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Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, "Mailbox" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Do you like sending letters or postcards? How often do we enjoy mails in a digital area? It's a bit sad, but mobile phones are taking over mails. I enjoyed depicting a boy searching for his love letter. 
Today, I type emails lots. Once, I loved exchanging letters. It was really lovely to look up a mailbox. Private letters are a very interesting genre to read. It reveals a personal life and thoughts. 
Btw, have you ever read "Listen to the Voice from the Sear"? It's the book that has collected Japanese uni students' writings/wills who died in WWII, "きけ わだつみのこえ." 
When I read that book, it surprised me that each student was so free. In my memory, some students were  democracy supporters and thinking of their parents and loves. The book, indeed, has changed the image of Japanese young soldiers under imperialism. If you have a spare time, you can look it up at a library. Never repeat war. 
Letters are a good communication style. Blogging is another communication style developed in a digital era. I really appreciate many visitors and your comments. 
Tomorrow's theme is "Multiple." 
Friends, Happy Painting!! 



  1. Good day Sadami, what a thought-provoking post. I still write letters occasionally. My older friends and relatives like them and some do not have computers or use email at all. I love to send cards for special occasions and just to say I'm thinking of you too. As a teenager I used to write to soldiers, yes I was what is called a penpal. I wrote to 3 soldiers during the Vietnam war. I hope the art of "writing" doesn't die. In grammar schools here, they do not teach penmanship any more and I think that is a sad state of affairs. The children can sign their names in cursive but cannot write even a full letter without printing. School work is all done on laptops and sent to the teacher with a click. Pretty soon we won't have to send kids to school at all, they can learn from home. Sadami, I don't like how things are going at all.
    On a happier note, I do like your blog very much. :) Have a wonderful day.

    1. Dear Carol, thank you very much. Like you depicted above, ˌdigitization, is changing our life style and impacts on communication. Penmanship and spelling is a good example we did case study in linguistics. School study is on the way to be online. However, society is changing too rapidly and we still hardly predict how digitization will change our life. I analyzed pros and cons of computer technology in sociology. I hope that the beauty of direct human interaction will remain and traditional cultures will survive, while the benefits of digitization will help people in such as remote areas who can overcome time, distance and cost to access medical service and schooling. Have a nice day.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Hola Sadami, que preciosa coleccion de imagenes y pensamientos eres fantástica.

    1. Hola, Tina, muchas gracias por tu salud cálido y fuerte apoyo!! Un gran abrazo.

      Hi, Tina, thank you very much for your warm cheers and strong support!! A big hug.

      >>> Tina said...
      Hello Sadami, beautiful collection of images and thoughts are fantastic.