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Monday, January 30, 2012

Home, Sweet Home (Sketching Architecture)

Well, as I promised you, I'm challenging architecture in 2012.
Let's explore
old houses in Parramatta. Parramatta has an old history in both Indigenous Australians and colonialism. Parramatta originally comes from the Aboriginal word Baramada or Burramatta, "the place where the eels lie down" or "head of waters." The Burramatta people (Burra meaning place, matta meaning eels) belonged to the Dharug people. So, Parra has so many historical and old architectures.

Let's sketch "ordinary" people's houses.
Below. A lusted roof is so eye catchy. Too beautiful to miss it. The contrast between green and white is lovely. Technically, making rust on paper was really fun.

Below, the decorated roof is very interesting. Who started decoration? Rich guys? It stimulates imagination.
The green roof and red bricks make a
very charming colour harmony.
Very the essential part of a house...
Ohhh, loo, my sweet loo... Today, this toilet is used for a storage. Hey, it has a great, great character.
Finally, a cemetery, another essential place for a society.
St Patrick's Cemetery. Tomb stones tell the history from about 1820s. Oh...under a shower of cicadas signings, tombs talk to a passenger silently. Quiet.
Actually, light rain drops gave the sketch a lovely spitting technique.

Did you enjoy my archtecture sketches?
I seem to get tips to handle buildings.
I do not play with colours like my portraits (below at a cafe). But celebrate small achievements.
Step by step, one goes far!
I'll have a hand surgery this Tuesday.
Please understand my absence for a while till recovery.
Thank you for great cheers.

You, too, take care.
Friends, Happy Painting!!



  1. Hi Sadami! I enjoyed your tour of Parramatta very much! I love the little loo sketch, very pictoresque! :)
    I wish you very good luck with the hand surgery, take care! xx Judy

  2. Hi Sadami, Love your sketches of the buildings, and the history to the name of the town. All the very best wishes to you for Tuesday and your hand surgery, we are thinking of you here in blogland - ann.

  3. Sadami, hoping you have a speedy recovery from a successful surgery...! Love all your sketches...excellent architecture...inspiring!

  4. Sadami, te deseo de todo corazón que la cirugía haga que puedas manejar perfectamente tu mano y te ayude a dibujar como tu sabes hacer bien. Suerte!!!
    Sobre dibujar casas, me encanta! Tu sabes que el tema de casas es uno de mis preferidos.
    Me gustan los que nos enseñas esta vez. Gracias por toda esa explicación. Muy interesante.
    Hasta pronto! Un beso. Pensaré en ti! Vuelve pronto!!

  5. Hello Sadami.
    nice to see your new playground: the architecture. See you soon with a hand in perfect condition:))

  6. I like to watch your works and learn so much .

  7. Hi Sadami, I love your architectural drawings, and your commentary about them. Makes me want to get out and explore the architecture around me for painting - when the weather gets better, maybe. Lucky you, its summer there, eh?

  8. Hi Sadami! Your writing leads me to assume that you are in MUCH better spirits. You sound/read great!!! It must be your surgery next week.
    I LOVE your architectural renderings, and the histories with them.
    I wish you the best with your surgery, and a most rapid recovery!

  9. Hi, Sadami,
    the new works are lovely. Congratulations.
    I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday.
    Boa sorte,

  10. Hi, Sadami, I love your drawings, they are very good, as usual. I hope your surgery will work, good luck!

  11. Hello Sadami! I don't agree on your comment about the new roof on your second painting. It's far to new for such a beautiful house. It should have the roof of your first painting.
    The loo is excellent!! Your cemetry is alsmost a joyful place to be:) I like all your paintings. Good luck on your surgery. I've got a surgery on my knee tomorrow but I don't paint with my knee:)

  12. Wonderful places!

    We'll all be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery.

  13. Your architecture sketches are beautiful, with your characteristic light touch and great feel for the history of each one. Best wishes for your hand surgery tomorrow.

  14. Hi Sadami! I enjoyed your sketches of the old houses in Parramatta very much! The first one is my favourite, I really like its fantastic green roof! I wish you very good luck with the hand surgery! Hug!

  15. Hi Sadami!
    I hope the operation will go smoothly, nicely. I'll miss your absence, but I can enjoy your old posts again little by little, until recovering. Your drawings are what I really exactly would like to.
    Not like an architect, not too lose. Like a Goldilocks's porridge.

  16. He disfrutado mucho de la arquitectura que nos muestras, me parece muy interesante. Espero de corazón que todo salga bien y estés muy pronto regalandonos otra vez tu arte. Un fuerte abrazo.

  17. I love these sketches too !
    you are an artist and you can
    do what you want with some colours ! amazing !
    wish you a wonderful week sadami

  18. Those are some wonderful buildings you picked to paint ! i love your architectural sketches. And all the best with the hand surgery --get well soon!

  19. the loo is a classic... love the green roof and rust ...wishing you a speedy recovery sadami best wishes jane

  20. These are all so good Sadami! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Catching up, Sadami. Your sketches are fabulous.
    I really hope your op went well.
    love and hugs
    Pat xx

  22. Great as always!! very natural...:)

  23. Cualquier casita por simple que sea, en tus manos parece de cuento!

  24. Love these houses, Sadami!! Especially the first one...soft and beautiful!! Stay well!!

  25. Your portraits are always a treat, but your architectural sketches are so great! There is something about watercolor that captures the feel of old brick, or a roof that has been baked in the sun for decades. I've got my share of inspiration.

  26. Hi, a~~~ll the Friends,
    Thank you so much!!! My op is successful. I'm getting better day by day. I'd really appreciate each comment and friends' kindness.
    Thanks millions.
    Love and smile, Sadami