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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Self Study

The illustration of "My dog Socks," written by Robyn Osborne is at a finishing touch. Ford St Publishing will publish it in this October. Another project is steadily ongoing. A publisher is happy. We're working in a good team. A portrait commissioned work has come. Very busy and happy. 

Friends, how do you do self study? 
Once, I met a very interesting and successful portraitist at Ku-Ring-Gai art society monthly meeting many years ago. That lady had never studied about portraits in workshops etc, but her charcoal drawings got in Archibald and other very famed national entitlements. "How did you learn portrait drawing?" I asked her after the presentation. The artist said, "I bought books. I learned them all from books. At a book shop, you can find all the stuff." The lady did charcoal drawing at night when family went to sleep. Oh.... Her say inspired my dear friend and me. Ever since, I've been seeking art books and studying art from books as well as available information on internet.     
Looking up books, I'm playing with sketches in a studio. As you know well, in between work, I enjoy sketching people, particularly, children. I love capturing a moment. The boy above was standing in a festival. With and from these sketches, I want to find new approaches and learn new techniques. Not easy, but I'm sure only tons of messes will help me move on. 
Now, I've got to go back to a studio work. The Socks is awaiting me! 
Friends, happy painting! Have a creative week! Thank you for cheers and sharing time with me. 



  1. What a wonderful watercolor sketch! Your hours and hours of practice are what make you so good at this - and, yes, you can learn from books and cds and YouTube these days - so much good information out there for anyone who takes the time to truly study - but nothing will beat hours of practice :) I am so excited for you and your new book coming out this October!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! You've been doing self study and showing us how to do it. We love you, Rhonda! Re the uploaded image, my mentor Ann really loves it and encourages me like you. Yes, when the time comes near, we'll release the information of books etc. Look forward to it. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Sadami, tú no necesitas aprender a hacer retratos. Los dibujas muy bien! Es una de tus especialidades!! No sé donde aprendiste, pero me gustan mucho.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Hola, Joshemari, muchas gracias por tu gran ánimo. ¡Seguiré estudiando cualquier cosa! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Hi, Joshemari, thank you very much for your great encouragement. I'll keep studying anything! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>Joshemari said,
      Sadami, you do not need to learn how to make portraits. You draw them very well! It's one of your specialties !! I do not know where you learned, but I like them very much.
      A hug.