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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

See you at Humboldt Symposium at Macquarie uni

Please join Humboldt Symposium,” cutting-edge social and natural science programs in Macquarie uni, Nov 22-24. Registration, here A great honour, I'll sketch it as a conference artist! Language on the Move" 10th Anniversary, too. 
This is the information on Humboldt and Humboldtians. "Mysterious Humboldtians : Why they'll soon be gathering at Macquarie." Hehehe?!!   
Yes, all these gangs are there and welcome you!! 
See you soon, Friends! Let's have fun. 



  1. Que alegría volver a tu blog y encontrarte como siempre alegre y llena de proyectos! Un abrazo querida amiga.

    1. ¡Oh, querida amiga, Tina, gracias! Sí, a veces, aparece y disfruta chateando conmigo. Mis proyectos están en curso y jugando (?!) en sociolingüística, jejeje. Cuídate. Ten un día maravilloso.
      ((Abrazos)), mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Oh, dear friend, Tina, thank you! Yes, sometimes, pop up and enjoy chatting with me. My projects are ongoing and playing around(?!) in sociolinguistics, hehehe. Take care. Have a wonderful day.
      ((Hugs)), best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>>>>>Tina said...
      What a joy to return to your blog and find yourself as always happy and full of projects! A hug dear friend.