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Thursday, July 26, 2012

24th Rotary Cartoon Awards Winners

This post is on Rotary Cartoon Awards Winners under the permission of Mr Rob De Groot and the courtesy of the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. Thank you very much.
The Awards ceremony for the 24th Rotary Cartoon Awards was held on Saturday 21st July 2012 at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  In total almost 1,000  cartoon were entered by 197 cartoonists from 41 countries around the world. Wow, great numbers!!

The Winner – Cartoon of the Year
The winning cartoon was titled ” Experimental Research” by John Farmer from Tasmania.  His prize included a specially minted medallion plus a cheque for $2,250. (Oh, sounds wonderful!)

Other Awards
In total, another 14 awards were presented on the evening across seven categories.  Each category winner received $750 plus a medallion with the Merit prize being $250 plus a medallion.
The Political Theme:
The winner was “Experimental Research” by John Farmer

The Merit prize went to Peter Lewis with his cartoon “Qantas Sackings”
The Merit prize went to Mark Lynch with his cartoon “Modern Families.”  
The  prize went to Mark Lynch with his cartoon “Boat People”

The Open Theme:
The winner was “Lucky Country” by Peter Lewis
(* The "Lucky Country" is the famous phrase for Ausrtalia.) 
The Sports Theme:
The winner was “Needle Exchange” by Mark Lynch

This year the Special Theme was the Carbon Emissions Tax.
(*The Carbon Emission Tax is the hot topic in Australia right now.)
The winner was “House Protection” by Lindsay Foyle

 The Merit prize went to Mark Lynch with his cartoon “Industry Response”   

In the Comic Strip Section:
The winner was “Social Media” by Tony Lopes
116990 2012 Comic Strip Winner.jpg
The Merit prize went to Glen Le Lievre with his cartoon “Money”
The Caricature Section

The winner was “Phil Gould aka Blabber the Horrible”
by Chris Barr

The Merit prize went to David Rowe with his caricature “Rupert Murdoch”

The International Section:
The winner was “Mildred the Merciless” by Terrence Allen from England.

The Merit prize went to Claudio Spritzer from Brazil with his cartoon “Andogies.”
Did you enjoy them all? Good relaxing for a cuppa?
The Bunker Cartoon Gallery will call for participants for a next year annual cartoon comeptition.
If you love cartoons, let's try. The information is here,
Rotary Entry Details. 
The 25th Rotary Cartoon Award Competition will open from the end of January 2013.
Next year winners could be YOU!

Friends, Happy, Happy Painting!!!



  1. Though I cannot see all of the cartoons, some of them show a blank square, I enjoyed them! :) Thanks for sharing, Sadami!

    1. Hi, Judy,
      Thank you! Oh, yes, there was the technical "error" in the blog post and I had to reorganize it and uploaded it. Sorry for the difficulty, but thanks for the kindness.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  2. I too can not see all of the photos...but the ones I did see were very funny and worthy of the recognition!

    1. Hi, Celeste,
      Sorry for the difficulty, but thank you for reading. I've reported to Google and am waiting for the fixing. Strange enough, from my computer, nothing is wrong. Why? Google, blogger, please fix it ASAP.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  3. The award ceremony for these cartoons are amazing. Wonderful entries. 197 cartoonists is a big turn out...and $2250 does sound wonderful..lucky winner!!!
    Thank you for sharing, Sadami...very interesting.

  4. Hi, Hilda,
    Thank you very much for a kind comment despite the "techinical issues." You're so caring. How is your pastel work going? Let us enjoy creating art works!!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  5. Replies
    1. Hi, Evelyn,
      Yes, indeed! I've learned a lot from them.
      Cheers, Sadami