wisdom in their faces. I love having a chat with them.
    I look forward to your next work!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  25. Such BEAUTIFUL answers to "Are you Old"... Do you have a dream? Oh, I so love that perspective on life And it is SO true. I know many people who have the wrinkles of years on their face but their eyes shine with their dreams and their ZEST for life. I NEVER tire looking at their faces and I think they are beautiful. I hope you did not get too hurt in the accident and I wish you the BEST of luck on your upcoming work... And I love the 20 minute challenge! And your flowers are soft and lovely.

  26. Dear Margaret,
    Thank you soooo much! Both driver did not get injured. Just now, at stage fright. But I will try it after this comment. All these comments encourage me. I hope I can make spontaneous work for the trial.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  27. Hi Sadami,

    Very interesting subject you touched. They say that old person's face shows his or her life. I believe in it.

    You show the character and their life story so well!

    Thank you,

  28. Dear Irina,
    Thank you. Indeed, anyone's face shows his/her life history and personality. So, a portrait is fun and fascinating.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  29. What a beauty!. Dear Sadami, these flowers are subtle, full of grace and wisdom of the East, I adore them. Figures and portraits are your label, you're a great expert on them. Extraordinary!. Thanks for sharing and for that lovely song

  30. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you!! Your this week work on flowers is amazingly beautiful. I'm learning how to handle a perspective from you. Regarding figures, I love it. You, too, please keep up wonderful work and make up happy.
    Hugs and smile, Sadami

  31. Your drawings are very deep. I like the way you face life.

  32. Dear Leovi,
    Your abstract photos are deep, too. They make me think of many things, particularly, life. Keep up wonderful work and send messages.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  33. Great sketches and paintings, Sadami. The flowers are so delicate and pretty.

  34. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you! I'll keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  35. Hola Sadami, hace unos días que no te visitaba porque estaba de vacaciones y sin ordenador, ahora recupero el retraso, y disfruto de tus últimos post, como siempre enseñas mucho de tu arte y de como ves la vida, eres muy generosa, se evidencia con el relato de tu encuentro con los niños, tu blog es una verdadera enciclopedia , podrías hacer un magnifico libro sobre el retrato,yo desde luego voy a guardar todos estos consejos para trabajar el retrato, a ver si consigo tiempo, ah! me gustó mucho el blog "Twenty minutes challenge" , a ver si participo algún día.Gracias por visitar mi blog.

  36. Dear Frances,
    Welcome back from holidays! Thank you for kind say. I'm very happy, if you can use some of my skills for figures. I'm learning landscape from you. Your blog is one of my favorites. "Twenty Minutes Challenge" is a great fun. Rule of thumb is to respect participants and cheer up each other, not criticize at all. So, come and join it. Please keep up.
    Estimado Francisco,
    Bienvenido de vuelta de las vacaciones! Gracias por decir que tipo. Estoy muy feliz, si puede usar algunas de mis habilidades para las figuras. Estoy aprendiendo paisaje de usted. Su blog es uno de mis favoritos. "Veinte minutos Challenge" es una gran diversión. La regla de oro es el respeto a los participantes y animar a los demás, no criticar a todos. Por lo tanto, ven y únete a él. Por favor, seguir el ritmo.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

    >>>>>>Frances said...
    Hello Sadami a few days ago I visited because I was on vacation and no computer, catch up now and enjoy your last post, as always teach a lot of your art and life as you see, you're very generous, it is evident with the story of your encounter with the children, your blog is a veritable encyclopedia, you could make a wonderful book about the picture, I certainly am going to keep all these tips for working the portrait, to see if I get time, ah! I liked the blog "Twenty minutes challenge" to see if a specific día.Gracias for visiting my blog.