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Monday, April 25, 2011

True to Myself : Get High With Help From Friends!

True to myself is the way I will go. 
I sketched this old lady reading the Chinese Bible. I could not resist her cute and lovely smiling. We easily overcame a language barrier with my watercolour painting. The lady, me and onlookers really enjoyed the sketch in the Easter afternoon.
Thank you for very precious feedback on money hunting and prizes or fame chasing up games. Many encouragements and candid advice encompas my direction to go. I'll be true to myself, although entitlements give an artist money and galleries = income in a commercial and business aspect.

I will keep up my own style. A
heart and a soul cannot be sold for 30 Drachmas. Above all, these wonderful Friends' cheers are my true honors. Indeed, many people love my sketches on streets and at exhibitions. What will I need more? Gallery searching is a bit good homework, but I will find a way. From now on, I'll check competitions in order to get some income, but that's all. Thank you for back-ups!!! I'm a happy artist! Yey!!
Now, the Garden Sketchabout was over, the "6 weeks sketch marathon." Even though I enjoyed some landscapes and architecture, I re-recognized myself as a portraitist. While I was sketching people, I was in a heaven. Also, always children picture book illustration is my priority and dream. The final day was a bit hilarious tragicomedy for me, who eassily gets lost on streets! I got lost at the Opera House to see other sketch club members. Eventually, even though I could catch up with others, a horrible hour for me, gulp?! What was worse, I and the sketchbook papers became "drawn rats" in the heavy rain. Anyhow, I made one watercolor. Friends, white spots on the watercolor are not salt, but rain drops!! While I was sketching, I was lost again. Already my feet were like "tea bags." I was worried if I could walk back from the Opera House to the Botanical Garden within the time.

Tadadada~~~! An angel came to me! One sketch club member was waiting for this lost sheep. Furthermore, I soon realized the lady walking along with my walking pace. How kind and caring she was! I'd really, really appreciate her help.

In the Tropical Centre, I sketched other members, as figurative work makes me most comfortable. The drawn rat came back to life and turned to be a woman again!

When I look back the sketch marathon, the greatest bonus is making friends with other sketch club members, the Garden Trust staff and ...even with rangers(*They helped this wondering sheep!). Second, it eases my "landscape & architecture allergy." Particularly, 2 sketches, the "Palm Grove Centre & Bats" and the "Government House in rain" were a great fun. I was surprised at myself ~(*o*)~. Third, another big surprise, this no-direction-sense girl walked around in the huge garden with a map! Oh, challening brings me confidence.
One more bonus is that we are invited for the opening night of
The Paginated Garden Exhibition
Rathborne Lodge in Royal Botanic Garden
(Friday 29th April to Sunday, 1st May, 10am-4pm).

Hey, this poor artist loves to eat away "freebie" food like Homer Simpson.
Friends, come and have fun.
You'll meet my big smile
ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. The map is below.

Finally, thank you very much for the Gardedn Trust staff and other backstage players and hardworkers who have organized the event with great efforts, sensitiveness and care. The success is your fruit. Let us enjoy it together at the party evening next Thursday!!
Once again, special thanks for you, Friends!!
True. Money cannot buy precious things all... but a "card" does, ooops, no, no, that's kidding!
Your friendship is one of my most precious assets on the earth.
Happy painting!



  1. You are so right Sadami, I enjoyed so much reading about your adventure heehee! people is amazing and very helpful :)
    Is good to see you're still drawing outside even now that summer is over, and a treat seeing those buildings, they looks terrific!
    I think it's a huge truth if you keep true to yourself and like what you do then other people will like it too :D, I for one LOVE your skethes! BTW the texture on the old woman's coat, did you scrap it? waxed it? what?!?! looks great ^_^

  2. Dear Teresa,
    Thanks!! I cannot be someone else and people love me, Sadami. (BTW*I still swim at a beach. Made 1km even today.)
    I used a crayon for the textureʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. White(=transparent), green, red, yellow are in my paint kit. I use white most. Handy and easy to make texture.
    Cheers&Hugs, Sadami

  3. Marvelous post and pictures. I love sharing your adventures and your joy. It is only just Easter morning here.

  4. Dear Barbara,
    Thank you. Very happy to know you enjoy my post. I'll keep up. Happy Easter!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  5. Hi Sadami! Glad you have found your confidence again! Maybe not galleries, but how about a book with your paintings and adventures?
    I enjoyed this post especially the people!
    xxx Judy

  6. Happy easter to you also, I never tire of looking at your paintings, they are so free, and full of life!

  7. Hi, Sadami:) It`s still Sunday here in Norway and YESSSS; we`re heading towards SUMMER! It turned 20 degrees celsius today and to us in the north that is summertemperature!
    My yellow chickens and I, and the green one too(;)) just came back from Easterholiday. I`ve made no more chickens this year, even though it only takes me about an hour to make one. But yes; they are cute and I will go on making them:)
    Have a nice Monday, Sadami:)

  8. The rain drops didn't ruin the painting. I think the spots add authenticity--people are strolling along with their umbrellas. Book publishers may be a source of business--publishers of children's books. They must have lists of writers looking for illustrators. But you probably thought of that already?

  9. Wonderful post today, Sadami.....many blessing wished for you.

  10. Amazing sketches. They inspire me to learn the difficult language of watercolor further. Faces are so special!

  11. Dear Sadami,

    What a lovely harvest of your work! I love especially portraits. So sensitive!
    I think, angels are among us and help us when we are in troubles. Fortunately! :)
    Oh, and you're absolutely right - it's very important to be true for yourself. If you are an artist, following this rule helps you to preserve the independence, and gives the certainty of communing with a unique masterpiece for admirers of your art.

  12. Dear Judy,
    Thank you very much! Other bloggers recommend me to publish this blog as a book. But honest, I have no confidence in writing and will editors like this??? (*I was so poor at essay writing at uni and partially it was the reason to change direction to be an artist. Heheheheʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ)
    Cheers, Sadami

  13. Dear Vicki,
    Thank you! I'll keep sharing joy with others through painting and drawing! Yey!
    Cheers, Sadami

  14. Hi, Anneppa,
    Amazing you make a chick in an hour!!--I have to spend a...'whole life." Your chicks are so cute. Keep up and make us happy with your crafts! Enjoy your summer.
    Cheers, Sadami

  15. Dear Linda,
    Thank you!! Very happy to know the spots are "spot on." Freelance picture book illustration industry is so competitive. Yes, already and always I keep in touch with editors, publishers etc and do trials and submissions. Not easy to get a project, but really a fun and joy.
    Cheers, Sadami

  16. Dear Carol,
    Thank you very much. God bless you, too. I pray for you.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  17. Yahoo, Irina!
    Thank you and very happy to know you enjoyed the sketches. When you have fun, you'll find an answer in watercolor.
    Cheers, Sadami

  18. Dear Akwarelia,
    Thank you. Your landscape watercolor paintings are so sensitive, too. It's lovely to find same minded artists here and among bloggers on net, which encourage me so much. I'll work on my style.
    Cheers, Sadami

  19. Such a happy post Sadami. You are you and you are a wonderful artist and a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. Wish we all lived closer.

    Easter hugs to you.

  20. Sadami, what an enchanting post! I love the old lady, she looks so happy :)
    I wish I had a magic wand - I would wave it and you would be showered in gold - enabling you to walk wherever you pleased and sketch to your heart's content and your friends delight!
    You have such an amazing spirit..
    I follow a couple of blogs who sell work on their blog. Perhaps you could try that, too?

  21. Another sequence of fantastic sketching....Sadami you're the best! And the title ( Beatles ) is just sooo awsome, how did it come to your mind?? Big hug

  22. The lady has a lovely face. She looks very kind too. Well done. Love all your pieces.

  23. Oh, Teri, thank U very much!!!
    Soooo sweet and encouraging. You and other wonderful bloggers are always in my heart and mind. I'll keep up my own way.
    Easter "Hugs" for you.
    Cheers, Sadami

  24. Dear Pat,
    Thank you so much. Oh, oh! If you could use that magic, I'd happily come up right in front of U!!
    Good idea to sell sketches through a blog. I'm checking how to do it, particularly, how to get payment by net. So far, selling sketches on streets is not bad. Ah, Pat, if you were a next door, I want to see you!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  25. Dear Jane,
    Thank U!! I love your watercolor painting and admire your techniques.
    Yes, Ringo sang that song. Do Do ye kne? I was a Beatles crazy at school, a guitar player and a singer at a band(*I was not a good guitar player). I could/can sing all the Beatles songs!!
    What music do/did you love?
    Cheers, Sadami

  26. Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you! Your sketches in Beijin are so charming, too. Enjoy staying there. Look forward to your new post.
    Cheers, Sadami

  27. Lovely work and blog, as always Sadami! Paint what you love, and things will fall into place with the help of the angels. You can add a Paypal button on your blog for anyone interested in buying one of your paintings. Set up an account there and they walk you through it. Seems simple as others are doing the same thing.
    Good luck! Wish I was closer to visit too.

  28. Dear Dora,
    Oh, thank U. Yes, I see you running the business in your blog. Paypal! I'll check the info and consult a bank as well(*I'm hopeless for computer work).
    Shame. If I was a next door, you can teach me wonderful Greek cooking:).
    Cheers, Sadami

  29. Sadami, you draw kindness to you because you are so full of light! I love to read your posts - they are so uplifting and full of humor at yourself and your problems - no sad sack Sadami, but a sense of what's important. I know it's good to make a little money off your art and you will do so - the time will come when you'll have enough money to hire a driver (or a guide) wherever you go!! Love these sketches!!!

  30. Dear Rhonda,
    Thanks! You always give me laughter, cheers and kindness. Yes, a little money is enough, as long as I can live on.
    Ah, I wish I could hire a driver for a limbusine,
    ...would NEVER be hired as a driver!
    Till that day, I'll work!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  31. Sadami...what a joy to go with you on this you ever paint anything that isn't GREAT? Each and every painting is so good...I very much like the painting with the "real" raindrops. I agree with you about how money is nice...but being able to do what you were meant to do with your life is more important that money. Love each and every one of these paintings!

  32. Impresionante, sadami, no paras de trabajar. En la entrada anterior te hice un comentario, pero ahora que he vuelto a entrar he visto que no aparece. Posiblemente se me olvidó meter la clave, me ha pasado alguna otra vez. Estas pinturas son fantásticas. No te hace falta participar en ningún concurso porque además, y como bien dices, es muy difícil competir con el óleo o el acrílico. Tu mayor concurso lo ganas día a día, con tu trabajo y con este maravilloso blog con el que nos permites disfrutar como locos a todos los que te seguimos. Tus retratos son maravillosos...Desde aquí, el primer premio es tuyo.
    Un fuerte abrazo amigo.

  33. Excellent as always.I love the expressions on all of the faces!

  34. Dear Celeste,
    Thank you very much!! I'll keep up my trip in art with lovely Friends like you. Of course, a final step is mine, independence and automacy is important. But friendship, mutual help and heartwarming cheers are priceless. As long as I can survive and enjoy paiting & friendship, what's more? Yey!
    Cheers&smile, Sadami

  35. Hi, Kubi,
    ??!Oh, really? So sorry, but I did not get your message on the previous post. Let us blame a system.

    Thank you for the very kind words encouraging me so much. Regarding portraits, being without a big title often does not apeal to the public or clients and galleries. It means commercially difficult and hard to crack into market. Moreover, very hard to sell portraits at regular exhibitions because they are too subjective(*I've started exhibiting portraits at shows since this year).

    But I'll go my own way. Indeed, uni professors had encouraged setting a blog to get social exposure for my art work. Blog Friends and people's cheers for my work are my joy and the REAL first prizeʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.
    Thank you! I'll keep painting and enjoy it fully!!
    A big hug, smile, Sadami

    Hola, Kubi,
    ??¡Oh, realmente? Lo siento, pero no su mensaje en el post anterior. Vamos a culpar a un sistema.

    Gracias por las amables palabras que me anima mucho. En cuanto a los retratos, que sin un gran título a menudo no APEAL al público o clientes y galerías. Esto significa comercialmente difícil y duro de roer en el mercado. Por otra parte, muy difícil de vender retratos en las exposiciones regulares porque son demasiado subjetivos (*He empezado a exhibir retratos en la muestra ya que este año).

    Pero voy a seguir mi propio camino. De hecho, los profesores uni había alentado el establecimiento de un blog para conseguir la exposición social de mi obra. Blog Amigos y vítores de la gente de mi trabajo son mi alegría y el verdadero premio primeroʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.
    ¡Gracias! Voy a seguir pintando y disfrutar de ella plenamente!
    Un fuerte abrazo sonrisa, Sadami

    >>>Kubi said...
    Impressive, Sadami, do not stop working. In the previous post I made ​​a comment, but now that I have to go I've seen that does not appear. Maybe I forgot to put the key happened to me ever again. These paintings are fantastic. You do not need to participate in any competition because in addition, and as you say, it is very difficult to compete with oil or acrylic. Your biggest competition is won day by day with your work and this wonderful blog that allows us to enjoy like crazy to all who follow you. Your pictures are wonderful ... From here, the first prize is yours.
    A big hug friend.

  36. Dear kind Tim,
    Wow, happy to see you again!!
    Thank you for visiting this blog and the another, Sketchabout. Let us keep up enjoying art work!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  37. Sadami, my first comment, love your work...wealth is not all about money!
    You are very wealthy because you see.
    In a previous post you asked if there is an Australian tree with autumn leaves..if you google images for white cedar or melia azederach you will see one. The white cedar is one of the few deciduous native trees. The leaves fall leaving bunches of yellow berries and in the spring it is covered with trusses of mauve scented blooms, I am sure there would be one in the Botanic Gardens. Carole

  38. Dear Origa-me,
    Thank you for encouragement and the wonderful info! I googled and got the images of the suggested tree. Yes, I know it, but did not know that name. I'll sketch them for watercolor. Please take care and enjoy
    "etegami" (=postcards with drawings/paintings).
    Best wishes, Sadami

  39. Dear Francis,
    Thank you very much. I totally agree with your comment.
    I do not have any fear about a commercial success or a vague anxiety to the future. I'm now very optimistic. I may not get money, but very happy. You and these wonderful friends, also, potential "unseen" future friends await me. If "love" and "the present" kindly stay with me, what do I need more? I'll share my joy with you and Friends! Yey!
    Francis, take care. Thank you.
    Best wishes, Sadami

    Estimado Francisco,
    Muchas gracias. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario.
    No tengo ningún temor acerca de un éxito comercial o de una ansiedad vaga para el futuro. Ahora estoy muy optimista. No puede conseguir el dinero, pero muy feliz. Usted y los amigos maravillosos, también, el potencial de "invisible" futuros amigos me esperan. Si el "amor" y "el presente" amablemente quédate conmigo, ¿qué es lo que necesito más? Voy a compartir mi alegría con ustedes y los amigos! Yey!
    Francisco, tenga cuidado. Gracias.
    Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

    >>>Francis said...
    Hello Sadami this post is full of emotion and memories of good times and bad, if you stay true to your style will enjoy, because you're a great artist and illustrator, we really enjoyed your work and certainly will thousands of people with your pictures of books and also the painting opens many avenues of friendship and secure these days in the Botanical Garden will have made many friends here also have a friend

  40. Maravilloso Sadami!. Es increible lo que trabajas. Continúa así...
    Un saludo desde Bilbao

  41. Dear Montse,
    Thank you so much! Sure, I will!! You, too. Let's enjoy painting!
    Cheers, Sadami

    Querida Montse,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Claro, yo! Tú también. Vamos a disfrutar de la pintura!
    Saludos, Sadami

  42. Sadami, as always, I enjoy your post and your wonderful sketches. You have such a passion for your paintings.. love your portraits..

  43. Dear Hilda,
    Thank you very much! I'll keep up portraits and enjoy painting!
    Cheers, Sadami

  44. Dear Sadami, you've really captured a beautiful smile. She seems very happy and satisfied. I hope you had a great Easter.

    I can see you've worked hard. Thanks for the nice collection of watercolors. They are all so fresh and spontaneous.

    Smiles and winks

  45. Hi, Skizo,
    Thank U!
    Cheers, Sadami

  46. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you for encouragements. You, too, make wonderful paintings. Joy must come first. I listen to my heart and keep up.
    Cheers, Sadami

  47. Hi Sadami,
    Lovely to chat with you the other week. Fun to see the portrait you did of me up on this blog - of me sketching away with my pastels - in a world of my own.
    Hope to see you at the Sydney sketch club on Saturday in the park.
    - George

  48. so many beautiful sketches again ! nobody
    could stop you and your wonderful work !
    for our pleasur of course !
    dear Sadami, you are great !!

  49. Dear George,
    Thank you for a kind comment. Please contact the Sydney Sketch Club to join it regarding a next meeting.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  50. Dear Marty,
    Thanks! Only payment bills can stop me?! But I will keep up my own style and explore the potential.
    Cheers, Sadami

  51. wonderful sketches of your friends ... keep hold of those raindrops and memories of sketching there .

  52. Dear Jane,
    Thanks! I'll enjoy sketching rain or shine.
    Cheers, Sadami

  53. Dear Sadami,

    This is like reading an exciting adventure book written in weekly episodes. It is a quest to find one's own path.
    Don't worry Sadami. Keep true to yourself and all your hard work will soon pay off.
    Meanwhile,I'll keep reading and enjoying your art work. I want to know how the story unfolds.

  54. Dear Anna,
    Thank you~~!! Yes, always my quest is "who I am," in my art work=my life. Ah, like your say, I really hope my hard work will pay off "soon"... (*Honest, I'm ready to die in poverty.)

    Anna, some bloggers/readers recommend me to make my blog into a book. Interesting and very a big surprise. I was so poor at (academic) writing at uni and gave up taking a postgraduate(*of course, it was not for my brain level either! But the principal issue was my terrible writing.)

    Anyway, Obladi Oblada, this story goes on! Hope you'll enjoy this blog!
    Hugs&smile, Sadami