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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Art Supply

Thank you for waiting! New projects have come. I have been in a dead hurry to finish it up, whilst working on other projects. Busy. Sorry for the slow blogging. Do you have your favourite art supply? An art supply is a heaven and a great playground for artists. This Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies is in National Art School where Sydney Sketch Club visited. The kind staff allowed my sketching. Timothy Perkins was an artist who had graduated from NAS. He showed me his lovely landscape paintings in gouache. We enjoyed a chat. His rich knowledge of products and art was amazing. I'm a starter forever. 
Btw, what is your most memorable experience of materials at or from an art supply? = products designed for professionals. The first use of Arche paper 300 gsm was my most sensational and astonishing experience in the past. I could not believe how much that paper would suck up paints. I felt that its capacity to absorb water/paints was limitless! The paper stood any tortures such as scratching, cutting etc, etc. Ever since, I've become a big fan and royal customer of Arche. Sometimes, I meet people try to use cheaper and thin papers in order to save money. I recommend "thick papers." Thin papers won't hold either paints or water and will often end up disasters and the waste of time and money. 

My favourite shop, Art Scene supports artists well. When a new product comes up, staff gives me a try and its information. Regarding paints, Daniel Smith was my most fascinating experience. They organised the sample watercolour palettes of famous water colour painters. Did you try them? I tried them all. It was fun to experience different watercolour artists's colour options. Very interestingly, I've found the similarity between the famous artists and me! Watercolour artists who use similar cololours to me tend to create similar styles and work on my favourite subjects. After the trials, I chose some colours for my own use from Daniel Smith. "Have your own colours," is my favourite say that I encountered in psychology before getting into art industry. Have you ever thought of your own colour option in medium? What's my colour? Or who am I? I've been exploring it. 
The portrait of a Sydney Sketch Club member at National Art School. 
The sketch club member invited me for mutual sketching.
I access new products though, I keep my studio simple, basic and comfortable. To handling new products and knowing them consumes a certain time. It could be stressful which brings me down whilst working on projects. Although I update myself with new knowledge, I surely maintain the familiar products at hand like a Linus's blanket! If you have interesting experiences in art materials and can share them, please leave comments.   
Now, "My Dog Socks" is at the final stage of colour! I'll enjoy it. Thank you for your cheers and for your great patience! 
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Hola querida Sadami. Muy interesante ser adicto, tanto a papeles, como pinceles y pinturas. En mis salidas a pintar pinto siempre en papeles artesanales, de unos 300 gr/m2 o más. Me he acostumbrado y disfruto mucho con ellos. Los pinceles que utilizo son los Petit Gris, de dos tamaños y nada más. Uno muy grueso y otro un poco más fino. Y pintura especialmente de Schmincke y otros, de varias marcas, que he probado y sigo con ellos. El que mencionas de Daniel Smith,he oído decir que son muy buenos pero no los utilizo.
    En cambio los dibujos los hago con muchas plumas, muchas tintas, permanentes o no, muchos cuadernos e infinidad de materiales.
    Estás experimentando y eso es bueno.
    Tus dibujos que presentas en estas páginas son excepcionales. Te felicito!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, dulce Joshemari, por compartir tu información. Me refiero a las interesantes muestras diseñadas por Daniel Smith, porque eran paletas de pintores de acuarelas famosos. El punto es cómo los colores son aptos para su uso de color propio. No sé qué es la calidad. El elemento importante es cómo el producto ayuda a su trabajo de arte para expresar quién es usted. Por cierto, puedes ir a una oferta de arte y disfrutar esbozar allí. Sería divertido.
      Saludos cordiales, Sadami

      Thank you very much, sweet Joshemari, for sharing your information. I meant the interesting samples desgined by Daniel Smith, because they were famous watercolour painters's pallettes. The point is how colours are fit to your own colour use. I do not know what quality is. The important element is how product helps your art work to express who you are. Btw, you can go to an art supply and enjoy sketching there. It would be fun.
      Kind regards, Sadami

      Hello dear Sadami. Very interesting to be addicted to both papers, brushes and paintings. In my outings to paint I always paint in handmade paper, about 300 gr / m2 or more. I have gotten used to it and I really enjoy it. The brushes I use are Petit Gris, two sizes and nothing else. One very thick and one a little thinner. And painting especially of Schmincke and others, of several brands, that I have tried and I follow with them. The one you mention from Daniel Smith, I heard they are very good but I do not use them.
      Instead the drawings I do with many pens, many inks, permanent or not, many notebooks and countless materials.
      You are experimenting and that is good.
      Your drawings that you present in these pages are exceptional. I congratulate you!
      A hug.

  2. Love these paintings!! The art store should buy the first one and hang it up - what a great variety of colors and shapes in the pigments behind the boy! WOW! Love the portrait of the sketcher, too - his lovely blue eyes and the hat = perfect.

    1. Sweet Rhonda, thank you! Yeah, the shop has so rich variety of colours and shapes. The boy was an artist who graduated from National Art School. He showed me nice landscape paintings in gouache. I want to learn composition from him. The sketch club member invited me for mutual sketching. We had a fun. Cheers, Sadami

  3. I have really learnt from you that one need not go looking for subjects to paint. It is all there around you. But I really wish I could find it like you do !!!

    1. AK, thank you! I do not know why your comments are suspended in my blog. So sorry, I'm very late to answer. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Oh wow :) the two sketches show your expertise and range - So many colors in the first one and so few in the second :) Great work!

    1. Thank you, Meera! You're doing very well and even sold the work in the show. Tons of congrats!!! Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Beautiful paintings, Sadami! That looks like a great art shop! There is one in my town, not far from my home, but I mostly order from webshops. I love thick papers too, from different brands. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Judy! Wow, you're ahead of time. You use webshops and papers from different brands. I'm simple and keep my life simple. You, too, have a creative week! Best wishes, Sadami