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Monday, September 15, 2014

Lunch With Kids @ Bookfeast 2014!

Hi, Friends, first, a school holidays program! Come over my watercolour workshop. Children aged between 8 and 12 years @ Parramatta library,  on 1st October,11am-12pm. $3 per person. To book, please contact the library, 9806 5159. 
Now, this week's topic, Bookfeast! Picture book illustrators and authors had lunch with primary shcool children, teacher librarians and teachers. I had a wonderful time with them, talking over my published books, a sketch book, a dummy book for my picture book = a final stage of illustration. The most entertaning was my watercolour sketch demo! So quick and it captured the speaker, Marcell Bernard on a stage. It amazed all children. Thanks, kids, I love your "wows"!  
Children were very happy to know my books, the process of picture book illustration and the sample works. Primary school students asked me questions.
For example...
Q1) What is you're most proud? 
"Being what I am fully."   
Q2) How did you become an illustrator? 
The difficulty in my leg opened a door to be an illustrator. My story lit up the teacher librarians' faces and kids' faces. After lunch, a girl came to me and said how much it inspired her. Good! 
Kids made a long queue to get my autograph. (*In my mind, I really, really thanked for these little "big" fans...!!)  This is my autograph. One girl had difficulty in the legs and on a wheel chair. She came to me also asked me to pray for her. Another girl brought a huge orange canvas for an autograph. I could imagine she would hang it on her room, sure. I signed each kid's note, diary, etc, etc, thinking of their life stories. 
I also talked of my editor Helen Chamberlin and mentor Ann James, when I chatted over my to-be-published picutre book. Kids and some teacher librarians did not know the name of Helen, but they knew Shaun Tan. When I showed "Arrival", all got how blessed I was to work with such a great editor! Ann James is in Korea RIGHT NOW to bridge culture between Australia and Korea through picture books! What a fantastic mentor I have!  

 I really love these naughty pretty girls and boys. 
Look at this graffiti on a balloon! 
An organiser had told me four years ago, "You (=illustrators and authors) are super heros for children." I know this event would make children's dreams come true to see their superheros and give them hope. It is our real purpose of this project. Ever since, I've been joining this annual feast. 

Kids were kings and queens for me. So, I did my best to entertain them! I wanted to see their smiling and to hear their laughing! Sometimes, I came across children who were poor at using knife. I always cut their chickens. All the staff know me and appreciated my "extra" service for kids. I appreciated their hard work. "All children know you (Sadami)!" the staff said. Wow! It surprised me and made me so happy! 
This is Tasha's present for me. Thank you! 
So beautiful! 
Hey, Friends, ... that's my fabulous job, a picture book illustrator! It brings love and hope for children and readers. 
May all these children have wonderful bright futures.
Their futures are our futures and for our Australia and a world! 
The teacher librarian said, "We'll put your watercolour workshop on our school newspaper!" at a good bye. Yes, please! I look forward to see children again!!
Special thanks to the students and the staff. 

.. and a very interesting new project has come to me. 
Friends, you, too, enjoy drawing and life. Happy Painting!  



  1. As usual I love reading your last post! so full of joy and optimism!
    Have a great week Sadami!
    Happy painting ;-)

    1. Oh, sweet Martine, thank you so much! You, too, enjoy drawing. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Replies
    1. Sweet Ann, thank u! It is kids that gave us the wonderful time! Cheers, Sadami

  3. Replies
    1. Sweet Tina, thank you so much!!! (( Hugs )) Sadami

  4. Your smile reflects the joy you share with the children. Wonderful.

    1. Oh, what a sweet comment, thank u. AK! Cheers, Sadami

  5. c'est toujours un plaisir de te lire Sadami

    1. Merci, Isabelle! Moi aussi, j'apprécie votre blog! Cheers, Sadami
      Thank you, Isabelle! Me, too, enjoy your blog! Cheers, Sadami

      >>>>> Isabelle said...
      it's always a pleasure to read you Sadami

  6. OUAHHHH!!!! Qué hermoso es todo lo que nos cuentas!!! Es maravilloso! He vivido experiencias parecidas y uno se siente contento y recompensado de vivir, comunicándose con los niños. Son encantadores, dibujando, pintando y con su sonrisa!
    Me alegro que seas feliz, repartiendo felicidad a esos pequeños!!
    El cuadro de Tasha...precioso!!
    Un beso.

    1. Oh, tan dulce Joshemari, gracias !! Sé que siempre gusta compartir tiempo con los niños! Es maravilloso y la alegría de leer su blog. Tengo hacer dudar traerle la alegría del mundo, la belleza, reír y sonreír! Por favor, mantenga el dibujo maravilloso.
      Un beso y abrazos, Sadami

      Oh, so sweet Joshemari, thank you!! I know you always enjoy sharing time with children! It's wonderful and joy to read your blog posts. I have do doubt you bring the world joy, beauty, laugh and smile! Please keep up your wonderful drawing.
      A kiss and hugs, Sadami

      >>>> Joshemari said...
      Ouahhhh !!!! How beautiful is what you tell us !!! It is wonderful! I have lived similar experiences and you feel happy and rewarded for living, communicating with children. They are lovely, drawing, painting and your smile!
      I'm glad you're happy, spreading happiness to those little !!
      Tasha box ... beautiful !!
      A kiss.

  7. You are a delight, you know? :) Congrats on the new project!

    1. Oh, sweet Dan, thank you! I know your struggle and joy in child rearing. Please take care. Yes, the new project is quite a fun! From uni professor, do you kne?
      Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami

  8. It is so uplifting to read your posts, Sadami, full of optimism and goodness!

    1. Thank you, sweet Blaga! I believe an optimist is a brave fighter who fully trusts in herself and tomorrow in a postive manner. Best wishes, Sadami

  9. Sadami, you are a wonderful person and a great inspiration, not only to the kids, but for us all! xx Judy

    1. Thank u, Judy! You, too, are a wonderful inspiration for us!! Best wishes, Sadami

  10. What a heart warming post. I am quite overcome with emotion at seeing how you help and how those children respond to you. You are an inspiration, Sadami. God bless you xx

    1. Oh, sweet Pat, you ARE the inspiration and a living angel for others, we know!!!! You always inspire us and encoruage us with love. God bless you, too. Best wishes, Sadami