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Sunday, August 17, 2014

1.Archibald2014, Most Famous Portrait Prize in Australia 2.CBCA winners

I'll take you to Archibald. The most famous portrait prize in Australia. I'd post sketches of a winner Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," and intertesting portraits, a winner Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," and intertesting portraits, Sophia Hewson, "Atrtist kissses subject (Missy Higgins!)," Anh Do, "Father." I've felt 2014 Archibald is different from other years. NSW Gallery staff said, "Yes, the committee has changed. Different judges." I see... 
You can find 
1) more small works in, (but no watercolour), 
2) more "ordinary" models work in, not super-famous people. eg) artist's parents, a son, next door, butchery  -- it has surprised me and encourages me!  
3) some first try artists in. 
In a technical aspect, the finalists show wonderful diversity. An individual approach is very unique that excites me so much. 

Archibald winner Fiona Lowry's work shows the grace, dignity and beauty of old people. 
Fiona was a Doug Moran winner in 2008 -- I remember her self-nude very well, a young lady! Fiona uses a very interesting approach, acrylics and air brush.  I've immediately realised that the model's eyes were clearly drawn, the focal point of the painting. A rest of the work is softly blurred. Air brush works very well. A slight and delicate colour, thin raw sienna? is put around the model that contrasts to the background created in a very, very modest raw sienna plus patchy green? It comes out like a black and white from a distnce. Fiona's tender approach shows women's delicacy and the model displays an experienced career woman's dignity and elegance.  

2014 Archibald Winner, Fiona Lowry, "Penelope Seidler," Medium acrylic on canvas

Sketching finalists' work gives me wonderful insights of technical and psychological aspects of creators. **Please pay attention to gallery visitors' height like a scale that tells how big work is.
NSW Art Gallery
Sketched it before opened. Cold, early in the morning!

A bit coffee break for you. Tada~~, a controversial work! Artist Sophia Hewson is kissing a Subject, Missy Higgins (*popular Australian singer song writer) --- has got in. Towards this painting, viewers' reactions are quite interesting. Men show very negative responses to this work. On the other hand, women look neutral or swinging between acceptance or disapproval. In the sketch, I put both man and woman. Although each painting has a tag that is plain writing for "kids" to help understand work, this work does not have it. 

Sophia Hewson, "Atrtist kissses subject," oil on board
Regarding an entry condition of "model's publicity," the staff emphasised, "It's "preferably," a public figure." I interpreted, "It gives artists room and flexibility. Any model is acceptable?" The staff affirmed my say. Then, the staff encourages me to put work. Thank you. For example, Anh Dohas created his father's portrait in strong strokes and vivid colours. Yet, his colour use is very sensitive that shows a well-organised "value." Anh Do is a multi talented person : a successful comedian, TV presenter, author and fine artist/portraitist. His refugee experience from Vietnam has become a children picture book, too. In our society, if a person keeps a positive attitude, I believe, always nice people support diadvantaged people and it opens doors. That's the beauty of human society.  
Anh Do, "Father," Oil on Canvas
Our faces fascinate me most in drawing subjects. Eyes, eyebrows, mouth, ears etc, etc, "landscapes" in each face tell a story profound, precious and different. Yet, we have commonality and can mutually embrace. My mentor Ann James says, "Your positivity and watercolour and seeing and reflecting people so well is partly because you feel so much." Yes, I feel something that intrigues me to keep drawing people. 
I happily work on portraits.   

BTW, Hooray!!!!! Regarding CBCA book of the year 2014, 
CBCA announced winners and honour books.

Congrats for all the people!
Also, Crichton Award for New Illustrators is,

We celebrated my mentor
Ann James and editor Helen Chamberlin's awards. A lovely author, Janeen Brian and Ann illustrated "I'm a Dirty Dinosaur," has become an honoured book for Early Childhood. (*I once illustrated Janeen's text.)  
Shaun Tan's work, "Rules of Summer" won "Picture Book." Of course, that book was edited by a brilliant editor, Helen Chamberlin! Helen, you're great! 

Friends, Happy Painting!!! 



  1. Sadami, no conozco a ninguno de los personajes que dibujas, pero expresan perfectamente su personalidad y lo que en esos momentos están sintiendo o pensando. Eres un genio con tus dibujos y retratos.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, Joshemari. Eres demasiado dulce! Espero poder entrar en retratos mundo más profundo. Sus retratos, figuras consiguen atractivo más y más. Usted, también, disfrutar de la acuarela. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you, Joshemari. You're too sweet! I hope I can get into portraits world deeper. Your portraits, figures get attractive more and more. You, too, enjoy watercolour. Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>> Joshemari said...
      Sadami, I do not know any of the characters you draw, but perfectly express your personality and what you are feeling at the moment or thinking. You are a genius with your drawings and portraits.
      A hug.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Sadami :) I will look more later. I didn't have a problem with the painting of Artist Kisses Subject but I can see where some would - isn't it strange that we are anxious and disapproving of loving sentiments and actions because they are not what we would do. But perhaps that's the idea - shake up the viewers and judges a little :)

    1. Yes, indeed, Rhonda. Me, neither. It was interesting to see lots of gallery visitors often gathering in front of that work. "Studying what subjects in Archibald," is my mission, too. I felt judges selected interesting topics from a broad spectrumʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. Cheers, Sadami

  3. Love the kiss painting, but why two men stand by?

    1. Thank u, Feng! Sorry, my poor drawing skills. They are viewers : a man @ right & a woman @ left. Happy to know you enjoy my sketches! Cheers, Sadami