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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sydney sketch club at Woolwich Baths

I popped up the Sydney sketch club to catch up members at a little warf. Lovely. We enjoyed sketching very much. Always one or two members become my sketch victims at lunch time. We share a laugh and exhange technique information. It's nice to belong to a same minded people's group. It was wonderful for me to relax myself after the Moon exhibition. 
This is the view of Woolwich Baths. It's an inner harbar beach. When you step down to the warf, you can see many boats closer. It had been bit raining on and off, but a weather was on our side. Eventually, a little bit sun came up. These days, I have interest in landscapes, as you know. I'll enjoy landscapes more often. Another member teased at me, "What are you doing? Where's your human figure?" Hahaha, members know me well! So, I moved onto a figurative work after this landscape.  
I ask a first time visitor to be my model or a victim, too! It's another fun during our sketching! Often we are joking while working on watercolour painting. I keep telling a model, "I hope this will not be the end of our friendship." But my models like my sketches and will happily come back to the club! Good! Yes, it would be the beginning of our friendship.   

All of us, members appreciate our organiser Jennifer's wonderful schedule based on her research. Each time, we enjoy an interesting spot or a fun event as well as sketching. Sensible Jennifer provides detailed public transportation information and does all other concerns. At meeting, she always cares for every member and greets each one. We have to set a special thanks day for Jenniffer.
Now, I'm preparing "People of Parramatta" exhibition. After this post, I'd upload the information. I hope visitors and I will have a good time. 
Friends, Happy Painting!! 



  1. Ja, ja, ja, Ha,ha,ha, Es cierto, cuando dibujas a alguien que te ha pedido que le retrates, puedes perder el amigo!!!!
    Cuando estoy en grupo, junto a otras personas, procuro dibujarles cuando no saben que les estás haciendo un retrato. Si sale bien, se lo enseñas y si no...nada. Generalmente cuando dibujas a alguno sin que se entere, sale mucho mejor, porque estás más tranquilo.
    Tus pinturas de paisaje y urbanos, son también buenos.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Replies
    1. La amiga Tina, me hizo un retrato y desde entonces continuamos siendo amigos!

  3. Very beautiful sketches, Sadami! It is nice to see you relax and have some time for just fun after the busy days of exhibition and book launch. Have a very nice week!

  4. Another nice day spent sketching and I like them all, especially the man (or woman) eating with such relish!! ha ha It is wonderful to have someone so organized to get you all together :)

  5. Dear Sadami whether it is landscapes or figures- love seeing them all. Such fun I am sure to go sketching with others. Have a great day.

  6. hahaha! Love how you call your models "victims"...very funny. All of your painting/drawings are always so fresh and lively. :)