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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day Trip to Old Brewery in Mittagong, Sydney Sketch Club

Sydney Sketch Club made a wonderful day trip to the abandoned Tooth and Co. Brewery known as the Mittagong Maltings, a popular spot among photographers. My sketches are of the inside and outside of architectures and members. I sketched even a driving couple in a car, which amused other members. The tonal value handling of a dark forsaken building is successful. The effect of the light shining through the holes in the roof got good feedback. Also, I sketched a member and a guest. Which image do you like? 

In the Maltings, there are many old architectures with graffiti. All the buildings had artistic magnetism that seduced us, sketchers. Each sketcher started drawing a favourite subject. I started this architecture in a bright sunshine. A roof was damaged very badly, which sent "charm" to artists. The company trademark "horse" was on the right side of the architecture, Tooth and Co. You can see some graffiti on walls in this sketch. Btw, it was cooler than Sydney in Mittagong. If you go, bring a jacket!
The dark inside of an architecture fascinated me most. Ghosts might come up?! Left machines, disowned rail ways and scattered chains etc were on the ground. A member teased at me, "You imagine lot!" Yes, te, he! I simplified tonal values and emphasised light. I depicted the light coming through the roof holes. Members liked it. Thanks!  
Our special guest was a photographer. He and us had a nice chat over photos and technical topics at lunch. Many of members are interested in photography as well as drawing. Oh, the organiser Jennifer said, "He got the Sadami treatment!" Thank you, Jennifer. Here we go! He said with a smile, "You do the same thing in drawing as we do in photography." I have to confess that I joined a camera club ages ago and gave it up because I could not take photos like I wanted. Drawing is much quicker and easier for me than a camera!  
Now, animals and insects have taken over an abandoned place instead of people. We enjoyed to find little creatures whilst sketching -- cute ducks, singing frogs, beautiful butterflies, rabbits, kookaburras, grasshoppers and ... awww, too many mosquitoes in dark places! 
We stayed Mittagong for a whole day long and hard to leave there. Mittagong was full of fun and artistic treasures and appeal. Lots more to draw! I'd like to visit there again. 

This lovely couple gave me a lift, 1.5 hour drive to Mittagong and return. Most parts of highways are 110 km. Zooom, zooom! Our organiser Jennifer comments on my sketch, "You never a moment to waste!" Hahaha, thank you. Car pool is better than each person driving alone, regarding petrol/pollution/carbon footprint, etc. Besides, traveling with friends with the same mind strengthens a group bond. It was my first time to have a long chat with this new member. We've become friends. Nice! 
Whoa, Sydney Sketch Club is so great that takes members to different lovely spots and discover beauty. I really appreciate the organise Jennifer's hard work. (*do you know, she has been organising everything by herself!!) If you like, come and join us. Already, our members are over 2,000 and increasing.
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. I love old buildings and your sketches of this abandoned brewery are fabulous, Sadami! And of course, so are your people sketches. :)

    1. Thanks, sweet Judy! Let's have fun in sketching and painting. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Te felicito Sadami por esas pinturas sobre unos edificios que me habría gustado estar allí para pintarlos también. Estos edificios tienen un "alma", que le da el tiempo y las historias que sus paredes han vivido. Lo has hecho muy bien.
    También el interior. Muy difícil y has sabido expresar muy bien esos rayos de sol que penetran en su interior.
    Las demás pinturas son anecdóticas del fantástico día que pasaste.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Gracias tanto dulce Joshemari.
      Sus comentarios siempre me dan energía para seguir adelante. Sí, al igual que decir que esos edificios tienen alma. Si puede venir, vamos a ir allí juntos y dibujar ellos. Realizar el boceto de edificios que tienen almas en España! Me gustan sus dibujos animados y vivos. Por favor, mantener el ritmo.
      Los mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you sooo much sweet Joshemari.
      Your comments always give me energy to move on. Yes, like you say that those buildings have souls. If you can come, let's go there together and sketch them. You sketch buildings that have souls in Spain! I enjoy your vivid and lively drawings. Please keep up.
      Best wishes, Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      I congratulate you for these paintings Sadami buildings that I would have liked to be there to paint too. These buildings have a "soul" which gives you the time and stories that have lived their walls. You have done it very well.
      Also inside. Very hard and have been able to express very well those sun rays that penetrate inside.
      Other paintings are anecdotal fantastic day you spent.
      A hug.

  3. I sure would join the sketch club if it wasn´t that far ;) It sound so fun!
    Enjoyed your sketches!

    1. Yes, Catharina, it's so goood! If you come to Sydney, let us know and pop up. We have guests from overseas. Cheers, Sadami