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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Australian landscapes in wash study

I post copied two Australian landscapes paintings for "wash study" and one for fun ( *a wild weather, heavy rain, a flood in a storm last weekend!). How to interpret oil paintings into watercolour is a good challenge. It's fun to create "losing edges" vs "hard edges." Probably, softened edges and transparency in watercolour work are the most differences from medium oil. Technically, timing is crucial to put paints on wet papers. 

Which landscape image do you like? I put my own favourite colours on the works.  
Eucalyptus trees -- we call "gum trees," -- create beautiful scenes in a very strong sunshine. It's cool under the shade of gum trees, even it's more than 30' (*although we're in winter now). I always wonder why gum trees are peeling off trunks ... like a banana!  
Study of Frederick Leist "Landscape." 
Australia has very flat lands that do not have rigid mountains. Exposed red lands make a strong contrast in colours in quite a dry weather. I love white sands along the beaches and relax myself on sands.  
 Study of Howard Ashton "Through Sunny Meadows" 
I'm getting the timing of washes for landscapes. In my view, washes are "calculated spontaneity" and a person who can control water is the winner of washes. Although there are many watercolour painting techniques and I will study them, I want to keep simple methods for myself.    

Another is just for a fun. I love bright colours. A red section reminds me of strawberries. Mmm..., yum, yum! I may use this outcome for strawberries in a loose style. 
Now, I'll get back to my projects. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Well Sadami, it looks like you really enjoyed this exercise. They are all beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much, Carol! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. What a good idea to copy paintings as an exercise and to learn technique and colour - I've been struggling with trying landscapes lately, think I should do the same!

    1. Oh, Cathy, you're so good at landscapes. I'm sure you will be a winner! Different medium use is very fun. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. These really well done studies can stand on their own! What a great idea to practice watercolors :)

    1. Thank you very much! Value, composition, colour etc, etc, we can learn. Cheers, Sadami

  4. Esos lavados de acuarela son magníficos!! Es la gran diferencia entre la acuarela y el óleo u otra técnica. Es precisamente esa transparencia, la que la hace tan hermosa.
    Tus árboles y esa suavidad de los colores empleados son, lo que hacen que me guste tanto estas dos acuarelas. Te felicito!
    Un abrazo.

  5. Gracias, Joshemari.
    Óleo y acuarela eran diferentes, me sentí como en la escuela. Finalmente he elegido para disfrutar de la acuarela. En mi experiencia, el petróleo no era tan transparente como la pintura de acuarela. No pude acostumbrarme a cepillos duros diseñados para la pintura al óleo. Te encanta pintura a la acuarela, ¿verdad? Sigan con su trabajo precioso.
    Los mejores deseos, Sadami

    Thank you, Joshemari.
    Oil and watercolour were different, I felt at school. I eventually chose watercolour to enjoy. In my experience, oil was not as transparent as watercolour painting. I could not get used to hard brushes designed for oil painting. You love watercolour painting, don't you? Keep up your lovely work.
    Best wishes, Sadami

    >>>>>Joshemari said...
    Those watercolor washes are great !! Is the big difference between watercolor and oil or other technique. It is precisely this transparency, which makes it so beautiful.
    Your trees and the softness of the colors used are, what do I like both these two watercolors. Congratulations!
    A hug.

  6. I like all of these. I was thinking of watermelon on the third painting (maybe because I don't care for strawberries but watermelon is yummy!). The two landscapes are beautiful!

    1. Hahaha, thank you so much! I imagined lined up "cut" strawberries. But you imagine a watermelon. Mmm, sounds so nice! Ah, the end of its season in Australia. I'll keep up work. Best wishes, Sadami

  7. Wonderful trees, Sadami. I like them a lot!!

  8. Thank you, Anna!! Cheers, Sadami