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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Versatile bloggger award, 10 awarded bloggers!

I've been awarded for the Versatile Blogger award by Catharina EngbergeThank you, Catharina! Very happy. What a wonderful surprise and a great honour! Catharina has been enjoying watercolour painting in Sweden. Her colour use and landscapes are very eye pleasant. Also, her challenge spirit is adorable and humour is nice! Her writing is heart warming. However, we all have ups and downs in life, don't we? At ups and downs, Catharina and I have encouraged each other by comments. She's a lovely, lovely and caring lady. (I hope I could see her in person in Sweden one day.)  Friends, mutual support is a wonderful treasure in the world.  
Once, another blog award came to me. I could not pass on it to others, because it was too hard to choose friends. BUT this time, I'd think it in a positive and light way like Catherina says, "It is up to each person to continue or stop the "game."" Wow, it's a game! Yes, it's a fun game for blog friends. If so, why not? Let's have fun with friends. 
Tadadada~~~! Look, this is shining through! Can you see my big smile ear to ear? 

The rule for this award is as following:
It is the decision of each person to continue or stop the game.
You say a few words about the person who sent you the award and a little about yourself. And... 
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. 
  •  Include a link to the peron's blog. 
  •  Tell 7 things about yourself.
  •  Select 10 blogs and tell a bit about each blogger. 
  •  Nominate those 10 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Regarding myself, Sadami, 1) I've loved drawing since childhood, surrounded by wonderful people in Sydney and in the world by blogging. 2) Right now, my debut children picture book "Moon" is on the way, this Aug. 3) I created a book cover for "Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice" written by Prof Ingrid Piller. It will be published by Oxford University. 4) I suddenly got difficulty in walking on the way to uni. 5) Although #4 sounds serious,  I walk again with an embrace. I'm living "jokes" like Bart Simpson/Papa Homie. Quite optimistic and positive. I love making others laugh and happy. I love laughing loud together!! Indeed, I analysed "jokes" and did presentation of it in linguistics, hahahaha?! 6) Anyone, swimming? As well as drawing, I love swimming with fishes and prawns in a rock bath. I swim 1km in an ocean pool. 7) Writing picture book stories as well as illustration under the supervision of mentor Ann James. Already one work has got her "yes." Yey! I'm enjoying roughs in black and white and colour. Exciting. In the future, my own picture books will be published. Yes, I'm an author and illustrator. 

Ok, I have to admit that it was too painful to select 10 bloggers or blog friends. I thought seriously, "All of my followers deserve this awards." (Who started this award? Can't we change a rule such as an "unlimited number" ?!) Regarding the selection of friends, statistically, a scale is the frequency of comments and visits. Bloggers who have already been awarded are excluded. 

So sorry and forgive me, if I did not include you. Of course, I know, many shy readers silently visit my blog. I always appreciate your visits. My blog readers are very royal and come back to me repeatedly and regularly. I'm so proud of wonderful and supportive visitors. I always think of all the visitors and greatly thank for you. Without your visits, my blog will not go on. So, I visit other blog frinds as many as possible. 

Now, the announcement of 10 awarded people are... 

1) Rhonda, 
Rhoda loves watercolour with all her love and life. At the same time, she's a guardian angel for us, bloggers. She cares for others all the time. Please visit her charming blog. 
Joshemari is so fond of watercolour. He's been enjoying watercolour, particularly, landscapes, architectures, old toys and ships! Thank you for your kind support and visit for years! 
Tina always encourages me and creates beautiful washes. What a lovely artist and woman!! I appreciate her support for ages. 
Like Tina, Onera and I encourage each other for ages. Thank you for your visiting for such long years. His another passion is for writing. 
Blaga is so modest, but creates lovely watercolour and explores techniques. Her work gets better and better! We cheer up each other at our ups and downs. Oh, Blaga, you'll never know how much your comments have lifted me up. 
6) Anna
Anna's enthusiasm for watercolour is like a fire! We have been good friends for years. Now, her work is gaining big entitlements (No surprise. Her work is brilliant that also has a social message!). I admire her as an experienced watercolourist.  
7) Isabelle
Thank you, Isabelle, for your long years support. How much your work also has cheered me up at the tough time for illustration!   
8) Lydie
Her watercolour is lovely. Very interesting to see how she approaches subjects. Thank you for your strong support for a long time! 
9) Agnieszka Grzelak,
Agnieszka does not only watercolour painting, but also does wonderful crafts such as a quilt. They are really amazing! Her love creates them for four daughters.
10) Katherine 
Katherine, a retired teacher, enjoys colour pencil drawing with philosophical thoughts. Her sensitive, meticulous, yet imaginative colour pencil work tells her personality and inner world. It is fun to exchange thoughts with her. 

Other people I've been thinking of are Martine PaquetCeleste Bergin, Hilda Muxo, Meera Rao, Carol Blackburn, Carol KingPat EliottCathy Gatland, Ann (studio hyde), AKOlivia Quentin, Floriana Quaini, Dora, J.Pazkieselsteine TrickfilmstudiosDosanko-Debbie, Orega-me Orega-me, Renate(you've already got it!) etc, etc. (*I've respected that some people have claimed, "Award Free Zone" and others are in a hectic time.) Aaahhh! I want to list up all the friends! Please pardon me. Special thanks for Jane Minter, too. (you once awarded me!)

Already, "blogging" has formed a big internet community. It's good to get acknowledged by others about my blog and acknowledge other friends. Thank you again for Catharina who gave me a wonderful joy and a lovely opportunity to share joy. It's wonderful. Really my frineds are in all over the world. My former linguistics lecturer got surprised, when she secretly visited my blog and found my friends's number. But I know a number is not a matter. All of you have given me support and friendship. That's the most important and priceless. I hope we will enjoy friendship more than ever.

Friends, Happy Painting! I hope I can see you them all one day!!



  1. Sadami, thank you so much for the award, and especially for the very nice words you wrote! This is so nice, especially coming from an artist like you, whom I so respect.

    1. Oh, Blaga, I admire you. We will have fun in watercolour. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Enjoyed reading Sadami :) Thank you for your kind words my friend.

    1. Thank you, Catharina. Let's have fun in watercolour painting journey! Cheers, Sadami

  3. Thank you very much, Sadami! I feel so honored. You are great artist and I'm still only self-taught amateur. To be awarded among a group of proffesional artists is really big joy and surprise :)

  4. Dziękuję bardzo, Agnieszka. Mnie też własny amatorskich i nic innego od Ciebie. Pozwala nam zachować cieszyć się podróż w sztuce. Najlepsze życzenia, Sadami

    Thank you very much, Agnieszka. Me, too, a self taught amateur and nothing different from you. Let us keep enjoy journey in art. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Oh, thank you so much, Sadami for including me in this wonderful group of artists! You are an inspiration to me always, for your work and for your livestyle that always reminds me to smile, laugh, share and create! I am so looking forward to your book out this year!!!!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! It is my priviledge to have included in your blog group. Yes, let's smile, laugh, share and create together! When books come up, I'll certainly inform you. Take care, Rhonda. Cheers, Sadami

    2. Querida amiga Sadami. Ha sido una semana muy complicada para mi: Hospitalización de la madre de mi mujer, estancias en el hospital y finalmente algo más alegre, como la fiesta que hago todos los años con todos mis nietos, en mi aniversario y de una nieta. He visto tu blog, pero no he podido contestarte. Lo puedo hacer ahora que ya estoy más tranquilo.
      Ante todo muchas gracias por nombrarme uno de los que consideras merecedor del premio "the versatile blogger award" Del que tú, si que eres merecedora y… mucho más!!!! En cambio yo, soy un simple aficionado a dibujar y que en mi jubilación me lo paso bien dibujando. Gracias a ello, he conocido excelentes amigos… como tú! Eso es todo!
      A continuación me resulta imposible mencionar a unos amigos a los que dedicaría este premio. Para mi serían: Sadami, Sadami, Sadami, etc...etc. Hasta completar la lista. Eres encantadora amiga Sadami. Te quiero mucho! Y te agradezco de todo corazón que hayas pensado en mí! Que a ti te hayan escogido, es lo más normal. Eres extraordinaria!!!
      Un beso.

    3. Oh, Joshemari, yo también pude ver un amigo maravilloso como tú!! Créeme, que soy sólo un arrancador y un aficionado. Yo sigo aprendiendo hasta el final de mi vida. Además, el premio pasó a mí. Se requiere que seleccione otro 10 blogueros. Pero es todo para nosotros que este "juego" o detenerlo. No creo que en serio esta vez, porque no podría hacerlo como en el pasado. Comprendo perfectamente por qué no puedes hacerlo. ¿Cómo podemos seleccionamos amigos? * En serio pensé que tenía que poner todos los nombres de los seguidores. Entonces, mi sugerencia es, Joshemari, digamos, "Yo tengo un premio", y va a estar bien! (Lo siento, pero no sé quién comenzó este juego.) Joshemari, esto es sólo un juego.
      En nuestra vida, nos reunimos en blogs y en internet. Aunque los métodos de una comunicación es diferente, nuestros corazones son iguales. Espero que podremos disfrutar de nuestra amistad más que nunca.

      Por favor pase mis mejores deseos a su familia, en particular, a su esposa. Es muy hermoso a amarse durante largos años. Al mismo tiempo, sería muy desgarrador, si uno de la pareja no está bien. Joshemari, por favor Cuídate, también. Para cuidar de su esposa no es fácil mentalmente y físicamente.
      Espero que usted tendrá un tiempo maravilloso con nietos. Me encanta tu post, dibujo y todas las fotos.
      El amor y la sonrisa, Sadami

      Oh, Joshemari, me, too, I could see a wonderful friend like you!! Believe me, I'm JUST a starter and really an amateur. I keep learning until the end of my life. Also, the award was passed on to me. It requires us to select another 10 bloggers. But it’s all up to us if we let this “game” on or stop it. I do not think it seriously this time, for I could not do it like you in the past. I perfectly understand why you cannot do it. How can we select friends? *I seriously thought I had to put all the followers names. So, my suggestion is, Joshemari, just say, “I’ve got an award,” and it will be ok! (Sorry, but I do not know who started this game.) Joshemari, this is only a game.
      In our life, we met in blogging and on internet. Although a communication methods is different, our hearts are same. I hope we will enjoy our friendship more than ever.

      Please pass my best wishes to your family, particularly, to your wife. It’s very beautiful to love each other for long years. At the same time, it would be very heart breaking, if one of the couple is not well. Joshemari, please look after yourself, too. To look after your wife is not easy mentally and physically.
      I hope you will have a wonderful, wonderful time with grand children. I love your post, drawing and all photos.
      Love and smile, Sadami

      >>>>>>>>>Joshemari said...
      My dear friend Sadami. It's been a week very complicated for my: hospitalization of the mother of my wife, stays in the hospital and finally something more cheerful, as the party which I do every year with all my grandchildren, my anniversary and a granddaughter. I've seen your blog, but I have not been able to answer you. I do now that I'm calmer.
      First of all thank you for naming me one of which they consider worthy of the prize "the versatile blogger award" which you, if you are worthy and... much more! On the other hand I am a simple fan to draw and that, in my retirement, I spend it well drawing. As a result, I've met great friends... like you! That's all!
      Then it is impossible to mention a few friends who would dedicate this prize. To my would be: Sadami, Sadami, Sadami, etc...etc. To complete the list. You're lovely friend Sadami. I love you very much! And I thank you with all my heart that you've thought of me! That you have chosen you, is perfectly normal. You are extraordinary!
      A kiss.

    4. ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ!!!

  6. Muchas gracias por el premio, sabes que ultimamente estoy un poco mas alejada del blog, dispongo de menos tiempo, pero intentaré que este juego siga. Un abrazo.

    1. ¡ Oh, gracias, Tina! Sí, por favor poner primero su vida y disfrutar de blogging como te gusta. No hay presión. Vamos a divertirnos en la comunidad de blogs. Un abrazo y una sonrisa, Sadami

      Oh, thank you, Tina! Yes, please put your life first and enjoy blogging as you like. No pressure. Let's have fun in blogging community. A hug and smile, Sadami

      >>> Tina said...
      Thank you very much for the award, you know that lately I'm a little more away from the blog, I have less time, but I'll try to keep this game. A hug.

  7. oh, thank you Sadami for this award..You are an inspiration to me always, Best wishes,

    1. Thank YOU, Isabelle for your wonderful support! Best wishes, Sadami

  8. What a nice surprise Saddam. Thank you for this appointment.
    I put a little time to find out, the holidays far from the internet, the spring with the work in the garden and the most assiduous training in archery, all remote me a time from the web

    1. Thank you, Lydie!! Yes, please put your life first and enjoy your life fully. "Archery"!!!! Oh, I wish I could see you and sketch you! Any time, if you like and if you find a time, come back to a computer. Best wishes, smile, Sadami

    2. Thank you, Lydie!! Yes, please put your life first and enjoy your life fully. "Archery"!!!! Oh, I wish I could see you and sketch you! Any time, if you like and if you find a time, come back to a computer. Best wishes, smile, Sadami

  9. I hope you realize how special you are to all of us SADAMI! You're a beautiful person to want to include all of us...that's why we love you! I missed a few posts and the sketches are all wonderful. Hugs!

    1. Hi, Hilda, you, too, are special. Each person is shining on the earth. Let us enjoy drawing and painting. Best wishes, Sadami